QuickBooks CRM Integration: the New Way to Manage Your Finances

Handling your sales accounts and finances can often feel like somebody else’s business. It can eat into your valuable sales time and cause you hours of frustration.

But wait! There’s a solution at hand. By integrating QuickBooks with your CRM you can simply and effectively manage all of those accounts and finances via one simple process. Problem solved.

Now, we want to share with you how QuickBooks and Teamgate CRM integration can drastically simplify, and change the way you manage your finances. And, as a bonus, give you back the time you’ve been wasting.

But, just what is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks CRM

QuickBooks is an accounting software with an open API (application programming interface) which integrates with your sales CRM. It provides a selection of invaluable accountancy and financial management tools, designed to make your sales team’s job less complicated.

The integration between Teamgate – the award-winning full process Sales CRM software – and QuickBooks gives your salespeople a simple, accounts management system, designed with simplicity in mind.

Simply link your Teamgate account’s deals or contacts to QuickBooks and start to manage all of your accounts and finances from one place. The CRM integration with QuickBooks online really is that simple.

Create new invoices, check current invoice status, set invoice due dates, connect invoices directly to a customer contact card, schedule payment dates, see when invoices have been paid, and much more.

What are the real rewards?

The real job of a salesperson is to sell. And, in the busy, hugely competitive world of sales, a tool which makes a salesperson’s life easier, and more productive, should never be ignored.

With no more confusing spreadsheets or out-of-date software packages to slow you down, the QuickBooks integration brings you to the next level of managing your business finances expertly.

The rewards of QuickBooks integration:

  • Check your invoices directly from your deal’s or contact’s card
  • Create a new invoice in Teamgate CRM and it will automatically sync with your QuickBooks integration software. The QuickBooks online integration does it all for you
  • Connect existing invoices in QuickBooks with a deal or a contact in Teamgate
  • Stop wasting time on data entry by copying company contact details from QuickBooks to Teamgate, and vice versa
  • See instantly when an invoice has been marked paid
  • Easily filter the relevant invoices by status
  • QuickBooks CRM integration offers a great user-experience and sets up in minutes.

Is it easy to get started with QuickBooks?

It couldn’t be easier to integrate your Teamgate and QuickBooks accounts. A couple of really easy steps – we can guide you through the quick process here – and you’re ready to start managing your accounts without the endless need for paperwork.

Let the easy-to-use QuickBooks integration take control of your accounts and finances, while you focus on your sales results.

Plus, don’t forget, it’s totally mobile, which means that you have access to all your accounts, invoices, etc. while on the go.

If you think your business could profit from a QuickBooks integration, get in contact today and sign up for a Free personalised Demo, explaining the full benefits of the Teamgate CRM solution. 

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