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  • 1Ease of use and simplicity is at the core of Teamgate CRM. It takes moments to upload your company’s customer data and make the first steps towards simpler sales.
  • 2Effectively manage your sales cycle with our visual pipeline. Avoid blockages in the process and never leave an opportunity behind.
  • 3Teamgate makes remote work simple. Whether your team is spread across the country, few buildings or simply works from home you can track your team’s activity and their progress towards the goals set any time from anywhere in the world.

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Easy & smart

Very easy to use, self-explaining system, excellent customer service, young and dynamic team, ideal for start-ups and SMEs.

Matthias K.


Great platform

We love it here. Is easy to use, clean, simple. After so many nightmares with other platforms, looks like we finally have sweet dreams ;).

Edmundo M.

Sales manager @ UJS Group LLC

Great experience

Teamgate CRM is really easy to use. Also, quite happy that it took us just a week or so to know all the small tricks. Thanks!

Edi C.

Account manager @ Timely PA