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Sales Velocity: 4 key metrics controlling your income

The definition of Sales Velocity is the speed at which your team is making money. The Velocity Formula: If normal velocity is "miles-per-hour" you can think of sales velocity as "money-per-month".

Number of sales opportunities Average deal value Win rate Length of sales cycle
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Invoke sales velocity formula step by step

# x $ x % / L

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Sales and marketing initiatives have to be calculated and well planned. The best way to prepare for that is to have a clear picture of your current sales “health”. Sales Dashboard gives you an insightful glance into your sales performance. Each analytical chart presents key areas in sales that require constant monitoring.

# Number of deals processed by your sales team. $ Average value of your deals. % Conversion rate, the percentage of leads that converted into customers. L Average length of your sales cycle.

Win Ratio

One of the key charts on the Sales Dashboard is the “Win Ratio”. This insight is based on a calculation of efforts required to close a deal. The chart presents two calculations for a deeper understanding of a “Win Ratio”. First, it calculates the amount of opportunities (deals) required to achieve one successful sale. Second, it calculates the number of leads required to achieve one successful sale.

Make sure to eliminate poor follow up and avoid lack of initiative
Ditch high risk opportunities and focus your efforts on less risky opportunities Track your conversion ratios to improve sales velocity Analyze your lost reasons to improve conversion
# x $ x % / L

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With everything being tracked these days, there are enormous amounts of data. Don’t waste it - put it to a good use. Teamgate analyses your sales actions, tracks your activities and presents data in a visually appealing, yet extremely informative way. It is more than your activity or action summary. Teamgate Insights presents visual graphs and charts, derived from all collected data, with forecasts, projections or analysis.

Sales Pipeline Movement

Determine at which stage your leads stay the longest Get rid of pending deals
See how quantity is affecting your deal size. Compare average deal size across sales people.
Decrease your sales cycle length step by step
# x $ x % / L

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Would you agree on quantity over quality? We suggest optimizing your sales efforts. Instead of pursuing every lead you have, you may rank them according to their value to your business. The lead scoring solution solution offers exactly what you need and can help you focus on the leads that matter the most. Imagine your ideal customer profile and Teamgate will highlight them for you.

Lead scoring Use the slider to determine intervals of worthiness. Decide what score will indicate “hot”, “warm” and “cold” leads.

Lead List

Leads in a “List view” show you all new and current leads that you are working on. By checking Lead’s score, you can quickly establish which leads you should concentrate on and which ones can be unqualified straight away. Focusing on the leads that carry the most value will help you spend less time on weak leads, while giving more time to focus on valuable leads.

# x $ x % / L

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Dive into a day-to-day playground for sales people - your Sales Pipeline, the place where a focus on average deal size and value is visible. It is crucial to stay focused on the most valuable deals in your pipeline and not let them stay too long in the same stage. Use all the necessary actions in your sales toolkit to constantly push deals that matter most.


Be a timekeeper with your sales efforts as every bit of it counts. Set specific durations for each of your sales stages to keep your sales process in tact. It will keep your sales pipeline clean and clear, without a clutter of pending deals. By keeping your pre-made sales timeline, you will be able to control the length of the sales cycle.

Your pipeline shoud be adapted to the way your prospects buy

Drag and Drop

In order to be efficient with your valuable time, Sales CRM solutions have to work like an invisible assistant, saving you time, and allow you to concentrate on selling. The drag and drop functionality helps you quickly move opportunities across sales stages. This interface detail is simple, yet smart and effective

Find and add products

Make it easier to find and add your optional products into your sales opportunities. Apply custom discounts or markups when necessary, so there’s no need to change initial price.

Get a grip on discounts.
# x $ x % / L

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Extensions & Integrations

Positively influence sales velocity formula with external, yet closely bonded solutions to Teamgate. As a sales CRM, Teamgate covers entire sales process and much more - from the first contact with an interested person, right up to analysis of your quarterly sales, and future projections. But, a salesperson needs much more than an easy-to-use pipeline and clean customer database. That’s why Teamgate offers additional solutions to support basic sales activities.

Number of Opportunities

Set up your sales for success from the beginning. The sales velocity formula is directly affected by the quantity of incoming leads. From an inbound perspective, the number of new leads will be based on traffic to the web, which is ultimately based on your brand awareness, SEO positions, referral quality, popularity and content engagement on social media. Once a stable stream of incoming leads is put in place, Teamgate takes care of lead capturing and lead grabbing. Teamgate also takes care of all the figures to allow you calculate your sales velocity automatically.

Automated web forms for lead generation Automatically absorb data from LinkedIn profiles Transfer contact information to Teamgate with one click

Outbound Calling

From the outbound perspective, the number of gathered leads will be based on the quality, as well as quantity, of your cold calling initiatives. These figures will also vastly affect your overall sales velocity.

Make your call straight from Teamgate

Mailchimp Integration

Boost your outbound sales initiatives by exploring full MailChimp integrations capabilities.

Send and track email campaigns straight from Teamgate Integration is just one click away

Teamgate + Zapier = Cyfe

Nothing motivates you better than great results. Connect Teamgate with Cyfe and track your results on informative dashboards. Add all the necessary indicators, which require constant monitoring. We strongly believe that sales velocity should be one of them. To go one step forward, place screens on your wall and monitor necessary dashboards at all times.

Manage all KPI’s in one window Add any report you wish to track

Embrace sales results monitoring through sales velocity

Manage your revenue through sales velocity monitoring. Embrace analytical approach towards action planning and experience how predictive outcome will be. Numbers do not lie, so relying on data is a safe and sure way to go about your business. Know your sales velocity formula, use it to calculate the velocity for sale, and stay on top of sales projections.

# x $ x % / L

Teamgate CRM covers a complete sales process, which can be seen through sales velocity equation. Each sales velocity formula component can be monitored, managed and influenced through designated solutions on Teamgate CRM. By staying constant reference to your pipeline velocity calculator, you can boost your sales performance using proven theory and advanced sales solution, instead of guesswork. Prepare for calculated actions and predictable revenue in return.

Increase sales velocity with Teamgate