Teamgate has Earned #1 Spot on Capterra new Top 20 Most User Friendly CRM Software list

It is a great feeling to share more great news with you again!

A well-known software marketplace which helps businesses to find the right software, announced that Teamgate earned #1 spot on their Top 20 Most User-Friendly CRM Software report!

All of the options are measured by a combination of their usability, customer services offered, and customer reviews.

On September 25 of 2015 Capterra was acquired by Gartner Inc.  (NYSE: IT)

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The Ranking Metodology Guide

Capterra tested these tasks:

  1. Create a lead
  2. Add a task
  3. Add interaction/note
  4. Set reminder to follow up
  5. Change lead status to “qualified”
  6. Attach a document
  7. Generate a report

* These 7 common tasks were tested for usability testing.

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Also,  usability, customer service and reviews were measured.


  • Task completion time
  • Clicks to complete task
  • System Usability Score (SUS)*

* SUS – a questionnaire that measures perceived ease of use.

Customer service:

  • Implementation (configuration options offered)
  • Training (resources offered)
  • Support (services offered)


  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Service


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For a full report on Capterra, click here.


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