Lead Scoring

Teamgate facilitates lead prioritisation by allowing you to score your leads.
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Lead Scoring

Easy Lead Prioritization

Instead of pursuing every lead which you may have, you can now rank these leads according to their value to your business. A lead scoring solution offers exactly the analysis you need and can help you focus on the leads which matter most.

Lead Scoring Criteria


Using Teamgate lead scoring solution is simple. It’s up to you to decide which criteria and values to use for prioritizing your leads.

Lead Score


Decide on the scoring strategy yourself. Lead scores are displayed in the list of leads and allows you to track how they change when new information is received.

Lead Scoring Gradies


Use the slider to rank a lead’s ‘worth’. Decide what score will indicate “hot”, “warm” or “cold” leads.

Lead Scoring Sorting and Filters

Sorting and Filters

Improve your predictions and productivity by using ‘sort’ and ‘filter’ functions. You can prioritise and filter the hottest leads enabling you to be more productive and straight to the leads that matter most!

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