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Opportunity and Sales pipeline management made simple, allowing salespeople to become real hunters through each stage of CRM pipeline management. The Teamgate Sales CRM drag & drop interface makes moving deals across all stages more simple and without distraction. The closing date indicator warns when deals are past their estimated closure date, gives you a clear view of your team’s performance, as well as highlighting areas which require an extra push. Close your deals the fast way with the Teamgate Sales CRM pipeline


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Estimated closing date indicators

In order to stay on top of your deals it’s recommended you set an estimated closing date for each one. However, if your closing deadline passes you will see an orange/red bar beneath the specific deal in the pipeline. The longer the deal is overdue, the longer and darker the bar will become. Using the Teamgate Sales CRM pipeline management feature, stay on top of every lead and never again let a lead fall through the cracks.

Drag and drop interface

The Teamgate Sales CRM provides an easy means of moving deals across, and through, your sales pipeline. In the pipeline(s) CRM section simply drag and drop opportunities from one sales stage to another – no additional clicks required.


Are you dealing with companies located in different countries? No problem. With the Teamgate Sales CRM simply pick the desired currency for each specific deal. For your convenience, in the pipeline(s) CRM section the total deals amount for each particular stage is listed in the currency chosen by you, making your Sales Pipeline Management even more simple than ever.

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Now there’s no need to stack multiple processes in one sales management pipeline. For your convenience, the Teamgate Sales CRM gives you the ability to create multiple pipelines, each with separate reporting options.

Ease of use

With the Teamgate Sales CRM manage each deal’s information easily; attach documents, add products from the catalogue and enter all important information in custom fields. Managing your CRM pipeline stages has never been so simple or intuitive.

Sales Funnel

Get a clear and accurate view of what’s happening in your sales pipelines by means of easy-to-understand visual diagrams. The intuitive Teamgate Sales CRM tracks and measures various indicators, allowing you to pick the ones you need to view in your dashboard or insights section. The Sales Funnel and pipeline trajectory will become an irreplaceable feature when used on a daily basis, making your CRM pipeline management even more simple and time-saving. By means of the advanced features in the Teamgate sales pipeline(s) CRM is transformed to the next level allowing you to grow and profit more easily.


Track and manage your scheduled activities straight from the Teamgate Sales CRM pipeline’s easy-to-read and understand display. Whether you need to arrange a meeting or add a note; just one click does the trick. Additionally, you can include events created in advance, eliminating the need to manually input recurring actions into your sales pipeline CRM.

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