Six Mistakes Copywriters Make That Kill Conversion Rates

Six Mistakes Copywriters Make That Kill Conversion Rates

If you’re finding that your website visitors aren’t converting to paying customers, it may be because of your copywriting. It’s important to have a high-quality copy in every single marketing material in a campaign, or all of your traffic and advertising won’t make up for it. The good news is that most copywriting mistakes that people make on their landing pages are quite easy to fix and avoid in the future if you know what you’re looking for. Here are the six mistakes that are probably killing your sales online, and tips to fix them. 

1. Being Too General 

One major problem is trying to appeal to everyone when you should be focusing on a specific target audience. Unless your brand is global and includes everything like Amazon, you shouldn’t be trying to appeal to everyone. It will come across as generic and boring. Instead, you should be writing as though you’re speaking only to your core customers and target clients. If you speak like them and think like them, they’ll find it easier to relate to your brand and are more likely to convert and become loyal customers. 

2. Poor Writing

It might seem obvious to write this, but it’s absolutely critical to review and edit your copy to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. There are so many brands and options out there these days and customers have their pick of which company they’ll go with. Because of that, perception and first impression matters. If your brand seems unprofessional because of its spelling mistakes, viewers will assume the rest of your company is like that – unorganized and low-quality. Take the time to review your work and if editing isn’t your strong suit then you should ask someone else to reread it. 

3. Email Pop-Up with Passive Aggressive Message

These pop-ups are the ones on a website that give you the option to sign up for a brand newsletter. The problem with these pop-ups is when the exit out button says something like “no, I’m not interested in becoming successful.” This comes off as passive-aggressive and will almost always turn off people who were on the fence in the first place. The only result of this overused tactic is that people will think you’re desperate or you have to shame users into subscribing. 

4. Too Much Text

You’ll have so much competition out there, so it’s important that you can gain people’s attention and keep it. As per Nicki Poulson, a sales manager at Boomessays and Best British Essays, “if you have only large blocks of text, your website visitors are unlikely to read what you have to say and will navigate away from the page. If you have a lot of text content, break it up into shorter portions, add infographics and images, and anything else that will make is easier for your users to read through quickly.” 

5. Not Addressing Consumer Concerns

Regardless of your product or service, customers always want to know certain things about it before they commit to something. For that reason, you should make it easy for them to get that information by giving that information out freely. This builds trust and a relationship between the company and the client. You’ll also be saving yourself time since you won’t have to individually answer all these questions. If you’re not upfront with the information they want, they might think you’re hiding something and will turn to a competitor without secrecy.

6. Not Getting to the Point

The human attention span is shorter than ever. There’s also so much content out there. These two facts mean that you must get your point across as briefly and concisely as possible. This doesn’t mean that your writing should suffer or you can’t have your brand voice. It just means that you should be getting to the point without any extra unnecessary words. Short copy is often more appealing and persuasive to people since they’ll actually be more tempted to read it. 

Regardless of your business type, it’s important to use effective copy to boost your conversions and increase sales. By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to a successful copy.

Ellie Coverdale

Ellie Coverdale is a marketing writer at Australian Help and
Paper Fellows. She enjoys sharing her marketing and copywriting tips with her audience and helping them boost their sales. She researches new trends in landing page design and copywriting that will appeal to new audiences. Ellie also teaches with Australian Reviewer.

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