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How CRM Can Help Boosting Your Business?

A CRM is built to serve your customers more effectively. Switching from spreadsheets to a CRM will allow you to control your customer management, communication and sales pipeline better. Essentially, it will help driving your business growth.

New Ways of Managing Customer Relationships

A good CRM can cover a number of tools, which are used to manage customer relationships. For your convenience, the tools, such as spreadsheets, email, or even a notepad, can be put aside – a CRM offers this and more. With Teamgate CRM you can:

  • Empower your inbound strategy by using lead capturing webforms.
  • Grab leads from social channels, email, or even turn missed calls into leads.
  • Manage your leads by scoring, qualifying and requalifying them.
  • Find leads, contacts and deals in a matter of seconds by using the search and filtering functionalities.
  • Manage your sales in multiple pipelines for different processes and reporting options.
  • Analyze your business data to accelerate and improve your sales.
  • Automate processes by integrating the CRM with other systems.

From CRM Newbie to Enthusiast

You shouldn’t rely entirely on a CRM, but it can definitely help growing your business. Don’t stop just now, when you are aware of some ways a CRM can improve your customer relationship management, because we’ve prepared a number of resources which will help you dig deeper and from a newbie become a CRM enthusiast!

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