A vibrant illustration of a target with an arrow hitting the bullseye, with a sales graph ascending skyward in the background.

In the Spotlight: 100 Outstanding Sales Leaders to Watch

After reading this article, you can expect to learn about 100 top business, sales, and marketing leaders who are experts in the field of sales leadership. These thought leaders provide valuable insights and inspiration to help you enhance your understanding of sales leadership and gain a broader perspective on the subject.

Key Takeaways:

  • Surrounding yourself with thought leaders in sales and marketing can provide fresh inspiration and valuable insights.
  • Learning from the experiences and expertise of successful sales leaders can help you enhance your own sales leadership skills.
  • Following the advice and guidance of industry experts can help you gain a deeper understanding of the sales leadership process and improve your performance in the field.

How do you see the process of good sales leadership? Some people have a better view than others.

As a kid, I would regularly venture to the end of my garden and peer over the top of the surrounding wall while standing on an old wooden fruit box. That simple fruit box gave me a small but significant boost of height, offering me views outside of my own realm and helping me to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the world in which I, as a small boy, lived.

As we grow into the people whom we eventually become our lives are full of those fruit boxes; they come in the guise of books, libraries, and modern media which help us gain further understanding; the advice – both good and bad – of family and friends; the elation of happiness and the sharpness of pain which are the building blocks of our emotions; and from observing the deeds of others and learning from their experiences.

In the world of sales and sales leadership, sometimes we too need the assistance of a fruit box on which to stand.

Whether we’re looking for a deep breath of fresh inspiration, data-driven insights, or simply looking to discover the best resources, it’s always good to surround yourself with thought leaders – the fruit boxes on which you may stand to see further.

As Sir Isaac Newton so wisely expounded, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.

For that reason, I’ve curated a list of 100 of the top business, sales and marketing leaders, and masters in the process of sales leadership presented here in no particular order for you to follow and to help you see further, beyond the garden wall. From time to time we all may need a little help when it comes to viewing the role of great sales leaders and the process of great sales leadership; it’s time to step up and learn from the experts.

Enjoy the view!


Neil Patel

1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. In his spare time he shares his expertise with companies like Amazon, NBC, HP, General Motors and Viacom and writes amazing online sales and marketing pieces.

Website: neilpatel.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Joe Pulizzi

2. Joe Pulizzi

Content Marketing Institute and wrote five great books, including Epic Content Marketing.

Website: joepulizzi.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Grant Cardone

3. Grant Cardone

A self-made millionaire, sales trainer, speaker and entrepreneur, best known as a New York Times bestselling author for his booksThe 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last, Grant Cardone is also the host of The Cardone Zone podcast and founder of The Cardone Group.

Website: grantcardone.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jay Baer

4. Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a digital expert, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Convince & Convert. During more than 25 years in the business,
he assisted more than 700 brands with insights and helped them to upgrade their marketing and customer services.

Website: jaybaer.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Gary Vaynerchuk

5. Gary Vaynerchuk

No matter which social network you prefer, GaryVee will reach you there. Founder of VaynerMedia, NY
Times bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker is taking the internet by storm and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

Website: garyvaynerchuk.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Anthony Iannarino

6. Anthony Iannarino

Know as one of the smartest guys in sales, Anthony Iannarino is the guy behind The Sales Blog and such books as The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing.

Website: thesalesblog.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Tim Ferriss

7. Tim Ferriss

A revolutionary thinker and self-proclaimed “human guinea pig” is known for his hit book The 4-Hour Work Week, other 4-hour series books and
podcast The Tim Ferriss Show.

Website: tim.blog
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Joanna Wiebe

8. Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe is a much-respected marketer, conversion copywriter and the founder of Copy Hackers and Airstory.
She has worked with Buffer, Tesco, Crazy Egg, Shopify and many other top brands.

Website: copyhackers.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Nir Eyal

9. Nir Eyal

Author of Wall Street Journal Bestseller Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products, Nir is also a keynote speaker, investor, behavioral scientist and product design consultant for some of the iconic world brands.

Website: copyhackers.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Marc Benioff

10. Marc Benioff

CEO of Salesforce, cloud computing pioneer and American internet entrepreneur. He is also one of the most important and recognizable faces in sales industry.

