Insights You Gain by Integrating Social Media Management with Your CRM

A Customer Relation Management (CRM) and the Social Media Management (SMM) tools are a very important parts of the Business to Business (B2B) companies marketing tool. Nowadays, the B2B companies have started to discover that though CRM and SMM are important individually, they are extraterrestrial when integrated with one another.

The social-CRM integration provides with an extensive overview of the relationships between the customers and the organization through the social media. With this, you are able to provide the social content that leads towards the unwavering loyalty of a client. Moreover, with this integration, the sales teams are able to understand the customer from a touch point.

Not only that but by integrating the SMM with CRM, the two key databases will provide much better insights into the creation of the marketing strategies. With this knowledge, the complete ROI can be transformed exponentially. Why is that? Because, the larger the amount of data that you can acquire about your prospect, the more you will be able to raise it efficiently, and this leads in an increment in sales and revenues.

The insights that you get with the integration of Social Media Management with CRM are as following:

1. Feel about the Customers

The knowledge you can get about your customer, about the products they prefer, the marketing approaches you can use on them, and the way you can develop your relation with them is important. With the integration of SMM and CRM, you will be able to get the feel about the customer you are targeting. By attaining that knowledge, your sales and marketing teams will generate stronger and better responses from the customer when they know what the customer really wants.

The first thing that becomes prominent with this integration is the image of what the customer wants. Your marketing strategies can be adapted with a little brainstorming regarding the thoughts, opinions, and feeling of the customer.

2. Knowledge about the Customer Buying Habits

  • It is essential for a B2B business to understand what is it that makes the customer motivated to buy something. Each customer has his way of thinking and his personal quirks. The most important things that you will need to know about the customer are:
  • Purchasing speed of the customer
  • The complexity of the customer’s buying decisions
  • Are more than one people contacting about the product
  • With the knowledge of the customer behavior, the current customer relationships can be informed, and the buyer façades can be augmented to engage with the future leads. With the integration of SMM and CRM, you get to see the though process of the client in a prominent manner.

3. Customer Activism

If you monitor the social media, you will get to see how the customers are talking about your brand on a regular basis, on places like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If your product is satisfactory to the customers, they will probably link your blogs to their posts, and that is when you can approach them for case studies or testimonials. With the integration of SMM and CRM, keeping track of these interactions becomes transparent and easy to establish.

4. Sales Intelligence

The buying motivations of the customers are also important factors in order to understand the customers’ needs. The SMM integration with CRM can help in the interactions of the customers regarding the product since its creation till the end. With this, the thoughts and behavior of the client are revealed effectively. With the integrated system, a company will be able to easily identify members of the teams to whom specific projects should be assigned. 

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5. Lead Generation

The most important point in marketing is the Lead Generation. When the SMM and CRM are integrated with one another, an abundance of data lies at your feet. With this integration, you will get everything that is needed for generating leads effectively with the proper marketing channels. You will know how the customers interact with the social media, and you can also get the content and marketing collateral that is required to pursue certain leads.

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We can deduce from the discussion above that integrating Social Media Management with CRM will provide with richer data, better and extensive marketing and many more sales. It is pretty much basic, the knowledge you can get about the customers and the leads is what helps you in serving them and making conversions and generating a better ROI and revenues. To achieve this SMM and CRM integration is the best solution.

As Teamgate CRM is integrated with MailChimp, all the functionalities mentioned above lead to a better understanding of the insights you receive. We look for ease everywhere we go, and the integration with MailChimp leads to a better CRM environment. Getting to see how the customer reacts to the newsletters and campaigns, the integration of MailChimp with Teamgate CRM, helps you figuring out where you need to make the improvements in order to get the leads and sales. Through the personalization of the messages, and knowing which campaigns to target, you can come to an understanding of the customer’s sentiments and their liking to your services or products. Therefore, integration with any of the social media will help you in retaining your customers and getting new ones as well.


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Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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