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Pipedrive Pricing: Is the Popular CRM Worth the Price Tag?

Discover the intricacies of Pipedrive’s pricing in our deep dive that dissects the true value of this acclaimed CRM tool. From the fundamentals of what Pipedrive is to a thorough cost analysis and user reviews, we provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision about whether Pipedrive is the right investment for your sales processes.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pipedrive’s Core Offering: Understand Pipedrive as a user-friendly CRM designed for efficiency in sales management, suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  2. Features at a Glance: Gain insights into Pipedrive’s key features like sales pipeline management, activity tracking, and advanced reporting.
  3. Subscription Tiers: Learn about Pipedrive’s flexible subscription options, tailored to meet the needs of different business scales and requirements.
  4. Comprehensive Cost Breakdown: Delve into the pricing details of each Pipedrive plan and what factors could influence the overall investment.
  5. User Reviews Summary: Access a compilation of user experiences with Pipedrive, highlighting the software’s pros and cons as reported by real users.

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Pipedrive Pricing: Is the Popular CRM Worth the Price Tag?

In the fast-paced world of sales and customer relationship management (CRM), Pipedrive has emerged as a beacon of efficiency and user-friendliness. But the pivotal question looms: is this celebrated CRM tool truly worth the Pipedrive price tag? This comprehensive exploration delves into the essence of Pipedrive, from its foundational concepts to its intricate pricing and subscription structure. As we journey through the labyrinth of Pipedrive’s subscription offerings, we will unravel the nuances of its features, subscription options, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re a startup owner, a sales manager at a flourishing company, or simply a CRM enthusiast, this article promises to enlighten you with a detailed evaluation of Pipedrive’s value proposition.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive, at its core, is more than just a CRM software; it’s a sales management tool designed to provide clarity and focus to the convoluted sales process. Born out of the frustrations of seasoned sales professionals in 2010, Pipedrive has evolved into a robust platform that caters to over 95,000 companies worldwide.

The Philosophy Behind Pipedrive

Rooted in the belief that in sales, the primary focus should be on actions that push deals towards closure, Pipedrive stands out with its activity-based selling methodology. This approach emphasizes scheduling, completing, and tracking sales activities as the cornerstone of successful sales management.

Target Market and Typical Users

Pipedrive’s user interface, celebrated for its simplicity and intuitive design, caters to a broad spectrum of industries and business sizes. It’s particularly favored by small to medium-sized businesses that appreciate its straightforward, no-frills approach to managing sales pipelines. However, its scalability and customization options have also garnered appreciation from larger enterprises seeking agility and user-friendliness in their CRM solutions.

Pipedrive’s Evolution

Over the years, Pipedrive has grown significantly, constantly adding new features and integrations to stay ahead in the competitive CRM market. What started as a basic tool to track sales activities has now become a comprehensive platform offering advanced reporting and even AI-powered sales assistants. This evolution reflects Pipedrive’s commitment to adapting to the changing needs of the sales industry.

Pipedrive Key Features

Diving into the heart of Pipedrive, it becomes evident that its features are meticulously crafted to streamline and optimize the sales process.

Pipedrive’s Sales Pipeline Management Features

At the forefront of Pipedrive’s arsenal is its Sales Pipeline Management feature set. It allows sales teams to visualize their sales process, offering a clear overview of where each deal stands with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Customizable stages and fields enable teams to tailor the pipeline to mirror their unique sales process, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Pipedrive’s Activity and Goal Tracking Features

Pipedrive’s activity-based selling philosophy is deeply ingrained in its Activity and Goal Tracking feature. Sales activities can be easily planned, tracked, and linked to corresponding deals, ensuring a systematic approach to moving deals along the sales pipeline. Additionally, goal-setting and tracking functionalities allow teams to set ambitious, yet achievable targets, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

Pipedrive’s Insights and Reporting Feature

Pipedrive’s Insights and Reports feature is a powerhouse of information. Offering detailed, customizable reports on sales performance, team activities, and revenue projections, it equips sales leaders with the data they need to make informed decisions. These analytics provide a real-time view of sales metrics, highlighting areas of success and those needing improvement.