Website: –
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Matt Barby

11. Matt Barby

One of the best SEO writers on the web. Matt is a real growth-hacking machine and a director of acquisition at HubSpot. In his spare time, he writes a fantastic personal blog that aims to help you land more customers.

Website: MatthewBarby.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Brian Dean

12. Brian Dean

Brian Dean is an acknowledged link building, SEO and content marketing specialist with one of the finest SEO blogs online – Backlinko, which is full of smart tactics and invaluable insights.

Website: backlinko.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Michael Hyatt

13. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a top-notch blogger, leadership mentor for marketers and entrepreneurs, speaker and author of NY Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestseller book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

Website: michaelhyatt.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Francesca Nicasio

14. Francesca Nicasio

Francesca is one of the most intelligent and well-researched e-commerce writers at Vend blog, where she shares her online retailing secrets.
She is also a founder and owner of Credible Copywriting and Beafreelanceer.com.

Website: francescanicasio.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jeb Blount

15. Jeb Blount

Nicknamed as “the hardest working man in sales”, Jeb Blount is an author of 6 popular sales books and CEO of Sales Gravy – one of the leading sales acceleration and customer experience enablement companies.

Website: jebblount.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Aaron Ross

16. Aaron Ross

Father of 11 and author of bestselling books Predictable Revenue
and From Impossible to Inevitable, Ross
is an expert on how to achieve predictable and scalable sales income.

Website: predictablerevenue.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Larry Kim

17. Larry Kim

Founder of Wordstream and currently a CEO of MobileMonkey, Larry Kim is an internet marketing guru specializing in PPC, Facebook advertising and entrepreneurship inspiration.

Website: medium.com/@larrykim
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Rand Fishkin

18. Rand Fishkin

Also known as “the wizard of Moz”, its former CEO and co-founder. Rand has also co-founded Inbound.org. Today, Rand remains one of the online marketing stars with a particular interest in startups and SEO.

Website: moz.com/rand/
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Derek Halpern

19. Derek Halpern

The founder of Social Triggers, Derek is a marketer and entrepreneur who reaches millions of online sellers and is an expert at getting traffic and sales for startups by using human psychology.

Website: derekhalpern.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Brian Halligan

20. Brian Halligan

CEO and founder of HubSpot, Brian Halligan lives and breathes inbound marketing, lectures at MIT and is passionate about scaling up startups.

Website: blog.hubspot.com/marketing/author/brian-halligan
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Mike Weinberg

21. Mike Weinberg

Mike is the author of New Sales Simplified, founder and CEO of The New Sales Coach – a consultancy group advising senior executives and coaching sales managers, teams and individual hunters.

Website: newsalescoach.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Koka Sexton

22. Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton is a founder of Social Selling Labs, former head of social media at LinkedIn, startup mentor and social strategies master at Hootsuite. He surely knows his way around social media, so if you’re looking for solid advice on how to generate leads using social networks, Koka is the guy to follow.

Website: kokasexton.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jill Konrath

23. Jill Konrath

Jill is a bestseller author of four sales books, keynote speaker and thought leader. She always looks for new sales strategies and her expertise is widely recognized in such publications as Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, ABC News, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc and many other prominent media outlets.

Website: jillkonrath.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Talia Wolf

24. Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf specializes in consumer psychology, experience design and conversion rate optimization (CRO). As a founder and keynote speaker for Getuplift, she regularly shares great tools and practical advice that every e-commerce marketer will appreciate.

Website: getuplift.co
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Joel Comm

25. Joel Comm

Bestselling author and entrepreneur Joel Comm has written 14 business books and currently specializes in live video marketing.
Having spent more than 20 years in online business, former radio DJ Joel is also the CEO of InfoMedia and leads The Bad Crypto Podcast.

Website: joelcomm.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Ann Handley

26. Ann Handley

Quality over quantity. As a head of content at MarketingProfs, author of Everybody Writes and
Content Rules, Ann is a top-tier content marketer who wages war on mediocrity in content marketing.

