Morning Muffin

Start your mornings with a cup of coffee, a sweet muffin, and a report prepared by Teamgate. We collect and summarize the most relevant data from the previous day and remind you what is planned for today.
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Get Focused Quicker

Morning Muffin helps you to focus on the tasks ahead quicker, by looking at what has been done the day before and visualising plans for the current day.

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Newest Leads

The morning report allows you to overview interactions with leads from the previous day. Even without signing in to Teamgate, you will know how many new leads were added, what their status is, and how many leads your team has been working with.

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Pipeline Updates

You don’t need to sign in to Teamgate to be informed about pipeline updates each morning. You can see how many deals were won and lost the previous day, and how much money was earned or lost. Also, you will see newly added deals as well as the number of deals your team has been working with.

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Today’s Agenda

Morning Muffin won’t allow you to forget what is planned for the current day. Every morning the system looks at the planned tasks and sends you a schedule. If you haven’t completed some of the tasks the day before, they will be added to the updated schedule!

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Personal Settings

Every team member can adjust the content of their Morning Muffin. If you only want to receive the daily schedule it is possible to turn off Leads and Pipeline updates. Or, if you plan your tasks elsewhere, you can turn off the schedule component.

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