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Responsive web design

How Responsive Web Design Helps to Get More Leads

In the last decade, there is a stratospheric rise in the use of mobile devices and their functionalities. 

You as a business owner can be doing a great disservice to your website.

But How? 

As your website is not optimized according to the various mobile devices’ screen resolution, there can be higher bounce rates.

But you can resolve this issue by having a responsive website design. It is easier to get such a website than you think.

There is a fine difference between a mobile-friendly website and a responsive website.

A mobile-friendly website can look good on a mobile device but can encounter technical snag when the site is viewed on a different resolution.

A responsive website allows any website to dynamically adapt to the size of any screen i.e., desktop, tablet, laptop, mobile, etc.

For a fact, humans tend to make decisions emotionally. So, you as a business owner should take advantage of this fact and capture their attention through immersive design and responsive website. Convert them into regular customers by rendering personalized website experience.

A business that is expert in every domain i.e., from responsive web design to great customer service and everything in between!

Let us look at some compelling reasons that make the responsiveness of the website a worthwhile option to consider.

7 Ways To Improve Website Design To Boost Sales

1. Website Optimization For Speed

Technically, the E-commerce business is as robust as the website. If the visitors encounter very feeble and non-engaging design followed by very slow load speeds of webpages, these factors lead to higher bounce rates.

It is better to improvise on the overall aesthetics of the website and make a stand-out impact on your followers. 

A responsive add leads to higher conversion rates as the website can be accessed on any device.

According to research, 3 out of 4 persons makes a judgment about the credibility of a business based on the website responsiveness.

Make the website navigation a cakewalk by using minimalist design and compressed images. 

2. Engaging Design

You may have the best in class products and services, but if your website is not attractive, all your efforts can go in vain.

So, as a rule of thumb here, it becomes important to upgrade the design of a website. 

To start with, you can make judicious use of white space and using a good tactic to use the space.
The web page content must not be haphazardly placed as to avoid confusion for a visitor.

3. Flexible UI

Flexible UI is the most basic and crucial aspect of online business. Visitors should stick to your website and explore your website, and attain knowledge about your product and services.

The responsiveness of a website for various aspects like the screen size of various devices, animation, the size of the images, GIFs, etc should be optimized accordingly.

4. Intuitive Lead Generation Form Design

The ultimate purpose of your business is to garner the maximum number of leads.

So encourage your customers to fill the contact forms, so that it seamlessly converts into lead generation. 

The contact forms should be easily accessible and do not demand unnecessary questions. 

5. Website Integration With Next-Gen Tools

Today, there is a state of the art tools that help in fulfilling the pursuit of lead generation. 

Modern website analytics tools embedded with the CRM system of a website, gives an in-depth report of visitors, their engagement time, web page wise bounce rate and interaction.

These vital stats can help you refine your strategy for higher ROI and sales.

You can go a step ahead and use Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and machine learning for the laser focus approach.

6. Harness The Potential Of Landing Page

Landing pages are the powerhouse for lead generation. A web page dedicated to a particular product or service is the best way to streamline the mechanism for leads.

Unlike the conventional web pages, it is a laser-focused approach that has a specific description and a call-to-action. 

You must make sure that you should be able to remove any type of distraction for the use, followed by a compelling call to action (CTA).

The job is not over here, a customer should be able to complete its transition with an easier interface.

7. Recover Left Out Shopping Carts To Boost Sales

Shopping cart is the final hurdle between a successful sale and a prospective buyer. 

The abandoning of a shopping cart is a very generic issue which can be due to shipping price, tax, payment gateway, etc.

Troubleshoot any such issues and reduce the fractional touchpoints.

Ready To Revamp Your Website?

Credible lead generation is a challenge for any business that is not following the right protocols of website design. For a business, the first impression on a customer is the last impression, so make it worth with the definitive guide that we discussed above, and see your business experiencing higher ROI.

What are the methods you follow to boost the responsiveness of your website? Let us know in the comments section.  </span

Morris Edwards

Morris Edwards is a web developer & marketing strategist who works with Awebstar, a website designing agency in Singapore. Apart from this, he loves to write blogs on web design, SEO & internet marketings. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to get his new articles and updates instantly.

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