Smart Dialer

SmartDialerTM enables you to make calls directly from Teamgate. But, it’s not only about outbound or inbound calls, it’s also about creating new leads, and it’s also a highly valuable component for employee training and performance improvement. Plus, SmartDialerTM leads the field as an enormously valuable tool for visualising your sales team’s call analysis and reporting, making your sales process stronger and smarter.
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A Tool That Helps You Sell More

No more time-wasting with external programs, or VoIP phones. Drive your call-making through the roof with this hugely innovative native feature. SmartDialer™ ensures that you can always be sure of a great, result-filled calling experience:

  • Make local or nationwide long-distance calls with just a few clicks.
  • Record and playback your calls, anytime, anywhere.
  • Be sure that every inbound call is assigned and rerouted to the owner of a particular contact.
  • Locate missed calls which are listed and recorded in your customer’s profile card.
  • Turn those missed calls into new leads.
  • Prepare short scripts to ensure you stay focused and on-pitch while making cold calls.

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Some of the Smart Dialer features in Teamgate

Built-in Dialer

Make calls directly from Teamgate. Use Smart Dialer for employee training and improvement of their performance, catch new leads, and more.
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Call Logging

Call logging and call history allows you to see all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as playback the recordings. Teamgate helps to route incoming calls to relevant owners and log missed calls.
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Calling Scripts

Deliver a short and solidly focused pitch while making cold calls. Design a script for outbound calls and keep focused and on-point.

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Call Analysis

Analyse your calling results and review all call logs in your Teamgate account.
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Transfer the number

With Teamgate, you can save time by using your computer to make mobile or landline calls.

Insights and Analysis

Logging calls and analysing the data gathered helps you to evaluate the efforts of your team and identify their input towards successful results.

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