Lead Management

Nurturing new connections is the first step towards a successful sale. Manage all your leads from one place for a convenient qualification process. Plan activities, interact and segment leads accordingly, finally, convert qualified leads to deals when ready. That’s how we envision the modern, efficient lead management process.

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Lead Management

Manage Your Leads in the Most Comfortable Way

Whether it’s a person, a company or a business opportunity, which is neither confirmed nor added to your sales pipeline yet, you are still able to manage these leads using Teamgate Sales CRM and eventually convert them to a prospective contact or deal.

A significant number of useful features, such as lead import, duplicate detection, filtering, global search, geolocation, calendar integration, and more, helps you to manage leads in the most convenient way.

Advantages of Teamgate Sales CRM Lead Management

  • It is a time-saving solution which allows you to avoid manual lead import.
  • It is built to match your business needs by creating custom fields for leads.
  • Boasts a number of features, such as calendar and reminders, among others, to help to organize your work better and become more productive.
  • It is easy to keep your list of leads neat – duplicates are marked automatically.

Some of the Lead Management features in Teamgate

Import Leads

Cut precious time and stop entering leads manually, you can use flexible import options, such as Excel spreadsheets, Google contacts, your address book, and more
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Customization & Segmentation

Contacts can be segmented into various static categories, allowing you to keep your database well-organised and see all the necessary information by applying filters.
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A contact list with duplicates is every manager’s nightmare, but now there’s a simple solution to help you avoid this.
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OpenStreetMap integration with CRM helps you create a clear picture of where your leads are located geographically.
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Smart Search

Finding necessary information quickly and easily is important. A global search solution offers you the possibility to use an all-encompassing cross-section search.
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Time Management

Plan your time, take actions and win. Planning your actions – the smart way to clear your thoughts and stop post-it notes from taking over your monitor. Planned actions with a reminder – additional motivator to call a customer, show your availability to colleagues, and collect your customer’s communication history in one place.
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