CRM for SaaS companies

SaaS companies are usually fully digital and prefer having all customer data in one place in order to be able to analyse clients behaviour, sales efficiency and many other factors that contribute to online business success. Therefore, CRM for SaaS is one of the must-have tools used on daily basis.
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How TEAMGATE is the best CRM for SaaS

  • It helps you convert free users to paid
  • Allows monitoring all sales data at a real-time
  • Easily connects with marketing tools
  • Keeps customers informed, updated and in the center of attention

Attract and retain more customers with Teamgate CRM for your SaaS

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Converting SaaS users from free to paid

Most SaaS businesses offer free trials or even free usage of their services to some extent in order to grow the number of active users. However, then they usually face struggles to convert free user to paid. CRM is crucial in this stage, users gather and store information about each customer there, hence, they exactly know what is the primary source of each customer, why they chose this particular service. This information gives SaaS companies great insight into what is needed to convert customers.

Monitoring SaaS companies sales activity with CRM

Teamgate CRM does not only store your contact information. It gathers all of the sales data and, consequently, allows making data driven decisions seamlessly. With Teamgate sales CRM, SaaS companies can track each sale alongside the pipeline stages, therefore, no potential clients are ever left forgotten. Also, sales CRM for SaaS businesses allows creating the profile of an ideal customer that allows more targeted marketing campaign that results in greater sales.

Transferring inbound leads to your CRM within moments

The best CRMs for SaaS companies easily integrates with marketing tools such as automated email platforms, various lead form generation software and other inbound lead sources. With the help of these integrations companies enjoy their leads flowing from any inbound lead channels directly to their CRM account. Moreover, leads not only are automatically added to CRM but are also evaluated and assigned scores based on a specific algorithm, so users can easily decide which leads to tackle first.

Maintaining high customer care standards

When it comes to customers, for all SaaS businesses, CRM is the primary source of all customer data. It contains knowledge about each sale made or upgrade achieved, reasons behind the buying decision and conditions of each. CRM stores all the invaluable information that helps keeping communication with customers always on point, delivered at the right time and through the most effective channel.

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