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Data-driven intelligent analysis and reporting, provide sales managers with a real-time image of their business. By breaking down every single aspect of the sales process – through reporting and analytics – managers have the power to highlight the areas of their business requiring most attention, and the input to drive sales in a more productive, and organised manner.
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Base Your Sales Actions On Intelligent Analysis

In order to make smarter sales predictions, and recognise problem areas, a sales director needs to have all of the relevant information to-hand – that’s where sales reports come in. With Teamgate sales CRM not only do you have all of the information gathered during the sales process, but that information automatically provides you with easily understandable reports, visual illustrations, and actionable analytics to make well-informed decisions.

Accurate CRM reports and analytics are essential for identifying strengths and weaknesses among a sales team, and the individuals involved, the complete sales process, and any shortcomings in sales cycles.

Sales Analytics Advantages

  • Teamgate sales funnel analysis offers an insightful view of your complete sales journey
  • Pipeline management reports help you identify sales opportunities, and discover pipeline bottlenecks
  • Sales managers need to know the effectiveness of marketing campaigns – Teamgate have all the low down
  • Planning for the future of your sales is vital for growth, that’s where Teamgate sales CRM plays its part


Your sales funnel provides a clear, and holistic view of all sales opportunities available to your sales teams, including; the number of prospects in the funnel; total revenue generation possibilities – deal by deal; plus, valuable flow and win rates – a truly insightful means of visualising the ongoing process of leads becoming customers. With Teamgate CRM analytics, your sales funnel is your visual insight to every stage of your complete sales process.


Sales forecasting is the mechanism by which sales managers use to predict and estimate future sales. With analytical sales reports, forecasting can be segmented over both the long- and short-term sales cycle of a business. The more accurate the sales forecast reports the easier it is for companies to make well-informed, and proactive judgements and decisions. Really accurate forecasting is based on past sales experiences – which is obviously more accurate for long-established companies – startups and new business have less information to work with. However, a reliable and intelligent CRM can greatly enhance the whole process for any size business.


Using sales activity reports – a valuable means of predictive sales analytics gathering – sales managers have the ability to set goals for various sales activities, and compare them with actual day-to-day performance. This allows sales managers to track the performance of individuals, and whole sales teams, not just in closed deals, but also in tasks completed; meetings held, phone calls made; etc. Salespeople can also track their own performance, a feature which can be hugely beneficial to sales motivation, and productivity.


Activity indicators can improve your performance – are you hitting the goals which have been set? Teamgate sales CRM can greatly aid with helping sales teams set goals, evaluate their performance, and compare that performance to that of their colleagues. With the help of sales performance reports – which has gathered all the necessary information – sales individuals have the power to boost motivation and stay on top of all planned tasks, and goals.


Any feature which allows you to visualise, and understand your sales process has to be beneficial to your entire sales strategy. Teamgate, as part of that sales process, can help you analyse all available opportunities, where potential is being lost, recognise bottlenecks in your pipeline, and more accurately, forecast future prospects. Teamgate sales pipeline reports, and management insights are; user-friendly; enriched with powerful, time-saving features; filtering; export to Excel capabilities; quick links; summaries; and much more.


With careful analysis of your lead management process, it’s possible to use your sales past to stimulate your sales future. The things that have worked for you before are very likely to be indicators of what may work in the future. Easily identify the number of leads created, converted, and lost. The lessons learned from this valuable analysis can help you decide on future courses of action – should you focus on new lead generation, work on qualifying current leads, or is the whole process in need of an overhaul? You also have the ability to visualise the sources of leads which spend too long in the pipeline, but ultimately fail to qualify.


In order to close deals in the shortest period of time, it is advised that you examine the time-frames associated with your current sales process. Teamgate sales cycle reports – along with sales pipeline reports – can help you identify the stages where you are winning or losing the majority of your deals. They can also offer you easily understandable visuals demonstrating how sales opportunities move through the sales cycle, over a given period of time. This in turn can be measured against other known variables – like past sales, time of year, geographic locations, etc. – offering resourceful insights into your entire sales cycle.


Knowing the quality, and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns are vital to your sales success. Teamgate marketing reports demonstrate the number of leads generated, the sources of these leads, associated marketing campaigns, and the overall success of the campaigns as the leads move through the sales pipeline. This allows you to assess whether your marketing investment has been successful, and has generated its expected RoI.


Pipeline reports allow sales directors and sales managers to analyse several important questions: Are there enough sales opportunities in the pipeline? Which opportunities should sales reps prioritise? How is the sales pipeline performing over time – what is the level of growth? Your Teamgate sales CRM can offer you the answers to all of these questions, and in return your efforts can be more focused, and your team’s effectiveness can be analysed in order to determine future sales strategies.


Your sales forecast reports are based on calculations concerning your current sales pipeline, in comparison to past sales data. How are your sales performing now, against another defined period of time. Within this report there are many criteria which affect the accuracy of the predictions, but with a smart CRM like Teamgate, all of these criteria can be taken into account. Assessing the long-term, and short-term sales performance of your sales, in a reliable and accurate manner, has never been easier.

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