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Time management

Plan your time, take actions and win. Time management has never been so painless. Create activities, assign meetings and get straight to selling. The functionality of this feature concentrates on supporting your sales process. Whether it is planning a follow-up call or reminder, congratulating your best customer on his or her birthday, it is one the space that fits all your needs.

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Activity feed

All events or activities created will be displayed in an activity feed section on the Dashboard. It will allow an entire team to oversee what co-workers are presently engaged in, along with their future schedules and targets.

Calendar management

Using the Teamgate calendar feature you can create appointments or activities directly. Using a series of handy and time-saving dropdowns you can assign any desired activities, plans, meetings etc. to a specified date, time, company or deal.

Calendar Management in Organizer

calendar- google-two-way-sync-teamgate

Events sync

Are you using a calendar outside of Teamgate? No worries; you can still sync it with the Teamgate calendar using a CalDav protocol, or Google Calendar. Scheduled Activities and events will be synchronized and displayed in both calendars. And, as a convenient bonus, you may also view it on your smartphone.

To-Do list

Events, activities and reminders created in the calendar, will be seen in the ‘to-do’ section. You can filter-out events and activities depending on their type, importance and on your availability. All events in the ‘to-do’ list are divided into three categories; due today, overdue, and due this week.

Time Management Activity Performance

Performance management

All events and activities created in the calendar may be taken into account when tracking and assessing your performance towards set goals. Goal achievement and overall performance may then be evaluated in the dashboard or insights functions.


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