400 Awesome Free Resources You Can Use To Grow Your Business

Want your business to grow like a bushfire but don’t want to spend money? Your wish has been granted early this year. Here is a massive list of 400 free online tools and resources to help you become more productive, propel your design, social media and content marketing efforts to new heights and automate time-consuming tasks, so that you can direct all your attention and energy to more fruitful projects.

Website Building Tools

resources Image Source: Layers Gone are the days when building a beautiful website could cost you an arm and a leg. Use these free website building tools to get your business online at no cost except your time. Bootstrap Zero: Download hundreds of open-source and responsive templates and themes for bootstrap Bootswatch: Another free resource for bootstrap theme although limited than Bootstrap Zero HTML5 UP: Your source for free and responsive HTML5 themes, which are all fully customizable. Landing Harbor: provides a free landing page for your mobile app – a great site to promote your business Layers: WordPress theme that’s free forever. There is also a Pro version if you want to upgrade Strikingly: Free responsive and mobile-optimized websites for the Strikingly domain Templated: Free 800+ fully responsive CSS and HTML5 website templates WordPress.org/Wordpress. Com: Free website builder and hundreds of free WP themes

Logo Generator

Image Source: Logaster Want to add a little oomph to your brand? Here are 5 free logo generators that you can use to create a slick and modern logo in just a few minutes. Hipster Logo Generator: want a fresh and hip logo for your business – the name says it all Logaster: create a more professional looking logo in just a few minutes Signature Maker: create your digital signature for free. It’s based on HTML5 so it works on most modern browsers Squarespace Free Logo: free two-step logo generator from Squarespace with downloadable low and high resolution versions Withoomph: free logo generator which shows you different versions of the logo

Business Name Generator

Image Source: Hipster Business Name If you want your business idea to catch on and grow like a weed, do put a little effort into picking out a memorable business name. Sometimes the best ideas hide in plain sight, so give your imagination a tickle with these name generator tools.     Domain: quick and free domain generator Hipster Business Name: cousin of the Hipster Logo Generator – both of them are hip and very millennial Impossibility: it calls itself as the “best domain name generator ever.” Try it to find out

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Lean Domain Search: domain name generator with some advice how to get the ideal domain name for you Naminum: just type a keyword where your want to base your company name and it will give you numerous domain name suggestions Short Domain Search: search for short domain names in seconds. The site has added new tools for more refined searches. The Name App: helps you find a name for any ideas you have Wordoid: let’s you create new and catchy words for your business or for your next product. Available in English, French, Spanish, and Italian

Invoice/Legal Docs

Image Source: Wave Fancy cutting costs without losing performance? Then charge and don’t be charged with these free invoicing and legal docs resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Docracy: open collection of legal contracts and documents Free Invoice Generator: the name says it all Invoice to me: create a more itemized or detailed invoice using this invoice generator for free Invoice.to: clean and easy to use; however, it’s still experimental according to its creator Kiss: legal documents for startup investors and owners all for free Shake: create a legal agreement and sign it in a matter of minutes for free. It’s optimized for mobile so it’s easy to use. Wave: ideal for small business owners who are looking for fast and easy accounting and invoicing, and it’s for free.

Idea Management

Image Source: Germ.io Don’t let your ideas go to waste. Snap them up at their infancy, test, experiment and watch them blossom into something beautiful using these free idea management tools. Germ.io: turns your ideas into reality by tracking them and allowing you to collaborate with your team until you successfully execute them Experiment Board: allows you to test your startup idea for free in the community even before you publicly launch it Skitch: let your idea stand out with this free tool from Evernote.

Content Curation/Trending Ideas

Image Source: Buzzsumo Struggling to keep up with the speed and volume of online content? Take advantage of these free content curation tools to stay abreast with the industry’s trending stories and never miss anything important. Ruzzit: place of the most shared content on the Internet along with their popularity score and on what social media platform Buzzsumo: gives you the trending content and shows you how well it competes against another content Feedly: compiles all news feeds according to category or source. It can be customized and shared Flipboard: works similarly like Feedly. You can create your own compilation or magazine which other users can follow and share. Google Trends: displays trending searches in real time Hubspot Blog Topic Generator: looking for the next idea for your blog topic? This tool is for you for free Portent: it’s like a mentor on how to make a viral post Reddit: a forum/community where you can get real trending news from the common people every day. Swayy: gives you the latest and most interesting news on the web. However, the subscription is only free to one dashboard user. Others: Google What’s Hot | Twitter Trending | Quora   Tip: once you’re ready to scale the marketing efforts for your company, check out these online business tools that content marketing consultant, Ryan Robinson recommends for growing your traffic.                                                             

