Steps for Writing a Winning Sales Proposal in a SaaS

The engagement of a prospect is very important if a software business is set to earn considerable revenue. One of the compelling ways to attract a customer towards your services is to write a proposal that is convincing as well as straight forward. A sales proposal for a software business might be your way of redefining how much value your service holds and what it brings for the clients.

With a large number of competitors in the business software arena, it has become important than ever before to come up with a proposal that will necessarily intrigue the prospects. The notion of making a proposal compelling has been considered by all those running a software business.

There are some factors that makes a sales proposal stand out from all the others. Let’s discuss a few things to know more about the particularities related to such proposals;

Focus On the Prospects

If the client has spared some time to read your proposal, it suggests he/she already knows you have something worth a consideration. What you need to do now is to keep them on the same page by emphasizing more on the ways SaaS will reduce work related complications for them and how it will be fulfilling their business needs.

The prospects are not as much interested in a business’s achievements the way they are interested in getting their problems resolved. Focusing on the prospects doesn’t mean to ignore the main features of the software that a company sells. Add the features too, but keep the focus maintained upon the requirements of the prospect. Tell them how your software will cope with the obstacles and how it will support their existing setup?

Give Them Different Options

The consumer psychology suggests that the prospects show more interest in availing products/services when they know they have a set of options to choose from, and this is what a person should take care of while designing a sales proposal for a software business.

Be as much flexible as you can when it comes to options. These options can be created by offering different plans, packages and offers in your proposal. Such choices provide a convenience to prospects to choose an option that suits their needs the most. In short, prospects are more likely to turn into customers if they are given options. One way of doing this is to offer them a free use of your software for a limited time or maybe some freemium package.

Make Your Point with Comparisons

As discussed earlier, there are many competitors in the case of a software business.  To stand out, a company must portray value in a distinguishing way to look different and better than its competitors. These comparisons are a better approach to convince prospects instead of boasting about how good your company is.

The comparisons can be made by introducing such add-ons and features along with the software services that haven’t been introduced before by anyone else. The proposals are one of the suitable platforms to inform prospects what makes the software better than the competitors. For instance, you can tell them how your software works better than the hardware fulfilling same purposes?

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Customize the Perks

It is an understood fact that the use of software service will differ from person to person, since everyone doesn’t come in for the same reason. See what your software service provides to different kinds of clients, categorize your services accordingly and then make a proposal in a customized manner.

It is indeed a better approach to present the proposal to potential customers in a personalized way. It becomes easy to persuade the prospects for using your services this way. The selection of words should also be made carefully to achieve all your personalization goals.

In a nutshell, the quality of proposals that a business design greatly influences its win-rate as far as a sales process is concerned. If a proposal doesn’t have any spark, the prospect would more likely abstain from attaining SaaS. So being super circumspect is the key to designing best sales proposals for a software business.

Article Summary

A comprehensive and persuasive sales proposal can increase the sales and revenue of a software business in an amazing way. One must take care of different factors while designing a sales proposal to get maximum benefits out of it.


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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