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Dashboard is here to provide you with a quick overview of everything you need to know about your sales in one place. Whether you are looking at a current health of a pipeline, forecasting, or simply checking performance of your team, it is nicely laid out for you.

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How it can help you sell more

dashboard loss reasons

Top Loss Reasons

Identify the main Loss Reasons for your closed Deals and improve your closing process with a future deals. Note, that you can compare your loss reason percentage with a team’s average.

Business Indicators

Need a fast update on situation of your pipeline? Simply take a look at the top 3 key indicators concerning your Sales Pipeline. Get a feel of a current situation and take a look at the forecast for a given period of time.



Activity Management

Track how well are you and your team performing towards set activity goals. Useful overview for a head of sales to get a glance at teams’ KPIs for a given period of time.

Goal Management

Simple, yet detailed view of sales goals and actual results for the last 12 months. No need for tremendous graphs with numerous indicators, just the most important factual statistics.

dashboard sales plan

Open Opportunities Dashboard Teamgate

Risks Management

Pinpoint high and low risks of your current open opportunities and take action to ones, needing most of your attention. Predictive analytic made simple, so that you can get grip on the situation at the moment.

Sales Funnel Management

Just take a glance on a monetary value of each stage at the moment and identify bottlenecks in your pipeline. Focusing on overcrowded stages helps you manage pipeline more efficiently.

Pipeline Today Dashboard Teamgate

win ratios

Win Ratios

Identify, how much effort it takes to have a successful deal closure. Take action to increase win ratios by improving your communication and pre-sale process, as well as manage your Leads quality.


Your sales team deserves more than just a platform. They deserve a complete sales stack.


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Hi, I am Amber, Sales Manager here at Teamgate. I am responsible for ensuring that you drive maximum value from our tool. I would like to learn more about your main goals for using the CRM solution and to tell you how other companies are using our CRM. Please fill in the form and I will get back to you ASAP.

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