Lead Scoring

Knowing which leads to prioritise is pivotal when it comes to keeping your sales pipeline clean and moving. Lead scoring with the Teamgate sales CRM ranks the leads which should take priority. The ability of how to score leads is intuitive with Teamgate; using past data and results to rank leads according to priority.
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Lead Scoring

Easy Lead Prioritization

Instead of chasing lead, lead scoring and lead prioritisation lets you choose which leads to pay most attention to. Teamgate as a lead scoring CRM helps you set the bar for ranking the priority of your sales, using past history and collected data. Lead scoring also allows for better future sales analysis and sales forecasting.

Lead Scoring Criteria


Teamgate wouldn’t dare to tell you what lead scoring criteria to use, but once you’ve decided Teamgate CRM is definitely there to help you. Using past experience and sales results helps when determining lead scoring criteria, but no two companies are the same, so no two lead scoring processes will be the same.

Lead Score


You decide on your lead scoring strategy, nominating points to different criteria concerning a lead – eg. location, lead source, industry, company size, etc. The lead scores are in the leads’ list and lets you track how they change in priority as new information is added.

Lead Scoring Gradies


In your Teamgate sales CRM scoring section, use the provided slider to rank the ‘worth’ of each lead. Then, you decide what score will determine if a lead is regarded as being ‘Hot’, ‘Warm’, or ‘Cold’.

Lead Scoring Sorting and Filters

Sorting and Filters

The lead scoring result is visible in the leads section and leads list. To help you improve your sales predictions and productivity, you can use the sort and filter functions to find the most, or least important leads in your super lead scoring CRM.

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