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Why Customers Prefer Teamgate Over Other Sales CRM?

It’s great that you are already familiar with Sales CRMs, because this may help you appreciate what Teamgate has to offer even more. We are ready to tick the boxes next to a number of things you know about the value of CRMs:

  • Customised solution for your business: Teamgate made sure the CRM can be customised according to your business needs. Our customers from different industries – such as marketing and advertising, SaaS, logistics, various service businesses, and others – value the possibility of creating custom fields and adding information relevant to their own particular business.
  • Lead management that helps to boost efficiency: you can forget all the manual work because Teamgate allows you to capture leads by integrating the CRM with your website. Also, new leads can be imported directly from your social channels and contact lists in just a few clicks. In addition to this, lead qualification may be improved by using Lead Scoring – our clients prioritise their leads easier and focus on the right ones.
  • Teamwork at its best: Teamgate CRM will improve your sales team’s collaboration, allowing them to see the bigger picture, with all the relevant information in one place. If you’re a manager, Teamgate Sales CRM will help you to track the performance of your team, notice bottlenecks and capture the best practices.
  • Complete tracking of your sales process: data is one of the most valuable strategic assets. Using this data Teamgate Sales CRM offers a rich Insights solution. Our clients value the possibility of looking at their process from different angles, allowing them to highlight those areas of business which require the most attention.

Improved customer experience and ROI: Teamgate Sales CRM makes it easier to identify the needs of both prospects and current clients. Also, it is easy to track the relationship status with them. Therefore, the experience of your customers can be improved by interacting with them meaningfully and at the right times. This leads to an improved ROI

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