Image Editors

Image Source: Canva Push your social presence to the next level with free image editing tools that will enable you to instantly create stunning visuals and professional-looking graphics to make your stories resonate PicMonkey: edit your pictures, make beautiful collages, or create professional-looking graphics, PicMonkey has it for free Pixlr: easy to use online photo editor Canva: beautiful designs for your blog, Facebook page, or website [optin-monster-shortcode id=”cvfuxuhchvywm9wl2q6w”] Ease.ly: allows you to create stunning visuals, such as infographics, resumes, or marketing presentations. You can share your works for free as well. Meme Generator: create a meme instantly in just three easy steps. You don’t even need to upload a picture. Also available in 4 languages. Pablo: increase or make your social presence stand out with these beautiful, free images from Pablo Place It: more than 2,500 mock-ups and videos across all devices for free Recite: make any quote memorable and visually enticing with Recite. Just type your favorite quote and choose from the ready-to-use templates. After that, you can share it to any social network or email straight to anyone. Social Image Resizer Tool: resizes and change the file format of any image for web use

Image Optimizers

Image Source: InstaMockup Optimizing images no longer means losing on quality. Resize and compress your images to make them load faster and take less disk space with free image optimization tools. Compressor.io: reduce or optimize any image you have without changing the high quality of the image. Dunnnk: Dunnnk is never short of beautiful mockups for Android and iOS devices, all of which have high quality Image Optim: compresses your images without losing the high quality so that your images can load faster. Image Optimizer: free online image optimizer, compressor, and resizer. It has now a downloadable version allowing  you to work offline, and it’s all for free. InstaMockup: a free iOS tool which allows you to create beautiful mockups and allow you to showcase your product in real environments. Available for both iPad and iPhone. TinyJPG: allows you to compress and optimize your JPEG and PNG images Smush.it: WordPress image compression and optimization tool

Blogging and Writing Tools

Image Source: Grammarly Have your inspiration fairies abandoned you lately? Feeling stuck in a rut with your writing routine? Take note of these free blogging and writing tools that will bring the joy back to you. A5.gg: a small note-taking tool which allows you to take notes using your browser. The best thing about it – it automatically saves your notes so that it is still there when you return. CoSchedule: analyzes your headlines and suggests how you can write them better in order to drive more traffic to your website Editorial Calendar: a WordPress blog management tool which allows you to see your blog posts in one place Egg Timer: a simple online timer which you can repeatedly use for free Blank Page: makes writing easy, simple, and hassle-free Free Summarizer: summarize your long sentences that still makes sense Liberio: create and publish an eBook straight from Google Docs Known: a social learning community which allows you to write and collaborate with others. You can also publish it and let the community give you feedback and advice. Perfect for authors who are just starting out. ZenPen: gets you to write without any distractions is ZenPen’s ultimate goal. That is evident in its no-frill UI Story Wars: allows you to collaborate and share stories with other writers from across the globe WP Hide Post: WordPress plugin that lets you control what appears on your blog. You can even control which part of a particular blog can be seen by the readers. Social Locker: another free WordPress plugin which asks your visitor “to pay” for the content you made through a share, a like, or a Tweet. Medium: a free blogging platform Hemingway: a writing app that automatically corrects the syntax of your sentences highlighting them with different colors so you know what specifically is wrong with it. Grammarly: an online editor that corrects your grammar and sentence cohesiveness. It now has a downloadable version.

