Lead Qualification

Decision making is supported by the data collected in the Teamgate Sales CRM – everything you know about a lead can help you to decide whether it can be converted  into a deal, or to unqualify it. Unqualified leads can be recycled and processed again at any time later. Teamgate provides you with all the necessary tools to convert and re-qualify your leads.
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Lead Qualification

Convert Your Leads into New Business Opportunities

Teamgate allows you to seamlessly convert leads into contacts and deals. A few quick steps and you have a new contact which can immediately be assigned with an activity and a deal.

Recycle and Process Again to Get More

Did you know that lead recycling can help you to requalify up to about 5% of your leads? Don’t treat unqualified leads as deleted because Teamgate has the tools allowing you to rediscover opportunities. You can recycle the unqualified leads at any time by reviewing them, according to certain attributes or requests and then apply the right tools.

Advantages of Teamgate

Some of the Lead Qualification features in Teamgate

Lead Conversion

When a lead is qualified you can easily convert it to a contact and be sure to keep all the communication history in one place. It is really simple to instantly associate a deal, or activity, with the converted lead.
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Lead Recycling

The Teamgate Sales CRM ensures you don’t miss any business opportunity. Unqualified leads are available for review at any time and can be easily recycled.

Events & Reminders

Never miss an action or an appointment – plan your time, take action and win!

Unqualification Reasons

Allowing your sales team to collect as much data as possible, thus helping them to get better insights and improve the whole process.  Teamgate recommends how to identify and analyse lead unqalification reasons.
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Qualification Optimization

Various actions performed during the lead qualification period such as lead scoring, source and industry tracking, status change, unqualified reasons, allow a sales team to generate statistics and gain insights on how the lead nurturing process can, and should, be improved.


MailChimp integration allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns to your Leads or Contacts using custom filters, and then track your campaign status directly in Teamgate Sales CRM.

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