Sales Activity

Improve your sales by analysing past and present performance, understanding external impacts, and by using data gathered from Teamgate reporting features to facilitate decision making about future actions. By analysing the charts and activity reports, you can see the links between sales activities and outcomes, as well as identifying your top performers and how they perform differently.

Sales Activity

More about Sales Activity

Teamgate insights are created to be user-friendly, and are full of really helpful features to help you understand sales performance, and sales activities, such as; filtering; export to Excel; quick links; summaries, and lots more to help you sell better, and faster.

Activity Goals

The activity of your sales team plays a hugely impactful role on achieving sales goals. With Teamgate sales CRM, you can set sales targets, schedule calls, meetings, examine deals to close ratios, and other objectives in order to compare the activity ratio against actual results.

You can track the number of completed calls, connections made, activities scheduled, identify the number of new accounts created, and other vitally import sales metrics. Insights is a convenient tool which allows to set and plan goals and to follow the progress of those goals.

Activity Ratios

Real time activity metrics are useful indicators of your team’s performance. You can analyse the impact which the number of calls have had, or identify whether meetings have impacted on the quantity, and quality of won deals.

This feature helps you to assess the overall performance and motivation of your sales team. Ultimately, you can base your decisions for improvement on the relevant data which has been gathered.

Activity goals versus performance this month

Measurement of activity is an insightful and actionable means of discovering a salesperson’s productivity. With the results displayed in a simple and understandable manner on the salesperson’s personal dashboard, the required steps for actions to be taken can be planned, and scheduled in response to the results.

This monthly visual is highly informative means of measuring sales team activity against a designated time period. This in turn can be compared against similar, historic time frames.


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