SEO and Website Analyzers

Startup Tools SEOMator Image Source: Seomator Don’t let a poor SEO performance drag your site’s performance down the drain. Try these free SEO and website optimization tools to collect feedback, analyze and improve your SEO strategy.   Ahrefs: checks your backlinks and analyzes your website Alexa Ranking: analyzes the ranking of any site by providing you analytical insights Browseo: it gives you feedback how search engines view your site Broken Links: you don’t have to worry about 404s anymore with this tool as it finds any broken links and redirects them to the correct page Copyscape: analyzes content if it’s plagiarized or not Google Pagespeed Insights: another of Google’s useful tools which checks how your site performs Google: Analytics | Keyword Planner | Webmaster Tools | Trends                                                    GTMetrics: this is the tool if you want to know how fast your website performance is Hubspot Marketing Grader: get feedback for your marketing efforts Keywordtool.io: search for the right keywords for your content Moz Local: find your local listing on any search engine Nibbler: tests any website’s performance, popularity, and more OpenLink Profiler: analyzes and checks backlinks from any website to ensure that you get the freshest and the best ones Open Site Explorer: also a link analyzer tool Pingdom: tests how long your website loads Quick Sprout: provides a comprehensive analysis of your website SimilarWeb: analyzes and provides insights for any website or app Seomator: Seomator is the Online SEO Audit Tool and Website Crawler for Website’s SEO Health. In other words, Seomator provides In-depth Technical SEO Analysis and SEO On-Page Testing Tool for Websites Optimization. Same time, Seomator is the Sales Automation Tool that could be implemented directly on a company’s website to automate and increase sales. White-label Reports deliver directly to customers and save hours of work and life. SEO Site Checkup: checks how well your website’s SEO performs and gives you feedback so you’ll know which ones need fixing SERPs Rank Checker: checks how well your SERP ranking and SEO performs Shopify e-Commerce Report: free business tools to grow your Shopify business W3C Validator: validates the markup validity of any Web documents on any file format Woorank: screens and analyzes the SEO ranking of your website XML Sitemaps: allows you to create XML, HTM, and Text sitemaps which can be submitted to any major search engines

Send And Collect Emails

Image Source: Mailerlite Email made easy, at no additional cost. These free email tools will give you back your time and peace of mind: create, send, track and analyze your campaigns for free.   Beefree: makes writing emails much easier Canned Emails: ready-made email messages you can use Contact Form 7: a free WordPress plugin which allows you to collect your emails Hello Bar: a tool which enables you to attract more email subscribers Mailchimp: allows you to send your emails to multiple recipients with just one click. It also has a premium version which enables you to send your emails to more recipients. Mailerlite: track your emails and find out who has already read them Mailgun: allows you to send free 10K emails every month [optin-monster-shortcode id=”u0wiahzfsrgu4dsbbxsb”] Mandrill: send to 12K emails every month for free ManyContactsBar: free contact form for your website Scroll Triggered Box: free WordPress plugin that boosts your conversion rates Sendgrid: allows you to deliver your emails to 12K people every month for free Sendinblue: email management tool which allows you to send free 9K emails every month Sumome List Builder: convert your visitors into customers and subscribers Sumome Scroll Box: allows you to grow your email list in a polite way

Social Media and Community Management

Image Source: Bitly Your time can be better spent connecting with customers and building your brand than counting likes and shares. Automate your social media with these free online tools to amplify your promotional efforts and increase the engagement. Addthis: enables you to get more likes, shares, follows, and conversions App Review Monitor: get insights from the latest app reviews straight to your inbox or Slack account Bitly: shortens your links so you can share and send them much more easily Buffer Free Plan: allows you to schedule your posts to any social media network Digg Digg: a free WordPress plugin that shares your content on all platforms with just one click Disqus: build your audience by increasing your engagement and allowing discussions Click To Tweet: tool that lets you get more shares for your blog posts and content Filament: a customizable share bar Free Survey Creator: lets you create a survey and acquire feedback for free How Many Shares: monitor how many shares your content has in various social media networks Crowdfire: a simple way of growing your audience Klout: social media analytics tool which rates your social media influence Latergram:  a perfect tool for your Instagram account which helps you schedule your Instagram posts MyTweetLinks: increases your Twitter audience Presskit Generator: creates a press kit for your app for free Ritetag: Chrome and Firefox browser extension that analyzes your hashtag SharedCount: lets you track how many shares, likes, and tweets your content has SocialRank: Twitter management tool Social Analytics: a free Chrome extension which allows you to get the social data of any URL from supported social networks Sumome Share: automatically optimizes your share button to increase your website traffic WordPress Pin It Button for Images: WordPress plugin which allows you to place a “Pin It” button to your images WriteRack: the perfect tool to create a tweetstorm

A/B Testing and Growth Hacking

Image Source: Optimizely Take the guesswork out of website optimization by basing your decisions on real data rather than your own hunch. A few proven growth hacks can take your business a long way. GrowthHackers: lets you create a fast and sustainable financial and customer growth Hello Bar: lets you test your call-to-actions and keywords Petit Hacks: helps you grow your conversion rate by teaching you retention, revenue, and acquisition hacks Optimizely: helps you optimize your app or website

