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CRM Solution for Experts

It’s great that you are already familiar with Sales CRMs, because this will really help you appreciate what Teamgate has to offer. Let’s start by ticking the boxes next to what you already know about the value of CRMs:

  • Customise the way you work: Teamgate made sure your CRM can be customised to work exactly the way you want it to. Our customers from a variety of industries – marketing and advertising, SaaS, logistics, and an assortment of service businesses – love the possibility of creating custom fields which lets them add information relevant to their own particular field of business. Teamgate CRM expert is ready to be what you want it to be.
  • Lead management to boost efficiency: Capture leads smarter. Teamgate CRM specialist features let you automatically capture and import leads directly from your website to your CRM. Also, new leads can be imported directly from your social channels and contact lists in just a few clicks. If that wasn’t enough, our advanced CRM improves lead qualification by using lead scoring – prioritise your leads and focus on the ones that really matter most.
  • Teamwork means productivity: Your sales team need to know what’s going on around them. Teamgate sales CRM software improves your sales team’s collaboration by gathering all relevant information in one place. Plus, for sales managers, Teamgate CRM expert lets you track individual performance, identify bottlenecks, review sales calls, and capture best practices.
  • Tracking your whole sales process: Teamgate sales CRM is constantly collecting data gathered from your sales environment. Insights collected from this data are available when you need them. Check your deals won and lost, best performing sales reps, pipeline blockages, and so much more. Easily understandable insights and reports – from right across your whole sales process – make you a real sales CRM specialist in no time.

From great customer experience to ROI: Making your prospects and clients feel at ease is the key to great CRM. Teamgate CRM expert makes sure you know the health of your client relationship at all times. This awareness lets you act according to any situation which arises – because you’re instantly aware of each and every situation. You don’t need to hire a CRM consultancy to tell you that improved customer experience leads directly to improved ROI.

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Hi, I'm Andrew, CEO here at Teamgate. Myself and my team pride ourselves in ensuring that our customers are powered to unlock their true sales potential. Speak with our team today so that we can learn more about your business and sales goals, and how Teamgate can be effectively utilized to help you grow faster.