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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a web-based software solution designed to integrate all aspects of – as the name suggests – your relationship with your customers and prospective customers. Simply and quickly manage all sectors of your sales process; from marketing, to lead generation, to first contact, and the ultimate qualification and conversion to satisfied customer. On this journey your sales CRM software can help interact with potential clients, store and classify all contact details – including importing these details from external sources smartly, and hassle-free – keep track of all interactions via email, online, telephone, and even keep all associated files in one manageable space.
Top CRM software allows you to manage your sales team smarter and more efficiently, and uses all collected information to offer you in-depth insights, analysis, pain-points, and forecasts for a more productive and profitable future.

Through integrations with third-party providers the efficiency and flexibility of your sales CRM software is supercharged with a full array of powerful tools to assist in making every step of your sales strategy simple, accurate, efficient, smart, recordable, mobile, traceable, and ultimately, and most importantly, successful.


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Don’t think of your Sales CRM software as a mere database, it’s far more than that, by a long way. The data entered and stored in your CRM is a fountain of knowledge allowing you to fully understand the complete health of your sales team, your market position, your customer, and also even allows you to forecast for the future by means of in-depth analysis.

But, your Sales CRM is more than a software package or a data bank, your Sales CRM is a complete mind-set which allows you and your sales team to work smarter and more strategically to achieve your end goals. Sales.

The Teamgate CRM permits your team to gather the intelligence which leads you on your complete sales journey; understanding your customers’ needs, habits, likes and pain points, and to use this knowledge to steer your sales process smarter and more profitably by utilising this gathered intelligence and planning effectively. A really effective Sales CRM should be able to manage every detail from your contacts, leads and sales pipeline along with intuitive analysis and reporting to drive your business forward.

It should effectively manage:

  • Every segment of your B2B and B2C transactions
  • Your leads and sales pipeline
  • Your analysis, reports, and forecasts
  • Your meetings, calls, tasks, accomplishments, team targets, and goals
  • Your and your team’s calendars, activities and to-do lists


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The smarter you can track your leads, the better it is, ultimately, for your sales prospects, companies and people. Teamgate customisable fields help you to manage and sort all of the information you need to track those leads more quickly and more efficiently. It is possible to create custom fields which are then applied to all leads. Each lead may include specific and customised information, such as product or service, budget, department within company, individual requirements, etc. You may then edit these custom fields as you see fit, or as circumstances may demand. With these custom fields it is possible to use additional filtering options.


  • In People – You can track not just business details but personal notes such as birthdays, hobbies, special interests etc. allowing you to interact in a more meaningful and fulfilling manner with your clients.
  • Companies – you may add information such as: industry, company size, company profile, contract expiration date, possible upsell and etc.
  • Leads – Keep tabs on your leads; who your competitors are, know their service or product, the number of potential users, their budgets, and their company profile.
  • Deals – Products or services they are interested in, their budget, decision making process (time-range), competitors, additional requirements etc.

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Smart filtering of your data allows you to search your contacts using both the inbuilt CRM software system filters along with customisable filters. Find your contacts, leads, lost leads and prospects using filters such as Industry, the owner of a lead, city, country, or the length of time since you’ve been in contact with them. You may choose to add your own customisable search fields such as; budget, product, service, or special offers. Along with this hugely valuable resource filtering in combination with ‘custom field mapping’ in leads, lets you convert information and custom fields to leads without having to re-enter data.


Owner refers to the sales team member responsible for dealing with a lead, client or deal. The owner may also include one, or several collaborators ensuring that all members are kept fully in the sales loop. Other departments or team members may also be added as collaborators; i.e. accounts for tracking payments etc., customer care to deal with any concerns or queries, or delivery and logistics departments.

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The Autofill Data function adds immense value to the process of lead data capture. There are two ways in which Teamgate can grab data automatically:

  • Teamgate Shuttle – Data is grabbed from within Linkedin and automatically filled for new leads.
  • WordPress Forms – As soon as WordPress Forms are implemented on your landing page each new data entry will automatically create and lead and import all the provided information.


CRM software companies have identified that duplication of information is the bane of sales teams’ lives. Teamgate’s Sales CRM automatically recognises duplicate leads, companies people, email addresses, telephone numbers, VAT details and company codes and allows to react accordingly. This function is of enormous value when working with large sales teams and preventing the duplication of information and the confusion which goes with it. It can also stop duplicate calls and contacts being made, which can be detrimental to good customer relationship management.