Customer Service and Survey

Image Source: Typeform Keep the customers happy and their feedback rolling in by using these free online tools. Batch: helps you engage with your mobile customers better Free Survey Creator: helps you create surveys and get feedback Helprace: a customer service platform which allows you to create a personalized help desk and feedback portal. The tool is free for up to 3 customer service reps Survey Any Place: allows you to create entertaining surveys and create awesome respondent experience Tally: lets you create free polls Typeform: a form and online survey builder

Guides and Courses

Image Source: Skillshare It’s never too late or too early to deepen your well of knowledge. Immerse yourself in a new learning experience for free.   Build an Online Course: teaches you how to create a free online course Coursera: free online classes from Ivy League universities and other top educational institutions Codecademy: learn how to code in a fun way Closed Club: learn from the mistakes of failed startup ventures Email Course for Sponsorship: a free course that teaches you how to get sponsorships FirstSiteGuide: teaches you how to make a successful blog or website Hackdesign: gives you a free lesson on design every week straight into your mailbox Khan Academy: free online courses on STEM and more KeepYourFriendsClose: a free e-Book that helps you retain your customers for the long term Launch This Year: helps you how to launch your online business MailCharts: a free course that teaches you how to create effective marketing campaigns Mixergy: learn the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs Primer: a free marketing lesson from Google Pricing Course: a free nine-day lesson how to price your services and your products reSRC.io: programming tutorials and resources Rocketship.fm: another program where you can learn from top entrepreneurs Skillshare: free online courses and projects Startup Notes: short but meaningful lessons from successful startups notebook-style Startup Talks: watch and listen trade secrets from successful startup entrepreneurs The Lean LaunchPad: dreaming of creating a startup venture? This is the site where you can learn how TalentBuddy: another site that offers free coding lessons

Discover Tools, Startups, and Collaborators

Image Source: Product Hunt Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, get inspired by the real-world stories, and stay in the know. Have your own piece of wisdom to share? Join a dedicated community! Angellist: invest, create, or work at a startup Assembly: collaborate and brainstorm with other people anywhere in the world Beta List: discover and connect with up and coming startups CoFounders Lab: meet and collaborate entrepreneurs near you Erli Bird: where you can find and recruit beta testers as well as collect feedback from Android and iOS users Founder2be: looking for a partner for your startup? This is the best place to start Product Hunt: find new products in the market every day StartupLi.st: the ‘Facebook’ for startups Startups List: a massive list of startups anywhere in the world


Image Source: Mattermark Daily Enjoy a constant trickle of knowledge and advice in your inbox at no cost! Learn from industry experts one free newsletter at a time. Design for Hackers: free newsletter for 12 weeks that includes lessons on design Email 1K: a free 30-day course that teaches you how to grow your email list ChargeWhatYou’reWorth: a newsletter that teaches you how much to price yourself and your services Mattermark Daily: newsletter about founders and entrepreneurs Product Psychology: newsletter that gives you valuable insights on user behavior Startup Digest: a personalized newsletter that gives you information about startups around your area UX Newsletter: newsletter about research, design, and creation UX Design Weekly: gives you a UX design link every week

Other Useful Tools

Image Source: Ad Spend Calculator Tame the numbers and cost calculations with the help of these free online tools. Ad Spend Calculator: gives helpful advertising and marketing advice for startups App vs. Website: gives you the pros and cons of building a website or an app Foundrs: equity calculator for you and your business partner/co-founder HowMuchToMakeAnApp: gives you an estimation how much it will cost you to create an app Pitcherific: teaches you the art of making pitches that sells RingCentral Meetings: provides the power to conduct HD video conferences and screen sharing as part of a complete business communications solution. Employees can hold face-to-face meetings in high definition and share screens or documents with anyone, anytime, anywhere. As part of a complete unified communications as a service (UCaaS) cloud offering, it empowers employees to connect with clients and enable collaboration between teams across locations—as if they’re all in the same conference room. Startup Equity Calculator: gives you an idea how much salary you should give for new hires


