Teamgate became a Google Campus Exchange Program Finalist

Teamgate is a Google Campus Exchange Program Finalist!

We are pleased to share with you that Teamgate was chosen as a Finalist for the Google Campus Exchange program in Warsaw, Poland.
The Eastern European Campus Exchange is part of Google’s Global Entrepreneurs Initiative aimed at providing logistical support and mentorship for the region’s most exciting tech startups. To learn more about Google for Entrepreneurs, visit
The program has started yesterday and for the next 4 days, Teamgate’s members will be going through a schedule of intensive classes and lectures by industry experts on everything related to global expansion. Topics will include sales techniques, audience building and analytics in addition to access to Google’s renowned lab of “Creative Skills for Innovation”.
Teamgate will get a chance to learn more about Google Products from Googlers themselves, get insights from Facebook, Youtube enterpreneurs and other experts about how we can use them best to serve our customers. Lastly, we are also very excited to network with startups, investors and influencers from the region to showcase our experiences.

What it means for our customers

As a Customer Relationship Management app, Teamgate is fully aware of how elemental customers are to the evolution of any business. This intensive program will help us learn from the most pioneering companies in the world how to help our customers succeed by building the best and most innovative product.
Being chosen as a finalist is a huge achievement for us that we could not have done without our customers’ trust. We will use this experience to make your trust an even worthier investment.

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What it means for Teamgate

We are preparing to embark on a Global journey. We will be learning the art of global scalability from the household name of global renown: Google.
Besides its non-stop forays into technological innovation, Google has managed to quickly scale up while keeping customer experience and satisfaction as core values. By participating in this program, Teamgate will get a close look at the culture of innovation and customer success that has made it all possible for Google, and hopefully will replicate the experience.

To summarize, innovation, creativity, international presence and customer happiness are some of the ideas that Teamgate will learn to think of in new lights over the next couple days.
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Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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