Website: annhandley.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Mark Hunter

27. Mark Hunter

The Sales Hunter Mark is the author of High-Profit Selling and High-Profit Prospecting.
He is one of the leading and most followed speakers in the sales space.

Website: thesaleshunter.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Amy Porterfield

28. Amy Porterfield

Fast Company, Forbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur and MSNBC are just a few publications that recognize the value Amy’s data-driven marketing wisdom.
Other than that, she spreads expertise in online course creation, building highly engaged email lists and coming up with innovative sales strategies.

Website: www.amyporterfield.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Kunle Campbell

29. Kunle Campbell

If there are genuine retail strategy experts, Kunle is definitely one of them. He explores e-commerce issues in his podcast and
actively shares interesting ideas on how to create customer experiences that attract, convert and retain clients.

Website: 2xecommerce.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jayson DeMers

30. Jayson DeMers

DeMers is the CEO of AudienceBloom, link-building, content marketing and SEO company and is an acknowledged marketing strategist who shares his tips with Forbes, Inc,
Huffington Post, Business Insider, Search Engine Land and other major news outlets.

Website: audiencebloom.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Michael Stelzner

31. Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner is the man behind Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing World, host of the
Social Media Marketing podcast and author of books
Launch and Writing White Papers.

Website: socialmediaexaminer.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jim Keenan

32. Jim Keenan

Jim Keenan is an award winning blogger, author of the book Not Taught and CEO of A Sales Guy. Energetic, entertaining and practical, he is amongst the best sales influencers and trainers to follow.

Website: asalesguy.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

 John Lee Dumas

33. John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas is American entrepreneur and podcaster. Known for his leading podcast on iTunes – Entrepreneurs on Fire,
he sources daily interviews with people like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin or Brian Tracy. He also likes life coaching and helps people to form and achieve SMART
goals and master productivity, discipline and focus with The Mastery Journal.

Website: asalesguy.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Shanelle Mullin

34. Shanelle Mullin

Shanelle Mullin is a real gem on this list and is responsible for content and growth at Shopify. Previously she wrote for
Conversion XL blog and crafted some of the best CRO and growth articles there.
Keep an eye on her social media posts as they are always well-researched and informative.

Website: shopify.ca/Shanelle+Mullin
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jill Rowley

35. Jill Rowley

After having spent over 20 years in Silicon Valley, Jill Rowley is an admired advisor and one of the greatest speakers in social selling space. Her core competencies include social selling, digital sales transformation, marketing and sales alignment and sales enablement.

Website: –
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Craig Campbell

36. Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a real deal and has been involved in digital marketing long enough to be able to distinguish between what works and what doesn’t. His consultancy company also offers a broad array of marketing services, such as PPC advertising, email marketing and others.

Website: craigcampbellseo.co.uk
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Daniel Wallock

37. Daniel Wallock

Recognized as a must watch marketer in 2017 by Forbes, Inc and Huffington Post, 21-year-old Daniel Wallock already has an impressive resume. He was the guy behind viral crowdfunding campaigns of Perseus Mirrors and OneX and worked with BMW I Ventures, The American Heart Association and Amazon Studios.

Website: danielwallock.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Lori Richardson

38. Lori Richardson

Lori specializes in helping women achieve better goals in sales and is the president of Women Sales Pros.
Over the years in business, she became a real pro of B2B sales, sales pipeline building and one of the top sales training influencers.

Website: scoremoresales.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Carolyn Hyams

39. Carolyn Hyams

Marketing director for Aquent, Firebrand Talent and Vitamin T, Carolyn’s is a passionate digital marketer and influencer and it reflects in her social feeds.

Website: firebrandtalent.com/author/carolyn-hyams
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jeff Bullas

40. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas blog has over 5 million annual readers for a reason. He is a globally acknowledged CMO, digital entrepreneur, marketing blogger,
digital strategist and author of several books. His topics are innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, digital marketing, content and marketing automation.

Website: firebrandtalent.com/author/carolyn-hyams
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Lee Bartlett

41. Lee Bartlett

Author of the favorite sales book The No.1 Best Seller, tech entrepreneur and sales leader.
Lee Bartlett is a sought-after consultant with lots of practical experience and useful advice. His unique niche is launching new technologies in Europe.