Image Source: Dribbble These free premium resources and tools will open you the door to the world of design. Explore hundreds of free, high-quality images, mockups and videos and connect with the best creatives online. Dbf: best design freebies for Dribble and Behance Dribbble: a treasure trove of inspiration and design freebies Freebbblefree high-quality designs from Dribbble Fribbblefree PSD files and other design resources created  by Dribbble users Freebiesbuganother website where you can find free PSD files and other resources from designers Free Section of Pixedenfree high-quality web and graphic design templates. There’s also a premium version for $6 a month Free Section of Creative Market: gives out free random items every Monday Graphic Burger: mouthwatering designs for free from the professional design community Marvelonline collaboration tool where you can create prototypes and share your design Pixel Buddhafree premium resources from professionals for professionals Premium Pixels: collection of free design resources and WordPress themes Placeit Freebie: more than 2500 high-quality mockups and videos for iOS devices for free Renderforest – free tools for everyone to create professional intros, animations, slideshows and music visualizations in minutes 365 Psdfree downloadable PSD every day UI Spacethousands of high-quality handcrafted freebies Freepikfree vectors, PSDs, images, and icons Tech&Allfree design resources, news, and PSDs Tethr: free design kit for the iOS, Photoshop, and Sketch SketchAppResources: free resources for the Sketch app Web3Canvas: free design resources, tutorials, and more

Sources of Inspiration

Image Source: Awwwards Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad life. Tickle your inspiration with these free tools and resources and restore your creative vibes. Awwwards: website awards for best web design trends Behance: website where you can showcase your design portfolio and search for others for inspiration Crayonfree marketing resources MaterialUpfree material design resources uploaded every day FLTDSGNyour one-stop source for inspiration of websites and apps using flat UI design Flat UI Design: flat UI design resource for websites and apps on Pinterest Land-Book: find inspiration for your landing pages in this online gallery Moodboard: lets you create and share your moodboard Niice: search engine to find design ideas [optin-monster-shortcode id=”hgbnyw9k7kko6mtq6fgy”] Site Inspire: free web design inspiration UI Cloud: thousands of UI elements and kits in different categories Oceanget feedback for your designs from fellow designers around the world One Page Love: find inspiration for your one-page website Pttrnsa massive resource for mobile UI interface in a wide range of categories The Starter Kit: resource for designers and developers The Best Designs: the best design inspiration for you UI Paradefree UI tools and design inspirations

Color Pickers

Image Source: Adobe Color CC Make your design experiences a breeze by using these free color pickers to extract dominant colors from images, create vivid color combinations and palettes for free. 0 to 255: a  no-nonsense color picker that helps you find the perfect color variations and combinations Adaptive Backgrounds: a jQuery plugin that allows you to extract dominant colors from images Adobe Color CC:  a collection of color combinations Bootflatcolor combination collection for flat design Brand Colors: discover the color combinations used by the most popular brands, such as Adobe, Amazon, and American Express Coleure: absolute color management created with Sketch Colllor: free color palette generator Colour Lovers: a design community which allows you to create and share your color palettes to other designers from around the world Colorful Gradientscomputer-generated gradients for free Coolors: create and share color palettes in a matter of seconds. You can also save your work for future reference Flat UI Colors: beautiful flat UI color palettes. The site is launching more colors soon as well as more tools for designers and developers Get UI Colors: free cool color combinations for flat design Hex Colorrrs: free HEX / RGB converter Material Palette: allows you to create and export your material design color palette. The website also has free  icons and colors for material design. New Flat UI Color Picker: a wide range of flat colors for UI design Material UI Colors: a collection of material design colors for the web, Android, and iOS Palettonchoose the right color for your website using this free color scheme designer Palette for Chrome: a Chrome extension that enables you to create a color palette using any image. Just right-click the image and choose “Palette Creation”. PLTTS: lets you easily find a matching color palette Skala Color: a free macOS color picker that is compatible with any format. It automatically recognizes colors and can be applied with just one click.

