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Data-driven intelligent reports provide sales managers with a real-time image of their business. By breaking down every single angle of the sales process managers will be given the power to highlight the areas of business requiring the most attention.

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How it can help you sell more

Sales funnel

Sales funnel provides a clear view of the sales opportunities available to your sales teams; including the number of prospects, total revenue which can be generated by every deal, plus valuable flow and win rates – a truly insightful means of visualising the process of leads becoming customers.

Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting means mapping the long-term and short-term sales performance of a business. The process is based on the success rate of deal closures measured at the actual moment in conjunction with past sales data. Forecasts are the perfect feature for analysing and comparing results against set goals.

Activity reports

Activity reports are valued and respected by salespeople and managers. The ability to set goals for various sales activities and compare them with day-to-day performance allows managers to constantly track the performance of their teams. In addition, salespeople can compare their activity and results against the goals which have been set.

Performance analysis

Activity indicators can improve your performance. Individual set goals can help you to evaluate your own performance and compare it with the performance of your colleagues. Boost your own motivation and stay on top of your planned duties and goals.

Time Management Activity Performance

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