Sales Pipeline Movement

Knowing the health and situation of your sales movement is vital to your business. With Teamgate sales CRM you can take a detailed and close-up view of your sales pipeline, over any time range, targeting sales success and bottlenecks. Your sales pipeline tracker is invaluable for analysis of both present and future sales situations.

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Insights Sales Pipeline Movement

How do deals move in your pipeline

The real bottleneck is hidden behind your classic Sales Pipeline view

With a classic sales pipeline, Teamgate Sales CRM allows you to track sales movement, identify past opportunities movement between the stages, and measure the conversion to win ratio. Examining pipeline movement can reveal which stages are qualifying most and which opportunities are loitering in stages. Identifying the stages which need improvement, Teamgate Sales CRM can deliver valuable reports which interpret your pipeline movement in real time.

A completely different angle to track your sales opportunities

The sales pipeline movement report is designed to show each opportunity’s movement by time range. It is an easily produced, informative and comprehensive view of your sales cycle steps over a given period of time. With a unique sales pipeline management feature, – the most valued customers report – you can identify and solve poorly followed-up opportunities, delayed evaluation, or pending deals. With this report – a sales pipeline tracker which gives you the full picture – you can see:

  • Two different movement views: leads and opportunities
  • Opportunity’s time frame in a particular stage, and full sales cycle
  • Time bottlenecks and how they are changing in a real-time
  • Pending opportunities to be closed – pipeline movement
  • Who is the fastest closer in your sales team

What is the movement in your sales cycle

Sales Pipeline Movement Color Indicators

Color indicators

Your Sales CRM collects data so you can optimise your sales cycle in order to improve them. Teamgate Sales CRM software makes it easy to create indicators which allow you to react and make quick sales pipeline management decisions. It shows a clear, easy to understand visualisation of your leads and opportunities sales movement status.

Age tracking

Time is a strategically important indicator of your sales cycle. To shorten your sales cycle it’s important to see, understand and react fast to issues regarding time in your sales pipeline. With Teamgate sales CRM you can see each opportunity’s stage, plus the sales cycle’s age in your sales pipeline, and all in real-time.

Lead Age Tracking

Time Journey

Time journey

Nobody likes compiling manual reports. When you use the Teamgate Sales CRM all of your sales activity is automatically tracked and analysed. An easy-to-understand dashboard interface shows you who, what, and when status change, and exactly how long it takes to close a deal. This allows you to figure out the answer to the question you should care about most – what can you do at any particular stage of the sales process to improve it?

Personal improvement

Make sure you allow your sales reps to understand how to become a sales leader in your team. Identify the fast-runner in your sales team and use them as an example to analyse. It can be filtered by time, multiple sales pipelines, user or team, and offers great insights and motivation to colleagues.

Personal Improvement

How it can help you sell more:

  • Multiple customised sales pipelines built the way your prospects buy
  • Color indicators that alert you to deals which need your attention
  • Avoid slow-moving pending deals and focus on the right ones
  • Improve your actions on the bottlenecks in your sales pipeline
  • Ask for a personal free demo on how to shorten your sales cycle in just a few weeks

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