Website: leebartlettbestseller.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Lee Bartlett

42. Ryan Holmes

A serial entrepreneur and CEO of Hootsuite has a high drive for innovation and VR technologies.
Not so long ago he also released his guide to social media for leaders – The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet.

Website: medium.com/@invoker
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Lincoln Murphy

43. Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy is a synonym for customer success driven growth. His broad expertise helps companies to deal with customers,
generate leads and deliver impactful content marketing campaigns. If you need an expert to improve your business-customer relationship, he is the one.

Website: lincolnmurphy.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Dave Chaffey

44. Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey is a seasoned e-commerce marketing expert and is eager to share his expertise on social media. By the way, he is a co-founder and CEO of Smart Insights.

Website: davechaffey.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Ashley Friedlein

45. Ashley Friedlein

Ashley is the founder of Econsultancy, chairman of a real-time data delivery platform Ably,
author, keynote speaker and blogger on digital, marketing and e-commerce.

Website: econsultancy.com/blog/authors/ashley-friedlein
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Max Altschuler

46. Max Altschuler

Max is the sales hacker who helps B2B tech startups to build high-velocity sales machines. He is also a founder and CEO of SUTRA
and mentor at GrowthX. He wrote a book Hacking Sales,
so if you’re into entrepreneurship and growth hacking, Max is your kind of inspirer.

Website: saleshacker.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Shama Hyder

47. Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder is a digital marketing expert and leads the global PR and online marketing community Marketing Zen.
She is also an acclaimed Zen Master of Marketing and her bestselling digital marketing books Momentum
and The Zen of Social Media Marketing serve to prove it.

Website: shamahyder.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Heidi Cohen

48. Heidi Cohen

Heidi is an integrated marketing expert and author of Actionable Marketing Guide which teaches how to achieve best results in content and mobile marketing, branding, blogging and social media. Follow her for more comprehensive insights on these and similar marketing topics.

Website: heidicohen.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Mari Smith

49. Mari Smith

If you’re into Facebook marketing, the Queen of Facebook
aka Mari Smith is your best resource. She helps small businesses get the most value from their social campaigns and has written many Facebook and
social media marketing books.

Website: marismith.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Deb Calvert

50. Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert is all about sales effectiveness. Other than that, she is about to release her next book
Stop Selling and Start Leading and is an extraordinary sales trainer.
As you might have guessed, her approach to success is people first.

Website: peoplefirstps.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Chris Brogan

51. Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is beloved for his books on entrepreneurship, social media and trust building.
As the CEO of Owner Media Group, he is also a well-respected business relationships consultant.
He gives speeches at Microsoft, Google, Disney, IBM and other companies dealing with top talent. Sign up for his newsletter
to receive some of his best insights.

Website: chrisbrogan.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Brian Solis

52. Brian Solis

Author of numerous bestsellers, digital analyst, futurist, entrepreneur and anthropologist…
The list could go on and on, but his main research focuses on digital transformation,
customer experience and culture 2.0, the future of industries, trends and behavior.

Website: briansolis.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jonathan Farrington

53. Jonathan Farrington

Sales superstar Jonathan Farrington is the CEO of Top Sales World and editor of
Top Sales Magazine. Like all people with his level of knowledge,
he writes books, delivers keynote speeches, but he is also an admired sales futurist and customer experience evangelist.

Website: topsalesworld.com
Follow on: LinkedIn.

Trish Bertuzzi

54. Trish Bertuzzi

Ever read The Sales Development Playbook by Trish? If you haven’t, then it should be on your reading list.
Her core qualification is in sales and sales development, but she is also a fan of social prospecting using
latest mobile and web developments. Besides that, she is a president and chief strategist at The Bridge Group.

Website: bridgegroupinc.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Julie Joyce

55. Julie Joyce

If you’re into link building, you must follow Julie Joyce. She runs
Link Fish Media, founded SEO chicks and also shares her professional secrets at
Search Engine Land.

