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In your FREE sales script template, you’ll find:

  • Tips on how to break the ice when cold calling
  • Proven tactics which help to grab the attention of your recipient
  • Quick questions which will give a deeper insight into the problems and needs of your lead
  • Polite but impactful phrases to finish a conversation and stay remembered
  • General advice for your next sales call
  • Agree with them, but politely provide your opinion on the matter. Let them feel good about themselves.

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This e-book combines exemplary sales scripts and some general tips which may help you close more deals. A good call-script should include the basic conversational elements which are explained in this book. Read this e-book if you want to gain helpful insights on how to open the conversation, intrigue and qualify your prospect, as well as finish the call, sure that the next steps are agreed upon. As a bonus, you will also find some basic, yet effective tips which can lead you to success. Ever thought why body language or counting to five while on the phone matters? We’ve got this, and more, covered.