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The Teamgate Sales CRM is fully integrated with OpenStreetMap and can display the geographic locations of leads, clients and sales opportunities. This function may also be filtered to search for your contacts using these and other categories. You may view all data from geographic locations and follow up on any further actions, this is a highly valuable function for logistics managers and logistic companies, and also to mobile sales teams and international sales teams. Mobile sales reps can now plan their journeys and client visits making the most effective use of their time.



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Data may be imported into your Teamgate Sales CRM from external file. Teamgate allows you to easily import a client/cold-call database from sources such as, XLSX, CSV, vCARD files, or other third party applications such as Linkedin, Outlook, Mac Address Book, and Google Contacts.  For more automatic workflow we recommend that you benefit for our WordPress Form and the API in order to drive leads from ‘Contact Us/Query Forms’ – found on our website – direct to Teamgate Leads section. Sales teams can also import cold-call lists directly to the leads section, and existing clients may be imported to the companies section. In case of any problems the import may be cancelled for up to 48 hours after the action has been completed.

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The most important features of the Teamgate Sales CRM over other CRM software programmes are as follows:

  • Ease of set up
  • Easily customisable
  • Easy to navigate
  • Intuitive
  • Easy data import/export
  • Allows you to create a pipeline(s) according to your sales process
  • Attractive, easy to understand interface
  • Activity planning and follow up


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Change is always difficult, so, it’s vital to get that change right first time. When choosing the correct CRM software programme there are several factors you will need to consider, but the most important one is how your sales team will react to such change. Will they be ready, and willing to onboard the new technology or will their resistance be a factor in your decision? The easiest way to win your team over is by choosing the right CRM, and Teamgate is just that CRM for you.

Firstly, Teamgate is super easy to set up and get started; and with the best customer support team out there Teamgate will be with you every step of the journey. Once you’ve set up your new CRM and commence importing data you’ll immediately realise that you’ve made the right decision. With its fully customisable interface your team will source, collect, store and share data easily and intuitively, and watch your sales grow. The Teamgate Sales CRM is fully mobile – on both iOS and Android – and can go where your sales team go. Every lead or deal allows your sales team to collaborate and share data; such as notes, files, communication history, geographic location, and other vital nuggets of information to progress every deal through your sales pipeline.

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Nobody wants to work with software that’s difficult to get to grips with, especially the members of a busy sales team. The Teamgate Sales CRM software is designed intuitively to ensure that the user interface experience is seamless, simple, and rewards the user with time-saving solutions. That intuition in design allows the user to move from one file section to the next in logical, and ordered steps, without the guesswork. It’s almost as if Teamgate can read your mind and what you need to do next throughout your whole sales process.

In addition to its ease of navigation and intuitive interface, the Teamgate Sales CRM takes all the valuable information you’ve input, analyses it, and reports back on the health of your sales pipeline, the steps which need to be taken, and forecasts for the future.


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Exceptional Customer Support Award (2015) – Teamgate were honoured to receive this award ‘for offering an exceptionally high quality level of customer support’., the hosts of this significant award, also noted; ‘This award was granted to Teamgate for offering exceptionally high quality level of customer support. We evaluated the quality of feedback and response time we would get by sending queries to the vendor. Vendor support was found to be very responsive–we got a reply on the same day–with concise and clear explanations on how we could solve our problem. Likewise, vendor support was proactive in giving us a complete product tutorial in case we encounter other problems. Current Teamgate users are expressing their positive experience with the software across various B2B review platforms and social media. We believe future customers of Teamgate will also get the same quality support; thus, we decided to grant the Best Customer Support award to Teamgate.’

In addition to exceptional customer support, the well-known software marketplace, – which helps businesses to find and connect with the best software worldwide – declared that Teamgate has earned the NUMBER 1 spot in the ‘Top 20 Most User-Friendly CRM Software report’ (2017).

The industry‘s  preeminent business app discovery platform ranked Teamgate as the No.4 best CRM in the marketplace in their Q.4 2017 rankings, noting; ‘Teamgate received strong scores of 19 for its security features, 16 for its media presence, and a 14 for its user reviews [which] contributed to its overall score of 77, solidifying Teamgate’s spot as one of the leading CRM solutions in the cloud.

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