Website: linkfishmedia.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Mark Roberge

56. Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge is a former CRO at HubSpot, author of The Sales Acceleration Formula,
inbound sales, data and tech specialist. On top of that, he also teaches some of the best world students as a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

Website: –
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Pam Moore

57. Pam Moore

Pam has presented at companies like IBM, HubSpot, Adobe and many others, but that’s some of her less impressive achievements
because she also is the CEO and founder of Marketing Nutz and her
Social Zoom Factor podcast easily hits 100.000 downloads on a monthly basis.

Website: pammarketingnut.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jeffrey Gitomer

58. Jeffrey Gitomer

The author of The Sales Bible himself,
Jeffrey goes by the nickname “The King of Sales”. Likewise, he is a blogger,
social media expert, podcaster, international sales trainer and keynote speaker who submits some of the best blog content on the web.

Website: gitomer.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Tamara Schenk

59. Tamara Schenk

Tamara is all about sales enablement in B2B sales. Productivity, complex sales, customer-core strategies, conscious collaboration,
sales management and leadership are also her topics and as a research director of CSO Insights, she rewards her social
followers with a lot of credible insights.

Website: tamaraschenk.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Scott Brinker

60. Scott Brinker

Scott is a digital marketing expert who blogs about technology-driven marketing changes, industry evolution, agile marketing and other exciting areas.
Scott is the platform ecosystem VP at Hubspot and also leads MarTech conference?

Website: chiefmartec.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Art Sobczak

61. Art Sobczak

Art Sobczak is a cold calling expert and teaches B2B inside sales teams the fine art of effective calls.
He even wrote several books about it, including Smart Calling
and shares many free tips and videos with his audiences.

Website: businessbyphone.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Angie Schottmuller

62. Angie Schottmuller

Another well-known growth marketer and keynote speaker who helps organizations increase their ROI with conversion optimization, SEO and mobile marketing.
She also made her name by writing for such publications as Moz and Unbounce.

Website: –
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Tobias Lütke

63. Tobias Lütke

This list wouldn’t be complete without the CEO and founder of Shopify. Despite incredible success, Tobi still shares interesting insights on entrepreneurship
and e-commerce and is in charge of premier retail marketing resource – Shopify blog.

Website: shopify.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Jack Kosakowski

64. Jack Kosakowski

Current CEO of Creation Agency, Jack Kosakowski is a lifelong learner and a social selling expert.
His blog and podcast will be handy for everyone interested in CRM, marketing automation, SMM, lead scoring and generation and social media strategy.

Website: jackkosakowski.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Alexandra Tachalova

65. Alexandra Tachalova

If you’re a regular reader of Moz, Search Engine Journal or Entrepreneur you probably stumbled into one or two of her writings.
Alexandra is a digital marketing expert with lots of experience in link building, competitor analysis, marketing automation and best
lead generation practices. These days, she is a founder of Digital Olympus and is obsessed with content marketing.

Website: alextachalova.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Cyrus Shepard

66. Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard is all about SEO, online marketing and digital publishing. His background includes working as a head of SEO and Content for Moz. Now he runs his own digital media company Fazillion and consults the best companies in the world.

Website: cyrusshepard.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Tucker Schreiber

67. Tucker Schreiber

Tucker is still young, however, that didn’t stop him from founding four successful e-commerce companies. Former product manager at Shopify now does the same for
Wealthsimple and wrote some of the best content for the online retail industry.

Website: shopify.com/blog
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Kim Garst

68. Kim Garst

Kim Garst is a social selling specialist with prolific knowledge of live streaming, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
As a founder of CEO of Boom! Social, she also teaches sales managers, brands and entrepreneurs and wrote several handy
online marketing books.

Website: kimgarst.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Matt Heinz

69. Matt Heinz

Award-winning blogger Matt Heinz is a pipeline management, B2B demand generation, sales enablement and content strategy expert.
Part of his experience is packaged in his Successful Selling books
and the show Sales Pipeline Radio.

Website: heinzmarketing.com/blog/
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Richard Lazazzera

70. Richard Lazazzera

A Better Lemonade Stand is one of the most helpful e-commerce education platforms and Richard Lazazzera is its creator.
It reaches more than 150.000 entrepreneurs every month. Richard himself is an active online entrepreneur and likes to share great content on Twitter.