Pipedrive’s Mobile App and Integration Features

Recognizing the need for mobility in modern sales, Pipedrive offers a fully-featured mobile app, ensuring sales professionals can manage their pipelines on the go. Furthermore, the platform’s extensive integration capabilities with various email providers, marketing tools, and third-party applications make it a versatile addition to any sales tech stack.

Each of these features, designed with the end-user in mind, contributes to Pipedrive’s overarching aim: to make sales more efficient and less cumbersome, freeing up time for what truly matters – closing deals.

How much does Pipedrive cost?

When discussing the cost of most software, it’s important to focus not just on the listed prices; it’s about understanding the return on investment in a tool that could redefine the operational efficiency of your business.

Pricing Subscriptions and Pricing

Pipedrive’s pricing structure is designed to scale with your business. Starting from the Essential Plan, priced to accommodate the financial constraints of emerging businesses, each subsequent tier is proportionally priced to match its additional features and capabilities. External factors such as the size of the sales team, payment frequency (monthly vs. annual), and the necessity for add-ons can influence the overall cost. Pipedrive encourages commitment via annual contracts through discounted pricing, rewarding the foresight of long-term planning.

Pipedrive Cost-Benefit Analysis

The decision to invest in any of the Pipedrive plans should follow a rigorous cost-benefit analysis. The return on investment isn’t solely measured in revenue increase but also in time saved, sales process optimization, and improved customer relations. For small teams, the Essential or Advanced Plan may suffice, while large teams or those requiring customer support might find the Power or Enterprise Plan more conducive to their operations.

Pipedrive Pricing Options

Pipedrive has a number of pricing options available to your business need. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all option; rather, each subscription is crafted with specific inclusions and some restrictions:

Pipedrive Essential Subscription

  • $21.90 per month, per user, billed annually
  • 3,000 open deal limit per company
  • 30 custom field limit per company
  • Data import and export
  • Contacts map
  • Activity reminder notifications
  • Up to 15 reports per user

Pipedrive Advanced Subscription

  • $37.90 per user, per month, billed annually
  • 10,000 open deal limit per company
  • 100 custom field limit per company
  • Two-way email sync
  • Customizable email templates
  • Email open and click tracking
  • Smart contact data
  • Video call scheduling
  • Up to 30 reports per user

Pipedrive Professional Subscription

  • $59.90 per user, per month, billed annually
  • 100,000 open deal limit per company
  • 1,000 custom field limit per company
  • Contacts timeline
  • Smart docs
  • Autofilled templates
  • E-signatures
  • PDF format support
  • Required fields
  • Custom field and reports
  • Team goals and team management
  • Up to 150 reports per user

Pipedrive Power Subscription

  • $74.90 per user, per month, billed annually
  • 200,000 open deal limit per company
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Security rules and security alerts
  • Phone support
  • Custom onboarding implementation program
  • Up to 250 reports per user

Pipedrive Enterprise Subscription

  • $119 per user, per month, billed annually
  • Unlimited open deal limit per company
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Security rules and security alerts
  • Phone support
  • Custom onboarding implementation program
  • Unlimited reports per user

Pipedrive Reviews

In a market saturated with CRM tools, reviews are the compass that guides potential buyers. Pipedrive’s user reviews paint a picture of a CRM solution that has garnered respect for its user-centric design and efficiency.

User Feedback

Sales professionals across various industries have lauded Pipedrive for its ease of use and the tangible impact it has on sales productivity. The intuitive interface is frequently mentioned, allowing new users to navigate the system with minimal training. However, no tool is without its critics. Some users have pointed out limitations in customization and a desire for more advanced features and customer support within the lower-tier plans.

