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Unlock your sales potential

Teamgate’s CRM platform empowers SaaS and sales specialists to increase their speed of execution across the entire sales cycle. With an intuitive UI, essential integrations, and out of the box insights; it’s easy to understand why so many teams love using Teamgate.


Sales Insights

Understand your true ICP, Sales Metrics and Sales Funnel.

  • Utilize data driven analytics for real-time insights into your business and department performance.
  • Highlight areas requiring attention to inform your decision making and resource allocation.
  • Understand your sales funnel by segments such as source, geographical location and industry.


One convenient and integrated solution

Teamgate carefully balances customization with specifically selected integrations to ensure efficiency and ease of use. Allowing you to get ahead of the competition.

CRM Use Cases

The CRM solution for any scenario.

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Lead Management

An efficient lead cultivation system to close more deals. Conduct outreach, plan activities, create notes and access contact history from one convenient location.

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Pipeline Management

Utilize a drag and drop interface to easily manage and facilitate rapid movement of deals across multiple customizable sales stages and pipelines.

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Sales Insights

Utilize data driven analytics for real-time insights into your business and department performance. Highlight areas requiring attention to inform your decision making.

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Contact Management

Save time migrating between tools with all-in-one convenience. Call, email, set tasks, follow-up appointments and more directly from within your Teamgate CRM platform.

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Customer Expansion

Create strong customer onboarding experiences and in-depth customer feedback loops with Teamgate’s efficient contact management processes and integrated customer support tools.

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Customer Retention

Nurture, retain and expand existing customers through consistent timely and personalized communication, as well as customized customer expansion opportunity sales pipelines.

Powering Teams at all Levels

Whether it’s making the switch from spreadsheets or building efficiencies into your existing sales processes: Teamgate is here to help navigate the world of sales.

Sales Members & Managers

From SDR to Sales Manager, Teamgate offers in-depth insights into an individual’s, team’s or campaign’s performance. One solution, one convenient location.

SMBs to Enterprise

From small business to experienced market leaders, the Teamgate solution powers your performance to unlock your true sales potential.


Lead Conversion

Increase your sales velocity with more leads and faster time to conversion.

  • Utilize sales insights to analyze your true ICP and target higher quality leads through multi-channel sourcing.
  • Convert higher quality leads through aligned qualification and scoring criteria across multiple departments and teams.


Teamgate’s CRM powers your growth

  • Uncover sales truths with in depth insights and analytics
  • Close more deals, faster
  • Enhance cross-department collaboration
  • Automate sales tasks and follow-ups
  • Minimize manual data entry
  • Consolidate multiple existing sales tools
  • Ensure peace of mind with privacy and security measures.

Boost your efficiency and simplify your entire sales process with Teamgate.

All of your essential customer management tools, in one easy to use platform. Powering your performance just got made easy.

But don't just take our word for it...

Here's what others say about Teamgate:

Krish Sivanathan

Krish Sivanathan

Director of Operations, Packagecloud

Utilizing sales insights we have been able to conduct targeted experiments, enabling Packagecloud to increase engagement rates by 18% through the refinement of scripts and lead targeting.

Jack Hodges

Jack Hodges

Sales Manager, FiveCRM

With Teamgate’s intuitive interface, our user adoption was immediate. Even with a remote team consisting of sales, customer success and marketing - we were onboarded and up and running within hours.

Allison Barkley

Allison Barkley

Director of Operations, Baremetrics

With Teamgate we've been able to refine our true ICP through sales insights. This has enabled targeted marketing campaigns resulting in more conversions and an increase in our overall marketing ROI.