Website: abetterlemonadestand.com/blog
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Tony J. Hughes

71. Tony J. Hughes

Tony J. calls himself the most read B2B seller on LinkedIn and for all the right reasons – just check out his
article collection. On top of writing on LinkedIn,
Tony also writes outstanding sales books, such as The Joshua Principle.

Website: abetterlemonadestand.com/blog
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Scott Galloway

72. Scott Galloway

Scott Galloway is a professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and founder of the top digital research agency
L2. He’s also an active member of online communities and is
known for his latest work The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.

Website: l2inc.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Avinash Kaushik

73. Avinash Kaushik

Avinash wrote two best books on web analytics and currently works as a digital marketing evangelist at Google.
Also, he is the founder of Market Motive and is one of the most respected marketing gurus on the internet.

Website: kaushik.net
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Kath Pay

74. Kath Pay

Email marketing is Kath’s bread and butter. She is a founder of Holistic Email Marketing and advocates for treating email inboxes with care and love.
Besides that, she also teaches email marketing at Econsultancy, so tune in into Kath’s social media feeds to see more groundbreaking email insights.

Website: holisticemailmarketing.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Aleyda Solis

75. Aleyda Solis

Aleyda is a terrific entrepreneur with several companies on her profile, but an SEO expert first. In fact, she’s one of the best SEO experts there is.
She also blogs a lot and you can occasionally read her publications on Search Engine Land, State of Digital and Moz. During her career,
she has worked with multiple international Fortune 500 companies, unicorn startups and currently does so via her firm Orainti.

Website: aleydasolis.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Tibor Shanto

76. Tibor Shanto

“Success in sales is all about execution – everything else is just talk” is Tibor’s mantra. Chief sales officer at Renbor Sales Solutions and strategic advisor for Charlie app,
he is a 25-year veteran of B2B sales. He teaches how to shorten sales cycles, increase close ratios and find the right mix of sales tools, strategy and metrics to finetune
the tactical sales process execution.

Website: sellbetter.ca
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Dan Barker

77. Dan Barker

Freelance retail strategist Dan Barker is also a qualified CRO, email marketer, PPC, SEO and analytics professional and works with the most prominent e-commerce brands. The best part is that he is keen on sharing his insights with his followers.

Website: barker.co.uk
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Zaid Ammari

78. Zaid Ammari

Zaid is the CEO of PPC Masterminds, the number one PCC management company and a data-driven marketing guru and is known for his
ability to double client’s revenue in 3 months. He also runs popular free monthly webinars where anyone who wants to deepen their
digital marketing knowledge is welcome to join.

Website: zaidammari.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Ann Smarty

79. Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is the founder and owner of MyBlogU, ViralContentBee,
MyBlogGuest and SEOsmarty communities and also is a brand manager of
Internet Marketing Ninjas.
Be sure to follow her for keyword research, online reputation management, marketing and link building tips.

Website: seosmarty.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Murray Newlands

80. Murray Newlands

A serial entrepreneur, author, advisor and motivator Murray Newlands is also a certified lawyer and advises entrepreneurs on everything from funding to growth hacking.

Website: murraynewlands.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Glen Gilmore

81. Glen Gilmore

Attorney Glen Gilmore has written Social Media Law for Business
and is a renown thought leader in AI, Augmented Reality, IoT, content marketing and travel. His areas of expertise also include social media law, crisis communication and brand management.

Website: glengilmore.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Elinor Stutz

82. Elinor Stutz

Elinor defied the old cliche “women can’t sell” many times over. Author of Nice Girls DO Get The Sale and
she is a world-class influencer and runs one of the best sales blogs Smooth Sale.

Website: smoothsale.net
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

William Harris

83. William Harris

William Harris is the founder of Elumynt consultancy, growth strategist at Sellbrite and Dollar Hobbyz.
He helps e-commerce businesses to grow their revenue with targeted and low-cost tactics. If you follow him, you will receive a steady dose of SEO, lead generation and CRO expertise.