Stock Photography

Image Source: Pexels Inject some life and energy into your site by adding professional, natural-looking photos from professional photographers from all over the wall. All The Free Stock: free stock images, icons, videos, mockups, templates, and more Bucketlistlymore than 5,000 free creative common travel photos from around the world Cupcake: free photos from Swedish photographer Jonas Wimmerstrȍm Designers Pics: another free stock photo resource Death to the Stock Photo: free stock photo sent straight into your email every month Free Nature Stockroyalty-free nature stock photos by Adrian Pelletier Foodie’s Feed: free high resolution food photos for your food blog Function: photo packs for free Gratisographyanother rich resource for high resolution photos for free Getrefe: free high-quality photos in different categories IM Free: royalty-free images and other web design resources for commercial use ISO Republic: free high resolution stock photos for creatives Jay Mantri: free-to-use high resolution photos by Jay Mantri. He also has contests where you can win free items Jéshoots: free downloadable modern photos Kaboompics: your get-to place for great photos Lock & Stock Photos: free high-quality photos Burst by Shopifyfree photography for entrepreneurs Little Visuals: delivers 7 free photos straight into your email every week Life of Pix: free high-resolution photography from professional photographers from all over the world Moveast: free images that chronicles the journey of a man going east Mazwai: free creative commons high-definition video clips and footages Magdeleine: get a free photo every day MMT: free photos for commercial use. The collection is updated weekly New Old Stock: curated vintage photos from public archives Pexels: one of the best stock photos in the web updated daily, and it’s for free Pixabay: free downloadable stock photos for commercial use Picography: free images you can use for any purpose straight from Ireland Picjumbo: free exclusive photos that have never been published straight into your inbox Public Domain Archive: free vintage and modern high resolution photos every week Paul Jarvis: 20 free downloadable high-res photos you can use Raumrot: absolutely free photos you can edit and modify Stock Up: tens of thousands of free stock photos across 31 websites Splashbase: high-res photos and videos for free Startup Stock Photos: free photos, images, and vectors Stokpic: free 10 new photos sent into your inbox every two weeks StockSnap: high resolution photos free from copyright restrictions Super Famous: free high resolution photos you can use for any purposes as long as you credit the owner Snapographic: use these photos in any way you like for free Splitshiremouthwatering photos for free The Pattern Library: free amazing patterns for your web design projects Travel Coffee Book: free travel photos you can use in any way Unsplashfree high resolution photos in a wide range of categories Some more websites: Free Digital Photos | Morguefile | Public Domain Pictures | Free Stockvault | ImageFree | Rgbstock | Dreamstime | FreeImages | FreeRangeImages | FreePhotosBank


Image Source: Font Awesome Refresh your website by adding some beautiful, high quality icons. These 21 online tools will help you to unlock and explore the potential of graphics. Fontello: generate new icons and fonts for free Flat Iconmore than 16000 of glyph vestor icons for free Material Design Icons: an open-source glyph collection by Google with around 750 glyphs Font Awesome: free scalable vector icons you can customize instantly Glyphsearch: search all free icons around the web MakeAppIcon: creates any type of app icon for free Endless Icons: free icons for flat design Ico Moon: icon generator that gives you  more than 4,000 vector icons The Noun Project: a collection of glyph icons from different artists Perfect Icons: a tool that lets you create resolution independent icons Icon Finder: free icons you can use in any way Free Round Icons: Doodle Set | Flat Set | Vector Line Set Icon Sweets: 60 Photoshop icons for your web projects as well as your iPad and iPhone apps Make Appiconcreate an icon for your app with just one click App Icon Template: create royalty-free icon for Android, iOs, and OS X platforms SmartIcons: more than 1,400 downloadable icons for free Ego Icons: clean and simple vector icons FlatIconslets you customize your icons for flat design To(icon): more icons all your for free


Image Source: Typekit An ugly, inappropriate font can suck the life out of an otherwise robust website. Take advantage of free typography collections and choose a font that helps you visualize your idea. TypeGenius: provides a wide array of font combination for any kind of project Font Squirrel: completely free fonts for commercial use FontFaceNinja: a Chrome extension that helps you identify the type of font a website uses Google Fonts: open-source fonts by Google 100% free Beautiful Web Type: another Google resource to help you find stunning typefaces DaFont: fonts archive which can be downloaded for free 1001 Free Fonts:  a massive collection of free fonts FontPark: another massive archive of free fonts for any use Font-to-width: a tool that helps you fit typefaces in their containers without scaling them Adobe Edge Fonts: an accessible collection of free web fonts Typekit: a smaller collection but have some great fonts included

