CRM integrations to boost your sales

Set up your favourite application integration with CRM and boost daily performance while saving time. It is time to supercharge your daily sales tool with a variety of additional business solutions.


Manage your sales more efficiently with these CRM integrations

Zendesk integration


Zendesk CRM integration improves collaborative work of your sales and customer service teams by displaying Zendesk request from your clients in Teamgate system.

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Freshdesk crm integration


Freshdesk CRM integration improves collaboration between your sales and customer service teams by displaying Freshdesk requests from your clients in the Teamgate system.

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Slack crm integration


Use Teamgate & Slack integration to share your information about winning deals, improve your team communication, spread the good news, and show your appreciation of excellent work.

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CRM email integration

Outlook / Thunderbird / Gmail

Teamgate CRM email integration lets users save email copies and attach them to the related contacts, so that no email is lost.

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mailchimp integration with crm


MailChimp CRM integration allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages and targeted campaigns to your Leads or Contacts using custom filters, and more

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WordPress integration


WordPress CRM integration lets you connect your WordPress website directly with your Teamgate Sales CRM account.

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LinkedIn integration


This extension automatically absorbs data from any LinkedIn profile and sends it straight to your Teamgate Sales CRM account, with just one click

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Eliminate import/export, save time and reduce errors with a 2-way, real-time contact data sync.

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Google Calendar CRM integration

Google Calendar

Google Calendar integration lets Teamgate Sales CRM users sync their events both ways

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Google Drive crm integration

Google Drive

Google Drive integration lets you store all kind of files in Teamgate – from documents and text files to PDFs, photos, videos and more

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Google Contacts integration

Google Contacts

Google Contacts CRM integration lets you import your contacts as leads into Teamgate

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Office 365 integration

Office 365 Calendar

Office 365 Calendar integration lets Teamgate Sales CRM users sync their meetings and calendar events between two applications

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twilio crm integration


Using Twilio integration, Teamgate created SmartDialer – a phone system allowing you to call directly from Teamgate, to log calls, analyse them, and much more

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Integromat crm integration

“Glue” together your favourite business applications and enjoy automated workflow and accelerated sales process with Make’s integration capabilities

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Nexmo integration


Nexmo integration allows you to send outbound and inbound SMS messages to your customers or team members, and also to set SMS messages as reminders

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Zapier crm


With Zapier CRM integration you can automate your workflows seamlessly between Teamgate and 600+ apps, minimising all manual work

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Xero crm integration


Fully manage your business accounting, invoicing, bill payment and bank account details, effortlessly and in real time using Xero integration

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Track your accounting, invoicing, bill payments and bank account details easily and in one place with QuickBooks integration

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Intercom crm integration


Manage contact information and communication history, quicker and more conveniently all in one place with Intercom integration

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OpenStreetMap integration


Get the location of your contact in seconds and navigate there, using OpenStreetMap integration with Teamgate

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CRM Integrations F.A.Q.

What is CRM integration?
CRM integration is the use of additional non-native tools and features to create solutions for managing your data, your customer’s data, your customer’s behaviour, communications, and many other sales and marketing functions.
How CRM integration can help in daily tasks?
CRM integration can help you manage every stage of your entire sales process easier, and more efficiently – from valuable time saving features, manual data entry elimination, automated analysis and data enrichment. Integrated CRM solutions make the working life of sales managers and sales team more streamlined, and more productive.
What are the types of CRM integration?
There are several types of CRM integrations. 1. Automatic, easy to set up integrations which are built directly into the CRM, – requiring only login and connect to utilise their functionality. 2. Integrations via non-native solutions like Zapier and PieSync – CRM integration is simply initiated on a 3rd party platform strictly according to your requirements. 3. Manual integrations via API (application programming interface) – this integration requires additional programing capabilities.
Do all the applications integrate the same manner?
No. Integrated CRM features which are available on Teamgate come in 3 different ways (all mentioned above). The majority of these integrations are either automatic or integrated using platforms like Zapier or PieSync.
Which Teamgate pricing plans support integrations?
Integrations are supported on both the Professional and Enterprise pricing plans. The professional pricing plan provide users with core API access for manual integration building. It also facilitates integrations via platforms like Zapier and PieSync. The professional plan also includes integrations with Google Apps, WordPress and LinkedIn. The Enterprise pricing plan provides users with all the integrations mentioned in the Professional plan, along with all other integrations available on Teamgate, such as; Intercom, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Xero, and a host of others.
Where and how are these integrations supported?
Teamgate supports full integration performance directly from its end. Teamgate integrations, regardless of what they are, once they are activated are fully supported and monitored by Teamgate HQ.
Who will set up an integration?
Teamgate provides all instructional material (documentation) together with explanations on the process of setting up integrations with 3rd party solutions. However, the integration process itself is performed solely by the Teamgate customer in order to ensure data privacy and security.
Does Teamgate support integration with Microsoft Outlook?
Teamgate currently offers “Email copy attachment via Bcc” as a CRM integration with Microsoft Outlook alternative. Sent and received emails on Microsoft Outlook are attached to the relevant person on Teamgate and can be seen in the contact timeline section. A direct integration with Microsoft Outlook is currently in production as part of the process to make Teamgate a fully integrated CRM solution.
Do I need any special technical knowledge to use integrations?
For the most part – No. Teamgate provides you with all the necessary information to initialise the desired integrations. In addition to our documentation, 3rd party integration platforms like Zapier and PieSync provide their own guidelines on integration setup. Technical knowledge is only needed when creating a manual CRM integration using an API.
Is my data secure using integrations?
Teamgate guarantees data security right across the entire Teamgate platform. All of Teamgate’s integration partners are verified companies which have their own data integral security policy. For more information on Teamgate data security please refer to the Teamgate Security section.