Website: sellbrite.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Andrew Chen

84. Andrew Chen

Andrew is responsible for growth at Uber. In his free time, he writes about tech, mobile marketing, growth and data and consults various startups such as Dropbox and

Website: andrewchen.co
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Kotton Grammer

85. Kotton Grammer

Founder of Kotton Grammer Media and OMGmachines, marketer and entrepreneur
Kotton Grammer leads an eight-figure business and has earned a title of renowned SEO mastermind at publications like Forbes and Inc.

Website: kottongrammer.expert
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Linda Bustos

86. Linda Bustos

Linda Bustos is an e-commerce specialist. She works at her own agency Edgacent and recently
launched a new blog Ecommerce Illustrated. Linda is known for being active on social media and sharing incredibly useful
ecommerce marketing and online customer experience design information.

Website: ecommerceillustrated.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Ken Krogue

87. Ken Krogue

Ken is the founder of InsideSales and one of the best inside sales evangelists there is. He shares tips, webinars, ebooks, research and best practices for remote selling,
so if you’re into interior sales, Ken is your sort of professional to follow.

Website: kenkrogue.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Sean Ellis

88. Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis coined the phrase “growth hacking” when he used it to cultivate Dropbox, Eventbrite,
LogMeIn and Lookout. Big names aside, he is a founder of
GrowthHackers – the leading growth hackers community and author of the book
Hacking Growth.

Website: growthhackers.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Tom Hopkins

89. Tom Hopkins

An acknowledged expert in the field of sales training since 1974, Tom Hopkins wrote 18 sales books, including

How To Master The Art of Selling and time-proven sales trainer and speaker.

Website: tomhopkins.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Joanne Black

90. Joanne Black

Joanne Black is known as America’s top referral selling expert and a real advocate of her trade.
She wrote No More Cold Calling and keeps on writing great articles and handy sales tips.

Website: nomorecoldcalling.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Ramit Sethi

91. Ramit Sethi

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is Ramit’s signature piece and his blog attracts more than 1 million monthly readers. Ramit’s areas of expertise range from psychology,
online education and marketing to pricing and premium content and make him one of the most influential voices in business.

Website: iwillteachyoutoberich.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Bill Slawski

92. Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski has been working with an extensive list of top-tier companies. He is a professional in content creation, SEO analytics, e-commerce, blogging,
social media and many more areas. At the moment he works as president at SEO by the Sea and conducts SEO research for
Go Fish Digital.

Website: seobythesea.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Andy Paul

93. Andy Paul

Founder of Zero-Time Selling and the host of
Accelerate sales podcast
, Andy Paul is the first-rate advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs.
He is also the author of two bestseller books,
Arm Up Your Sales and
Zero-Time Selling.

Website: andypaul.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Brynne Tillman

94. Brynne Tillman

Brynne Tillman is a digital selling expert and author. She wrote the book The LinkedIn Sales Playbook
and takes pride in transforming the way sales professionals leverage social selling to grow their businesses.

Website: socialsaleslink.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Sujan Patel

95. Sujan Patel

Neil Patel’s cousin Sujan is a tough nut himself. A data-driven marketer, growth hacker and entrepreneur Sujan is a co-founder of
WebProfits, Narrow and MailShake.
He is also responsible for some of the best content on Forbes, WSJ, Entrepreneur and Inc and helped to grow companies like SalesForce, Mint and Sony.

Website: socialsaleslink.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

96. Arnie Kuenn

CEO of Vertical Measures, Arnie is a skilled leader in content marketing and strategy and has written two content marketing books:
Accelerate and Content Marketing Works.
SEM, SEO and SMM come naturally to him.

Website: socialsaleslink.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Mike Kunkle

97. Mike Kunkle

He is a writer, consultant and speaker. Sales transformation, enablement and support are just a few things taken out of Mike’s wide portfolio, since he is also an expert in analytics, diagnostics, talent management, sales process, sales methodology, and technology.

Website: mikekunkle.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Peep Laja

98. Peep Laja

One of the most influential conversion rate optimization experts, Peep Laja founded
ConversionXL and CXL Institute.
Everything he does comes from data, studies and customers research. Therefore, Peep’s content is extremely interesting and useful.

Website: peeplaja.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Barbara Giamanco

99. Barbara Giamanco

Barbara is amongst the top sales leaders. A keynote speaker, social media and sales strategist, corporate podcast and webcast host, the host of the
Razor’s Edge podcast and bestselling author of
The New Handshake. Along with that, she likes to share her experience with innovative midsize and enterprise companies.

