Startup company Teamgate takes a leading place in ratings

Startup Company Teamgate has established CRM software that took a leading place in ratings and currently dominates between the industry leaders such as, Salesforce or Zoho-CRM.

GetApp is the leading business app discovery platform with the focus on profiling established business apps. Nowadays users face a competitive and crowded cloud system‘s market. It gets more and more difficult to navigate between the products when each has something different to offer.

GetApp together with quarterly published business apps ratings (GetRank) aims to make primary task of finding a cloud-based business software applications easier. User – friendly search engine system as well as reliable reviews reduces a long process of finding the most suitable software for entrepreneurs.

A study from Power Reviews clearly demonstrates that 70 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. Meanwhile, a similar study by Research Search Engine Journal shows that 63 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a site that includes product rating and reviews.

GetApp aim is to highlight some of the biggest trends in the industry and answer the five most frequent questions that can help a consumers make a right step towards choosing the perfectly matching a cloud based SaaS solution for their businesses.

User Reviews. What existing costumers think about this product?

Integrations. How this application can be used with the systems that already exist?

Mobility. Is this system and its data can be accessible from my smartphone and tablet?

Media presence. Is this company well – established?

Security. Will data be safe in this company’s hands?

These are just primary steps towards the final decision making process. However, answering these questions will help to reduce the list of potential a cloud – based business systems.

Teamgate kick-off

GetApp platform operation process is similar to Google; the higher place product takes on search window, the more visible and accessible it becomes to users. GetRank aim is to narrow down the list of potential products and help to choose the most users’ business type fitting cloud system. Categorized according to product‘s types, GetRank picks TOP 25 cloud – based companies. Every rating is impartial which gives a constructive and comparative review about each product. GetRank is not aimed to enforce users to write reviews and does not charge the position; products are being ranked by independent and certificated industry experts.

Teamgate position on GetRank platform demonstrates company’s role in international CRM industry’s arena. Teamgate in Q1 took 23rd place, meanwhile in Q2 jumped right to the 11th place and today dominates between the industry leaders. Rapid jump was a consequence of productive team work while focusing on constant systems improvement. Changes were made according to customer experience as well as by monitoring industry changes. Teamgate has improved CRM system integration procedures, has accomplished mobile version as well as put huge effort on security indicators improvement. Hard work paid off – satisfied clients reviewed the product and thus influenced rapid jump to 11th place of GetApp ratings.

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11th place at ratings. What it means to us?

11th place on the leading apps review platform GetApp means more than raised visibility, bigger user’s attention or higher sales. 11th place means product’s acknowledgment and reliability in international CRM industry arena. Products’ rating introduces consumers with industry changes while helping to choose the most effective cloud system SaaS (Software as a Service) for business.

“High position on GetApp ratings list leads to win – win position for both: customers and us. First of all, Teamgate became more visible to internationally based users. High rankings also formed a positive opinion about our services and we are happy about new customers who decided to continue developing their businesses with us. Meanwhile, Teamgate monitors customer experience and analyzing what actually user is looking for on web; thus helps us to offer an IT product that customer is actually looking for.” – says Grazvydas Kaminskas, Head of Export of Teamgate.

According to RackSpace study, 90 percent of software spending will be on cloud applications, in the next six years. The reasons for that are wider cloud possibilities and benefits that traditional enterprise software can’t offer: reduced costs for system maintenance, more flexibility and quicker implementation.


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Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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