Pros and Cons

The benefits of Pipedrive, as gleaned from user reviews across G2 and Capterra, seem to revolve around its clean interface, straightforward functionality, and excellent integrations. On the flip side, and particularly of late, criticisms tend to focus on a lack of customer support, reporting features and Pipedrive’s regular system down-time.

Pipedrive pros and cons
via Forbes.com

Pipedrive CRM Alternatives

In the diverse ecosystem of CRM solutions, Pipedrive is a formidable entity but not without competition. For businesses contemplating the CRM landscape, understanding Pipedrive alternatives is vital for informed decision-making.


Teamgate is an intuitive, powerful and easy to use CRM. With a number of cost-effective subscription offerings combined with a very similar interface and ease of use, it’s no wonder Teamgate is a very popular Pipedrive alternative. Offering all of the same popular comprehensive CRM features as well as in-depth, out-of-the-box sales dashboards and analytics; meaning your team will be onboarded and selling in no time.

teamgate sales pipeline
via Teamgate CRM


Salesforce, a behemoth in the CRM domain, offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to every conceivable need within sales, marketing, and customer service. With its layered architecture and expansive app marketplace, it’s akin to a sprawling metropolis of CRM functionality. However, this complexity can be a double-edged sword; it offers limitless possibilities but demands a steep learning curve and a more substantial investment.

screenshot of salesforce sales cloud
via Salesforce

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is the beacon for inbound marketing-oriented businesses. It seamlessly blends CRM features with powerful marketing automation tools, offering a free tier that attracts small businesses looking to grow their operations. HubSpot CRM is ideal for those who prioritize content and customer journeys, though the cost escalates considerably as you scale and adopt more advanced marketing modules.

a screenshot from Hubspot software
via Hubspot

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the chameleon of the CRM world, with an impressive ability to adapt to a variety of business sizes and sectors. Its affordability and flexibility make it a popular choice for SMEs. With Zoho CRM, businesses can enjoy a rich set of features without the financial burden typically associated with more established CRM names.

screenshot of Zoho CRM software
via Zoho


Freshsales is the nimble contender, offering a user-friendly interface and AI-driven insights, positioning it as a smart, analytical CRM tool. It’s designed for businesses that seek to leverage data science to enhance their sales processes, offering predictive analytics and intuitive workflow automation, often at a more accessible price point than its more extensive counterparts.

In the quest for the optimal CRM, it is not about finding the best CRM in the market; it’s about finding the CRM that’s best for your business. Each of these alternatives presents its unique value proposition, feature set, and pricing structure, compelling companies to evaluate them against their specific requirements.

screenshot of freshsales crm software
via Freshsales

Cut Your Pipedrive CRM Price with Teamgate

The maxim “time is money” holds especially true in sales, and tools like Teamgate shine by streamlining CRM processes without the hefty price tag often associated with big-named CRM platforms.

Teamgate’s Cost-Effectiveness

Teamgate steps into the CRM arena as a cost-effective alternative, paring down the often superfluous complexities of more extensive systems to deliver a straightforward, yet powerful, sales management tool. It’s tailored for those who seek the core functionalities of lead and pipeline management without the necessity for the extensive customizations and integrations offered by higher-end CRMs.

Complementing or Replacing Pipedrive Features

Teamgate’s allure lies in its simplicity and focus on the essential aspects of CRM systems. For businesses utilizing Pipedrive, Teamgate can serve as either an easy to transition to replacement. Its simplicity should not be mistaken for a lack of sophistication; offering intelligent insights and reporting that rival the capabilities of its more expensive counterparts.

Financial Prudence

By opting for Teamgate, businesses could potentially reduce their CRM costs significantly. It offers a lean solution that aligns with the fiscal prudence required by SMEs and startups – starting with a free tier. While larger enterprises with intricate sales processes may find it limiting, for the majority, Teamgate offers a sweet spot between functionality and affordability.


To encapsulate, Pipedrive stands as a testament to the power of a CRM system designed with the end-user in mind. It is a tool forged in the crucible of sales necessity, honed by the feedback of those who live and breathe sales. The question of its worth is not just in the cost but in the value it brings to the sales process, the clarity it provides to the sales pipeline, and the efficiency it injects into every customer interaction.