Website: barbaragiamanco.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Mark Schaefer

100. Mark Schaefer

During his 28 years in the field of global sales and marketing, Mark Shaefer became an award-winning writer,
globally recognized blogger, speaker, educator and consultant to Fortune 100 companies. Follow him for branding coaching and sales strategy insights.

Website: businessesgrow.com
Follow on: Twitter, LinkedIn.

Glad you made it to the end!

It sure was a long list, but hopefully, you discovered some new thought leaders to follow and perhaps learn the skills of sales leadership from. These 100 individuals are my top picks of living
legends who exemplify the most meaningful aspects of business, sales, and marketing leadership.

But who are your top examples? I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions in the comment section below.

FAQs: Top sales leaders

Q: What qualities make a sales leader stand out as one of the top performers?

A: Top sales leaders possess a combination of key qualities that set them apart. These include exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, strong leadership abilities, a deep understanding of sales strategies and techniques, adaptability to changing market conditions, resilience in the face of challenges, and a relentless drive to succeed.


Q: How can I learn from top sales leaders to improve my own sales performance?

A: Learning from top sales leaders can be a valuable way to enhance your own sales performance. You can follow their content through books, blogs, podcasts, and social media channels. Attend their seminars, workshops, or webinars, and study their sales methodologies and approaches. By implementing their proven strategies and incorporating their insights into your own sales approach, you can elevate your performance.


Q: Are there any specific books or resources recommended by top sales leaders?

A: Yes, many top sales leaders have authored influential books that provide valuable insights into sales strategies and leadership. Some recommended titles include “The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson, “To Sell Is Human” by Daniel H. Pink, “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy, and “Fanatical Prospecting” by Jeb Blount. These resources offer valuable knowledge and techniques to improve sales performance.


Q: How can I connect with top sales leaders in the industry?

A: Connecting with top sales leaders can be done through various avenues. You can follow them on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, engage with their content, and participate in discussions. Attending industry conferences, events, and networking opportunities can also provide opportunities to connect with and learn from these leaders. Additionally, joining professional sales associations and groups can facilitate connections with top performers in the field.


Q: What are some common traits or habits of top sales leaders?

A: Top sales leaders often exhibit certain common traits and habits that contribute to their success. These may include strong goal-setting abilities, a focus on building relationships and trust, continuous learning and self-improvement, effective time management, resilience in the face of rejection, and a customer-centric approach to sales.


Q: How can I incorporate the strategies of top sales leaders into my own sales team?

A: To incorporate the strategies of top sales leaders into your sales team, start by identifying the specific approaches or techniques that align with your team’s goals and values. Communicate and train your team on these strategies, providing relevant resources and support. Encourage open dialogue and collaboration to share best practices and learn from each other. Regularly evaluate and refine your sales processes based on the insights and results from implementing these strategies.


Q: Can I learn from top sales leaders even if I’m in a different industry?

A: Absolutely! While sales techniques may vary across industries, the principles of effective sales leadership often transcend specific sectors. The strategies, mindset, and skills shared by top sales leaders can be adapted and applied to various contexts. Look for the underlying principles and concepts that can be relevant to your industry, and tailor them to suit your specific needs and challenges.


Q: How can I stay updated on the latest insights and trends from top sales leaders?

A: To stay updated on the latest insights and trends from top sales leaders, you can follow their blogs, subscribe to their newsletters or podcasts, and engage with their social media accounts. Many sales leaders also share their expertise through webinars, online courses, and industry conferences. Actively seeking out and consuming their content will help you stay informed and continuously learn from their experiences and knowledge.


Q: Are there any mentorship or coaching programs offered by top sales leaders?

A: Yes, many top sales leaders offer mentorship or coaching programs to support aspiring sales professionals and leaders. These programs often provide personalized guidance, feedback, and strategies to help individuals enhance their sales skills and reach their goals. Research and explore the mentorship or coaching opportunities offered by specific sales leaders you admire to find a program that aligns with your needs and aspirations.


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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