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Are You Spooked by CRM Software?

In the chilling 1978 movie Halloween, Sheriff Leigh Brackett remarks to the teenage babysitter Laurie Strode, “It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare”.

Cue the knife-wielding madman.

Unlike that classic chiller, the one thing that shouldn’t send shivers up the spines of CEOs and Sales Directors – at Halloween, or any other time – is choosing the right sales CRM software in order to streamline and commercialize the sales process.

Despite the facts and figures, which prove the worth of on-boarding CRM technologies – for instance, employing CRM software can improve customer retention by over 25% (nothing scary about that) – many CEOs and sales directors are still afraid of things that go bump in the night.

So, what are they most afraid of? And, what are the silver bullets which CRM software like Teamgate can provide, not just to protect your business, but to ensure that it survives and thrives, even when the zombies of failure and bankruptcy are on the prowl?

Monsters under the bed

Sales Management CRM Monsters Under Bed

Sales managers are an easily spooked lot. The slightest tremor in the sales graph has them searching for monsters under every bed.

But that’s a good thing. Keeping on top of every problem, either real or imagined, helps keep the sales process finely tuned and always ready for the unexpected. And that’s exactly what Teamgate can help you to do.

However, no matter how effective any CRM might be, the act of on-boarding a new sales CRM, or migrating from an existing one, can force sales managers to face a whole host of fears, real or imagined.

In fact, Teamgate has invested a lot of time conducting a far-reaching survey into just what are the most common fears held by CRM users, and prospective CRM users.

  • The fear of change – including on-boarding
  • The fear of sales robots removing the human element
  • The fear of importing reams of new data
  • The fear of learning new procedures
  • The fear of data security
  • The fear of new technologies
  • The fear of expense
  • The fear of lack of support

That’s a lot of fears.

The right weapons for the right demons

But, just like the vampire-hunter or dragon-slayer in any scary movie, once Teamgate became aware of the dangers we designed the weapons to fight them.

The fear of change – including on-boarding

CRM Software Onboarding

Some people lock their doors tightly, turn on all the lights, and never peep through the curtains after dark, that’s their way of fighting their fear of the unknown.

However, salespeople are sales-driven, they possess a need to be out there in the daylight, keeping up with trends and sales techniques, and are forever watching how their competitors are stealing an edge. Salespeople are vigilant.

Because of this, smart sales professionals are realizing that Teamgate is a vital part of the future of successful selling.

Teamgate is easy to on-board, easy to learn, and easy to use – in fact, Teamgate has been ranked by Capterra as the No. 1 ‘Easy-to-use CRM software’ on the market. This simply means that your sales team can be up and selling more proactively and more productively in no time.

The fear of removing the human element

Another great fear is that CRM software will take over the sales process from humans.

That’s not true. Teamgate works in tandem with experienced sales professionals, using a huge range of time-saving tools, features, and integrations to streamline and simplify the tasks that once ate into a reps’ valuable time, letting them get on with the business at hand – selling.

The fear of importing reams of new data

Whether on-boarding a CRM for the first time or migrating from an existing system the security of your raw data is of paramount importance.

Your data is the source material behind your entire sales process and needs to be protected against all the ghosts, ghouls, and bogeymen that might be out there. That’s why Teamgate is built on the principle that the security of your data is our major concern.

Also, we’ve designed several flawless systems to help you import your data – from multiple sources – simply, accurately, and quickly, directly into your Teamgate CRM, ready for you to get to work immediately and stay productive at all times.

The fear of learning new procedures

The age of complicated software is dead – or at least it should be.

CMR users demand simplicity, functionality, and a flawless user experience.

Salespeople sell, that’s what they’re good at. Don’t waste their time expecting them to be technical wizards or software sorcerers, they need to get on with their job, using tools that are intelligent, supportive, and highly functional.

Teamgate has designed a practical user interface with the customer in mind. With nothing to be scared of and everything in plain sight, there are no surprises hidden in any dark corners. The lights are on at all time.

In fact, if something is even little unclear, Teamgate users have access to full personal training and backup, as needed. By means of free trial periods, personalized online demonstrations, and top-end customer support only a call away, nothing scary is waiting to jump out at you when you’re not expecting it.

The fear of data security

Sales CRM Teamgate Data Security

In some scary movies, the plot is driven by the main character having their identity stolen. Having your data compromised is never good, something we can all identify with.

That’s why Teamgate has the security of your data as a core principle. You’re never going to have to wake up in a cold sweat with the nightmare scenario of your data being lost down some endless pit to oblivion.

Teamgate value your data and that’s exactly why all our customer’s data is constantly backed up in multiple high-security remote data centers. Teamgate adheres to strict security protocols which are maintained to the highest international standards.

The fear of new technologies

In the same way as gigantic robots, cyborgs bent on human annihilation, and brain-eating machines might cause a flash of panic with the nervous, emerging technologies are a constant cause of concern for salespeople everywhere.

It’s important for modern sales professionals to stay abreast of such technologies which are constantly shifting the goalposts and finishing lines.

Ever-changing social media trends, CRM integrations, new website interactive procedures, AI, and augmented reality are a daily reality. Omnichannel worlds and virtual assistant are becoming the norm. We are experiencing interactions on a daily basis which were not even imagined five years ago.

But, don’t worry. CRM software like Teamgate is ready and prepared to take on all of these innovations and put them to work for you. Our technical engineers will ensure that you have access to the most innovative technologies – technologies that will sharpen and focus your sales process – and all without you noticing or having to worry about them.

The fear of expense

Your business mentor advises that you need to onboard a CRM solution to drive your sales forward. Unfortunately, your bank balance doesn’t agree. Enough to cause a shudder along the spine of even the bravest of mortals.

Teamgate can allay those fears with a selection of price plans that are both transparent and affordable. Start with the price plan you can afford – on a monthly basis – and work your with up with a fully scalable CRM with a fully scalable pricing structure.

The fear of lack of support

Sales CRM Customer Support

Just like in the scariest of scary movies, when something goes wrong and you’re in a tight corner, that’s when you need a hero on your side. Someone who cares enough to prise you out of any sticky situation. Someone who knows exactly what to do.

Teamgate has those heroes, the customer support team. The ones who are always there to answer any questions, allay any fears, or guide you through a troublesome moment. The Teamgate customer experience doesn’t end when the sale ends, our aim is to nurture customers for life, not just for a one-off experience.

No more tales of the unexpected

In the world of sales, there might be things that go bump in the night, and there might be moments when the unexpected happens, but that’s exactly when you can rely on Teamgate to come to your aid.

Whether it’s helping to gather leads, minutely managing every stage of the sales process, using intelligent analytics to comprehend sales metrics and predict for the future, or helping your customer experience team to follow up on all accounts, Teamgate is ready for the challenge.

Are you ready to let Teamgate help you fight your demons?


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