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Transportation & Logistics

Teamgate Sales CRM and the Transportation & Logistics industries are a perfect match because:

OpenStreetMap integration:
Target your leads with pinpoint geographical accuracy. Gain invaluable sales data, sorted neatly by location. Plan meetings according to the location to maximize your efficiency.
Mail synchronisation:
Intelligently track all mail communication history with your customers (including attachments and files relevant to any deals or enquiries.)
Lead management:
Gather all your leads in one place and use quick call logs and flexible filters to maintain your winning streak. Lead conversion likelihood helps you to save time and concentrate on highest quality leads – and with mobile, you can do it all while on the road.
Real-time pipeline management:
Drag and drop from stage to stage, follow up and never miss your opportunities. Estimate the risk of every single deal according to value, in-stage time range, and history to make a decision whether the prospect is worth your time or not. These are the types of hugely valuable analytics which allow you to stay ahead of your competitors and in line with your customer’s needs.
Custom fields and filters:
Create different fields for specific information such as import countries, export countries, currency considerations, load types, and more. Filter your information searches to find your strongest leads from a list of companies/people, or the deals section of classifieds.
Forecast your sales results by different employees, sales process and more. Analyse your conversions from stage to stage, get to know which parts of your sales process need tweaking, and discover the reason for losses and act on any bottlenecks in real time.

Staffing & Recruiting

Teamgate Sales CRM and Staffing & Recruiting are a perfect match because:

Manage leads holistically:
From the first contact to signing the final contract, Teamgate Sales CRM is with you every step of the way. Keep track of contacted clients with our streamlined leads management solution. Categorise leads by location and industry to find your highly-converting niches.
Communicate with ease:
Contact your leads via SMS or email from within the Teamgate interface. Use built-in Zapier support to zap your clients with an automatic email when you get new stock or seamlessly integrate your SMS and telemarketing with your lead tracking using native SmartDialer and Nexmo support.
Sort and conquer:
Sort leads and clients by built-in categories or create your own with Teamgate tagging feature. Focus on specific subcategories using selective filters. Sort recruiters or recruits by area of activity and cross-analyse to uncover hidden staffing opportunities.


Teamgate Sales CRM is the perfect accompaniment for any consulting success, allowing you to uncover talent, find and close leads, and follow up with your clients:

Acquire talent effortlessly:
Use Teamgate holistic lead management solutions to quickly uncover and file the businesses requiring your expertise. Rank by order of priority, track conversions and keep your repeat customers satisfied by following up with customised, automated emails which deliver right on-message.
Integrate with your existing tools seamlessly:
Teamgate Sales CRM is designed to make your life easier; rather than requiring you to learn a whole new CRM interface from scratch, we’ve integrated with existing cloud solutions like Google Contacts, Drive, and Outlook to lower the learning curve to practically zero. Use Teamgate intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to update project progress, instantaneously modify the sales pipeline, or assign tasks to individual team members.
Communicate proactively:
Use Teamgate for smarter communications and keep your team in the loop and updated about individual clients, even while on the fly. Manage your calendars, assign tasks, track inter and intra-team interactions, create reminders, share files, and use multi-level permissions to organise and oversee team efforts, all in one place.

Media & Advertising

Create and cultivate a niche client base for your marketing services with Teamgate Sales CRM’s extensive tracking and reporting tools:

Find your niche:
Are you looking to engage in some product-oriented marketing and source leads for your services? Teamgate has you covered with its quality lead generation tools, enabling you to narrow down lists and find your ideal demographic by age, location, or any other custom category which you decide. It’s that versatile.
Do away with spreadsheets:
From potential client to loyal customer, Teamgate real-time pipeline management allows you to stay on top of all lead acquisition and fulfillment using simple drag and drop interaction. Whoever said tracking leads is difficult, with Teamgate Sales CRM it’s not just simple, it’s smart too.
Follow up and foster loyalty:
The only thing better than a successful acquisition is an acquisition that leads to a loyal, returning customer. It’s customers like these that are your golden geese, giving you word-of-mouth commendations that passively bring in new business without you having to lift a finger. Teamgate looks out for these golden assets of yours by sifting through your list to find valuable repeat customers and enabling you to create ‘set-and-forget’ loyalty campaigns via email, phone, or text.

Travel & Leisure

Sell premium vacation packages like never before courtesy of  the Teamgate Sales CRM advanced geotagging, lead discovery, and market analysis tools:

Tap into new markets:
Why settle for less when you can sell for more? Rather than simply tracking your existing sales activities, use Teamgate’s lead generation, age analysis, conversion and categorisation tools to find premium leads in the most unlikely and new markets. A small and secluded retirement community nestled in the middle of suburbia, a housing complex in Silicon Valley packed with empowered, wanderlust-filled young professionals, what‘s your next angle? Regardless of what it is, Teamgate Sales CRM can help you find it before you even realise it exists!
Reach out like never before:
Quality over quantity is the name of the game with Teamgate lead conversion analysis and custom categorisation tools. Make your clients feel valued with call-back reminders, automated emailing, and travel advice SMS using Teamgate’s extensive telecommunications features, which include integrations with Google, MailChimp, Outlook, Zapier, and many more convenient and time-saving  advantages.
Less spreadsheeting more selling:
Tired of staring at endless rows and formulae on sales spreadsheets? Teamgate Sales CRM drag-and-drop pipeline management removes the tedious and antiquated spreadsheet style of sales tracking with far more powerful visual tools and reports. See all the information to help you sell better in easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs.

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