Pipedrive’s pricing is a reflection of its commitment to providing value at every tier, and its user reviews serve as a chorus of approval for its impact on sales productivity. While alternatives like Teamgate a very viable option, the choice ultimately rests on the unique needs and budget of your business.

To get started FREE with Teamgate today start a free trial or talk with our team of sales experts.

FAQs: Pipedrive CRM

How does Pipedrive’s price compare with other CRM tools?

Answer: Pipedrive’s pricing strategy is competitive, particularly appealing to small to medium-sized businesses looking for high-quality CRM functionality without the hefty price tag. It offers a tiered pricing model, which allows businesses to scale up as they grow. Compared to giants like Salesforce, Pipedrive is more cost-effective.

Can Pipedrive integrate with my current business systems?

Answer: Yes, Pipedrive offers a robust set of integration capabilities. It connects seamlessly with various email platforms, marketing tools, customer service software, and even offers an API for custom integrations. This flexibility ensures that Pipedrive can become a cohesive part of your existing tech stack, enhancing your overall sales process without the need for major overhauls.

What kind of support does Pipedrive offer?

Answer: Pipedrive provides support through multiple channels, including 24/7 live chat and email. Higher-tier plans have access to dedicated support, including phone support, whilst the lower plans will have to settle for email support. Additionally, Pipedrive has a knowledge base, webinars, and an active community forum for self-service support and learning.

How scalable is Pipedrive for my growing business?

Answer: Pipedrive is highly scalable, designed to grow with your business. Pipedrive’s various subscription options allow you to scale up features and users as needed. The platform’s customizability and integration capabilities also mean that it can adapt to increasingly complex sales processes.

Is there a free trial available for Pipedrive?

Answer: Yes, Pipedrive offers a 14-day free trial for any of its plans. This trial period allows you to test out the platform’s features and determine if it’s the right fit for your business before making any financial commitment.

What are the monthly and annual costs for Pipedrive?

Answer: Pipedrive’s monthly costs start from a basic tier suitable for smaller teams and scale up to more advanced tiers for larger organizations with more complex needs. Paying annually grants a discount, effectively reducing the monthly cost when calculated across the year. Exact figures are regularly updated on Pipedrive’s pricing page to reflect any changes or promotional offers.

Are there discounts or deals available for Pipedrive?

Answer: Pipedrive often runs promotions and offers discounts, especially for annual subscriptions, which can be significantly cheaper than monthly payments.

Does Pipedrive offer customization options in their pricing plans?

Answer: Yes, Pipedrive offers a high degree of customization within their pricing plans. While the core features are fixed based on the plan, there is flexibility to add users, integrate with other tools, and utilize various add-ons, which allows businesses to tailor the CRM to their specific needs.

How does the pricing for Pipedrive’s add-ons work?

Answer: Pipedrive’s add-ons are priced separately from the subscription plans and can be added on a per-user basis. This means you pay for the additional features you need, whether it’s advanced automation, more detailed reporting, or enhanced support options. Pricing details for these add-ons are provided on Pipedrive’s pricing page and can be a cost-effective way to extend the CRM’s functionality without upgrading to a higher-tier plan.

Does Pipedrive integrate with Quickbooks?

Answer: Yes. With Pipedrive’s Quickbooks integration you can create invoices from the deal detail view and seamlessly send them over to your Quickbooks account without the hassle of copying and pasting data between the two tools.

Does Pipedrive integrate with Outlook?

Answer: Not technically. Whilst Pipedrive offers an Outlook integration, it is a periodical sync and requires manual processes. In our opinion, it is not as comprehensive as a number of other CRM Outlook integrations.

Does Pipedrive integrate with Mailchimp?

Answer: Yes. Pipedrive’s Mailchimp integration enables filtered and segmented contacts to be sent to Mailchimp and entered into email campaigns.

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