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SmartDialer Teamgate

SmartDialer™ enables you to make calls directly from Teamgate. No more messing around with external programs or VoIP phones. Drive your call-making throughput through the roof with this fantastic native feature. Our SmartDialer™ ensures that you will get a great calling experience. Spend less time dialing phone numbers & looking names, and more time closing deals with SmartDialer™.

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How it can help you sell more


Incoming and outgoing calls

Make and receive calls directly through Teamgate’s CRM without any efforts. SmartDialer enables you to take local or nationwide long-distance calls only in few clicks. Experience a good quality calling without any extra service providers.


SmartDialer allows to record and playback your calls in a reliable, simple and secure way. It is an effective way to improve employee performance and productivity, while monitoring real conversations. Hearing hands-on how sales and support teams relate to leads, deals or clients is a priceless resource for evaluation, coaching and improvement.


Forget any unpleasant experience while communicating. SmartDialers interactive routing will do the job – every inbound call will be assigned and rerouted to the owner of the contact. Making conversations will be always full of grace. Every missed call will be shown in your history, enabling you to call back right away or leave any message or comment.

Calling Scripts

Make a short and focused pitch while making cold calls. Make a script for outbound calls and keep on-point. Deliver your message quickly and ask your prospect key questions. By grabbing your contact’s attention with prepared questions you will be sure to have more valuable conversations and increase in your pipeline.


Your sales team deserves more than just a platform. They deserve a complete sales stack.


Convinced yet?


Hi, I am Amber, Sales Manager here at Teamgate. I am responsible for ensuring that you drive maximum value from our tool. I would like to learn more about your main goals for using the CRM solution and to tell you how other companies are using our CRM. Please fill in the form and I will get back to you ASAP.

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