KPIs & Sales Goals

Track and share KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and business metrics with your whole sales team and give them the power to understand their sales process in minute detail. You can effortlessly track vital sales KPIs such as sales trajectory and profitability or main deal loss reasons. Also, it allows being attentively focused on your top customers.
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More about KPIs & Sales Goals

One of the fundamental purposes of CRM for sales managers is the possibility to track their sales team performance. Usually, there are multiple metrics that must be tracked and evaluated for each sales person individually.

Teamgate CRM has a dedicated Insights section that reflects all the main numbers of sales performance at any given moment. It allows comparing data over different periods of time. Furthermore, data can be downloaded and later applied for more in-depth reports by clicking a few buttons.

Advantages of KPIs & Sales Goals Setting

  • Acces to aggregated data of your company’s, team’s or individual sales performance.
  • Saves time on filling and preparing sales reports and eliminates the need for endless tracking spreadsheets and other systems.
  • Encourages sales reps accountability on a daily basis.

Sales Trajectory

Any changes in sales performance can be gauged accurately when measured against the efficiency of a particular sales rep, or against the entire company. You can easily determine the trajectory of your sales results – stable or fluctuating – by measuring them against a fixed time-period average. You may also take an overview of sales goals against sales performance; who is performing well, and who needs assistance to drive their sales forward.

Top Customers

By tracking your KPIs for sales, Teamgate allows you to create a dedicated report helping you identify the customers who bring the highest margin of profit to your business. When engaging with a particular client you can easily visualise how many deals have been closed, and understand the value of those deals. This report is really helpful by allowing your sales team to understand and appreciate the value of return customers, and continue to nurture those relationships.

Won / Lost

Using KPIs for sales reports, it is easy to determine reasons for loss, and take appropriate actions to ensure more deals are won. The won/lost report illustrates the trajectory of your sales, and sales conversion over a selected period. You can also easily visualise, and analyse the opportunities to won deals ratio. This is a quick method of discovering if the value of opportunities won is greater than the value of deals lost.


Teamgate sales KPIs analysis, are a simple and highly insightful means of visualising the profitability of won deals, and the total profit generated through sales over a selected time period. You can also compare the profits generated by individual sales team members, and visually measure the results against those of their colleagues. Analysing sales KPIs is a great way of measuring the path to profitability.

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