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Carefully nurturing new connections and leads is the first step on the road to a successful sale. Using Teamgate, as part of your overall lead management system, organises, and simplifies the whole process. It allows you to manage your whole CRM lead generation process, and have instant access to all of your leads, in one place, for convenient cultivation. CRM lead management software allows you to; plan activities; interact with and segment leads; and, finally convert leads to deals at the appropriate time.
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lead management

Manage Your Leads in the Most Comfortable Way

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a person, a company, or a business opportunity – which is not yet part of your sales pipeline – you can still manage all of these leads using the Teamgate sales CRM. After which, you can eventually convert them to either a prospective contact, or an active deal.
Featuring a host of really useful features, such as; importing leads; detecting duplicates; filtering and global searching; geographic location sourcing; calendar integration; and a lot more can all help you manage your leads in the most convenient, and organised manner possible.

Lead Management Advantages

  • Save time by avoiding manual lead import
  • Closely aligned to match your business needs by creating custom fields for leads
  • Teamgate comes with a host of great features, such as; calendars; reminders; communication managers; mapping; and much more, to organize your workflow more efficiently, and increase productivity.
  • Keep your leads list neat, organised, and up-to-date – duplicates are flagged automatically to that action may be taken.


This is a really killer tool which lets you simplify the whole CRM lead management process by easily importing Linkedin contacts directly to your Teamgate account. With one click, import and absorb all data straight from your contact’s Linkedin account profile; name, status, position, company, email, and even phone. As a hugely intelligent lead management solution,Teamgate-Linkedin Shuttle allows you to remove one of the most time-consuming tasks – manual data entry. It can be downloaded directly from the Google Chrome Web Store.
Teamgate-LinkedIn Shuttle


Manage scheduled activities straight from your lead list using Teamgate’s sales lead tracking software. Schedule a meeting or add a reminder all in one click. You can also easily add pre-created events, and eliminate manually entering recurring meetings and actions. With the Teamgate sales lead management software, it couldn’t be simpler.


Lead software just got smarter. Using Teamgate’s lead management system you’ll never again have to miss an event or appointment, no matter where it appears on your calendar. Simply set your automatic reminders – which can be sent by email or SMS – and stay on top of your lead management process, and your tasks. As an integral part of your complete lead management solution, reminders and follow ups, may seem small details, but are in fact vital to driving your sales forward.


With Teamgate’s lead management email attachment feature, automatically attach relevant email conversations to a lead card, saving you valuable time searching through mountains of previous correspondence. CRM lead management simplified.


Teamgate’s lead management system simplifies working with target groups, and allows you to filter and work only with the segments you require. Using our premier sales lead software, eliminate searching through cluttered and confusing lists and simply target the required segments with just one click. It’s never been easier to simplify your lead management. Teamgate really is your one-stop lead management solution.



In collaboration with MailChimp, leads may now be viewed and filtered based solely on the level of email campaign engagement. After easily launching your email campaign – using our Mailchimp integration system as part of the lead management software – you can now actively track the results, and interact easily, and directly with those you’ve engaged. This is just another great, and simple way in which Teamgate provides you with the ultimate sales lead tracking software.


This is one of Teamgate’s most important information features allowing you to identify precisely the origination of any particular lead. On top of that, Teamgate will calculate the lead-to-deal conversion rate likelihood – the lead score – making it easier for you to assess the value of the source. This is a critical feature of your lead management system, and vital for up-to-date and accurate sales analysis.



Teamgate sales CRM features a convenient, and intelligent in-browser calling feature, which comes equipped with auto-dialer, call recording, call routing, and a lot more, to smartly manage your telephone communications. SmartDialer is the one-stop solution for all hands-on sales managers wishing to remain available and contactable at all times. This great integration is a really smart, easy-to-use, and useful addition to your complete lead management system.


To get you up and running with Teamgate, as quickly, and as effortlessly as possible, we’ve integrated flexible, lead-importing options; such as Google Contacts, Excel and other document imports, and our very own smart lead-capture system. Lead importing is a major part of your lead management system, so why waste valuable time importing and entering data manually when Teamgate can handle it all, easily and accurately?



When a lead qualifies – from being merely interested, to being a fully qualified prospect – you may then convert that lead into a New Business Opportunity (Deal). All the communication history associated with that lead will then be transferred to a deal’s card automatically, meaning no lost information, no lost communications, and no lost time, in the process. Another great range of tools and features at the heart of your lead management solutions.

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