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Mailchimp integration allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages and targeted campaigns to your leads or contacts using custom filters. It then allows you to track your campaign status directly in Teamgate Sales CRM. The Mailchimp email campaign feature is on the best marketing features available with proven return rates.
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Teamgate Features - MailChimp

Bring Communication to the Next Level

Mailchimp email campaign marketing with Teamgate brings communication with your leads, customers, or prospects to the next level, through tagging, categorising, filtering your leads and transferring them directly into your Mailchimp recipients list. Mailchimp integration with Teamgate sales CRM will changes the way your market your product online, and reach a far bigger audience.

Export Contacts to Mailchimp

Contact Export

You don’t have to leave your Teamgate Sales CRM account to import leads into a Mailchimp mailing list. Mailchimp contact list can be export simply by clicking the Mailchimp button and pick the mailing list – the contact information of your leads will then be exported to Mailchimp in a matter of minutes.

Mailchimp Campaigns Statuses

Campaign Status

Mailchimp integration lets you see the status of your Mailchimp campaigns in the lists of leads and contacts. Next to a contact, you can see the last newsletter sent and the actions taken by a contact, e.g. opened, clicked, unsubscribed, marked as spam, etc.

Mailchimp Campaign Filters

Campaign Filter

To overview and manage your contact lists better, you can filter them by Mailchimp campaigns and campaign status. In this way, the Mailchimp contact list lets you analyse the success of your newsletter campaigns and take follow-up actions accordingly.

Mailchimp Campaigns History

Campaign History

In the Teamgate sales software contact cards, there’s a list of Mailchimp campaigns. You can view which newsletters were sent to a contact and what actions they performed, e.g. opened or left unread, clicked, unsubscribed, etc. This information is an important, and actionable part of the lead’s communication history.

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