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Interactive Graphic Shows the Best Days of the Week for International Customer Sign-ups

Knowing the best day of the week to reach your customers can be tricky to figure out. Here’s what we found out about user sign-ups in 2015. Hopefully you can use this data to help engage your online market, and increase team sales, no matter where in the world you are.

The general data shows that monday has much higher sign-up rates than any other day of the week. Thursday has the next best engagement rate, but with nearly half as many users. According to our data, you may want to focus your sales efforts to the beginning and middle of the week to see the most conversions. Try it out and let us know if you notice big changes.

See Data from Teamgate CRM Users in 70 Countries Around the World


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sample-data-by-the-countries (1)

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Chris Gulbinovic

Chris is a marketer and a growth hacker here at Teamgate. He writes everything about sales management, online marketing, awards and the best new features coming out.

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