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At first sight, Sales CRM world may look confusing. Luckily, Teamgate gathered a bunch of resources to help those new to Sales CRM to understand it better and ensure a smooth start!




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I know the value of CRMs - why Teamgate is the best Sales CRM for me?

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Hot features to boost your sales!


Teamgate integrated sales inbox allows you to send and receive emails directly from your CRM account. It integrates with all of your favorite email service providers therefore integration is smooth, fast and effortless. You will avoid migrating between tools while communicating with clients and that does not only save you up to 20% of your precious time but also prevents human errors such as misspelled names or typos in email addresses.

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Hot features to boost your sales!


SmartDialer™ enables you to make calls directly from Teamgate. No more messing around with external programs or VoIP phones. Drive your call-making throughput through the roof with this fantastic native feature. Our SmartDialer ensures that you have a great phone-selling experience and saves you time. Spend less time dialing phone numbers and looking for names, and more time closing deals with SmartDialer™.

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What makes Teamgate hot!


Dashboard is here to provide you with a quick overview of everything you need to know about your sales in one place. Whether you are looking at a current health of a pipeline, forecasting, or simply checking performance of your team, it is nicely laid out for you.

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What makes Teamgate hot!


Opportunity management made simple for any type of sales person to be a real hunter. Drag & drop interface makes moving deals across the stages easy and fast with no distraction. Closing date indicator warns when deals are late to be closed, gives you a clear view of your team performance, as well as highlights areas that need an extra push. Close your deals in a fast way.

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What makes Teamgate hot!


Data driven intelligent reports provide sales managers with a real time image of their business. By breaking down every single angle of the sales process manager will be able to highlight the business areas that require the most attention.

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What makes Teamgate hot!


Nurturing new connections is a first step towards a successful sale. Have all your Leads in one place for a convenient cultivation process. Plan activities, interact and segment appropriately and convert to a deal when ready. That’s how we envision a proper lead management process.

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What our customers are saying on Capterra

Easy & smart

Very easy to use, self-explaining system, excellent customer service, young and dynamic team, ideal for start-ups and SMEs.

Matthias K.


Great platform

We love it here. Is easy to use, clean, simple. After so many nightmares with other platforms, looks like we finally have sweet dreams ;).

Edmundo M.

Sales manager @ UJS Group LLC

Great experience

Teamgate CRM is really easy to use. Also, quite happy that it took us just a week or so to know all the small tricks. Thanks!

Edi C.

Account manager @ Timely PA

Excellent product, Excellent Service

I like the fact that the software is clean, fresh and easy to use. It’s accessible by anyone. It also doesn’t cost an absolute fortune. Service is quick and very personable. One particular agent went above and beyond for me.

Sean M.

Managing director @ Till Tagz Ltd

Best solution we had so far!

After trying several online CRM systems which didn’t make us very happy we finally came to Teamgate. And what a surprise: we found OUR solution! Teamgate is absolutely easy to use, has all the significant features we need and additionally has a lot of customization possibilities. Great job!

Jochen K.

CEO @ Business design people AG

Comfortable tool for business management

Comfortable tool for business management, for searching clients contacts, making sales statistics and of course having all information in one place.

Krystyna K.

Manager @ Advanced Advice

Best on the market

Simple and attractive. That’s all we need. We browsed and trialed a lot of different solutions and Teamgate stood above the rest.

Josh H.

CEO @ ARX Maritime

Indispensable tool

Great features and integrations! Teamgate enables us to handle our sales process from early stages till you close the deal.

Kenny H.

Sales Europe @ Nunner Logistics

Just excellent

The simplicity and the functionality. Is so easy to use, track the sales and the progress on our plans is faster and exactly by the time we start to use this app. And I think all this is because this software makes things different of others CRM apps, Teamgate software has just the necessary features for the work.

Jahiezer I.

Developer @ Apok, C.A.

Simple yet intelligent UI with visuals

I like the UI – it’s crisp, breezy, and sprinkled with visuals like charts and graphs. An app that can translate data into graphs that can be grasped at a glance is sure to get my attention. Teamgate is heavy on monitoring every step of the sales process. I didn’t expect much in terms of collaboration and project management, yet Teamgate offers decent task management and collaboration.

Cody C.

Customer service administrator @ Footballshirts4all
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Boost your entire sales process with Teamgate sales CRM

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As a sales CRM software user are you sure you’re taking full advantage of all its best features?

Teamgate’s CRM sales solutions gives you a head-start on the competition. Do things quicker using all the smart customer management tools you need in one place – in the office or on the road. Plus, your Teamgate sales management CRM hands you the insights, reports, and forecasts you need to keep your pipeline flowing smoothly.

If you think that on-boarding a CRM is going to be difficult, let Teamgate change your mind. Our hands-on customer care team simplify the entire process to get you back selling faster. That’s what makes Teamgate among the best sales CRM systems available.

From lead gathering to closing deals, Teamgate outguns the competitors. Every stage of your sales process is simplified using a complete suite of genius tools, features and integrations – helping you tweak your own individual sales process.
The Teamgate CRM sales funnel is completely transparent; get a full picture of what’s going in every phase of your pipeline instantly. Identify potential blockages before they occur, and make sure they never happen again.
As amazing as Teamgate’s sales management CRM is at managing your entire sales process, we’ve gone a step further and added a range of super intelligent integrations, making the sales journey even more productive, and even more profitable.
Integrations like; SmartDialer, managing all your voice communications; WordPress Forms, creating actionable landing website pages; Slack, streamlining internal team communications; Zendesk; connecting your sales and customer service teams with the customer; MailChimp; supercharging your sales and marketing email communications, and a host of other innovative tools that completely ramp up your sales CRM software.

Every stage of your sales process can be shortened using Teamgate CRM integrations. From marketing, account management, geolocation, lead scoring, qualification optimisation, event reminders, right up to easy-to-understand sales insights and reports that are always up-to-date, and always contain the most relevant information.

More than just sales database software, or a set of sales CRM tools, Teamgate comes to your aid no matter where in the pipeline you are. As the most user-friendly sales CRM system on the market Teamgate never gets in the way of closing deals faster and more profitably.