Coding and Design Tools

Image Source: Codacy Drive your business growth with these 22 free coding and design tools at your disposal. Take your mind off complex tasks (like reviewing code) and watch your idea take form. Hive: unlimited cloud service for free GitHub: a development platform which lets you collaborate, create, and share software BitBucket: code collaboration tool Chisel: contains an unlimited fossil repositories for free with an ISC license Visual Studio: find most of the tools for developers and designers here Landscape: gives you an early warning before everything turns unexpectedly. Swiftypefinds the right results to your searches by browsing all cloud storages. The free version, however, has a limitation Keen.io: collects event data from anywhere, add rich custom attributes, and send it everywhere Coveralls: analyzes your code and tells you which part is not covered with your test suite.  Codacychecks code style and tracks code accuracy throughout your sprints Searchcode: helps you find billions of lines of codes TinyCertSSL certificates for free Opbeat: tool for JS developers which analyzes and optimizes your app’s performance Pingdom: monitors websites’ uptime Rollbar: monitors any app for full-stack error. Supports all languages Loggly: tool that helps you improve log management Devport: turns your apps, GitHub repos, and websites into a portfolio Getting Real: a free eBook that teaches you how to create better web apps Peek: gives you a f-minute video of someone who uses your app or site Creator: helps you create better and faster apps DevFreeCasts: collection of screencasts featuring different developes Cody: library of code nuggets for free

Other Design Tools

Image Source: UI Names Small things can make a big difference. Save time and improve your design experiences with these smart online tools. UI Names: gives you ideas of names for your mockups and designs UI Faces: collection of avatar faces for your UI Copy Paste Character: design resource you can copy paste Window Resizer: tool that allows you to see your design in different resolutions Sonics: user interface sound effects for free

Focus and Attention

Image Source: Noisli Need a little bit more than moral support to hit your productivity levels? Take your pick from a bunch of free online tools that can dramatically improve your focus and attention. Noisli: background sound generator that helps increase  your focus and productivity Noizio: sound equalizer that helps you relax and focus Defonichelps you create immersive soundscapes Designers.mx: listen to the music other designers are listening to while they work Coffitivitygives you coffee shop ambiance while working Octave: free UI sounds for the iOS platform Free Sound: massive database of sounds and other audio snippets Sonics: free sound and sound effects straight to your inbox every week Deep Focus: relaxing music to help you focus from Spotify Self Control: (for Mac users)helps you block websites that can easily distract you while working Cold Turkey: (Windows) blocks distracting websites while you’re working

Team Collaboration

Image Source: Slack Take the hassle out of team collaboration and benefit from a smooth idea sharing and project management experience. These free tools will introduce you to the world of smart people management. Trello: helps you collaborate much easier Evernote: your digital workspace Dropbox: free cloud storage for up to 2GB Time Doctor: a time tracking software that claims to increase your productivity by 22% with features like powerful customizable reports that include web and app usage, optional screenshot monitoring and more. In inbound marketing where tasks are abundant, you have to make sure every minute counts. Time Doctor helps you exactly with that. Yanado: task and project management tool inside Gmail Wetransfer: allows you to transfer up to 2GB for free Drp.iofast image hosting and file transfer for free Pocket: digital to-do later tool Raindropbookmarking tool for Mac users Flowdock: collaboration tool for a small team Typetalk: easy to use instant messaging for team collaboration Slack: team collaboration tool where you can share your ideas easily HipChat: team chat for unlimited users Google Hangouts: team chat and group video calls Voveet: lets you have 3D conference calls with your team or clients FreeBusy: helps coordinate the schedule of all team members RealTimeBoard: online digital whiteboard Witkit: secure and encrypted data storage with free 50GB of space Any.do: team collaboration tool Asana: team management and collaboration tool Hubstaff Tasks: Easy Agile Project management software GoToMeeting: free online meetings and web conferencing made easy

Freelancing and Remote Networking Tools

Image Source: Nomadlist Bring your team together, upgrade your freelancing routine and tap into a community of nomads and entrepreneurs without spending a single dollar. Founded X Startup Stats: gives you insight where to build your startup Teleport: Startup Cities: planning to bring your startup to another city? Teleport helps analyze your budget and logistics for the move Nomad House: community of digital nomads Workfrom: find the best places to work remotely around the city where you are Lastroomteam travel management tool made easy Nomadlist: find the best cities in the world to live and work remotely Internet is a bottomless treasure cove of fantastic free stuff — you just need time and patience to uncover the best pieces. Don’t stop at these 400 free online tools and resources, keep your eyes and ears open for new product launches and continue hustling like a real champ.

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