Sales Acceleration

To accelerate your sales process, it is important to carefully track the sales cycle, take care of instant communication, and analyse performance. Teamgate offers you all the right tools to increase the velocity of the sales process. Following the movement of each opportunity, communicating wins and losses within your team quickly, and analysing the performance has never been easier.
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Sales Acceleration

Sales Pipeline Movement

To help you identify which sales stages need improvement, Teamgate goes a step forward by bringing you a report which interacts with your opportunity movement in a real time. The Sales Pipeline Movement report is built to show the movement of each opportunity within a time range. With this unique report, you can identify and solve poorly followed-up opportunities, delayed evaluation or pending deals.

Analyse to Improve

Teamgate Dashboard and Insights features are created to provide you with an overview of everything you need to know about your sales. Available reports allow you to identify the main loss reasons, track the performance of your team, pinpoint risks, compare your goals with actual results, and more. Looking at the current results may help to improve the closing process of future deals.

Advantages of Teamgate

  • Reporting templates are created to match the needs of every business and save you time.
  • Break down your sales process from various angles and analyse what areas need your attention the most.
  • Teamgate-Slack integration allows you to instantly inform people about won deals, even if they don’t have a Teamgate account.
  • Integrate your CRM with additional tools by using the powerful Zapier platform.
  • Create custom solutions using Teamgate CRM API integration with specific systems.

Some of the Sales Acceleration features in Teamgate

Sales Pipeline Movement

An empowered and proven way to shorten your sales cycle instantly. The Sales Pipeline Movement report is built to show the movement of each sales opportunity within a chosen time range

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Sales Dashboard

Focus on the right things by benefiting from the power of the Dashboard feature. It is designed to provide you with a quick overview of your sales. Use it to check the health of your pipeline, forecast and track performance.

Sales Insights

Base your actions on intelligent analysis. Teamgate offers data-driven, intelligent reports which provide a real-time image of your business.


MailChimp integration allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns to your Leads or Contacts using custom filters, and also allows you to track your campaign status directly in Teamgate Sales CRM.

Morning Muffin

“Morning Muffin” is a short daily newsletter summarising the most important updates from the day before (Lead updates, Pipeline updates) and today’s agenda details.

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Mobile Apps

With the Teamgate Sales CRM mobile app solution your data can be accessed and updated from everywhere you go! Be confident that all the necessary information is always with you and never forget to capture important notes.

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