To avoid duplicates in the contact lists, Teamgate automatically identifies duplicates and enables you to manage them quickly.
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Database Without Duplicates

Teamgate has a number of features which help to identify and manage duplicates. It is now easy to have a well-organized contact database.

Duplicates List

Duplicates List

Contacts, which may be duplicated, are easy to spot because they’re identified with the number of possible duplicates in a red circle. By clicking on the icon, you can see a detailed list of duplicates and immediately merge contacts or mark them as not duplicated.

Contact Duplicates Filtering

Duplicates Filtering

In the lists of contacts and companies, you can see duplicated entries by filtering them out. In the filtered list, you would only see the overlapping businesses / contacts and be able to manage the entries quicker.

Merging of Duplicates

Merging of Duplicates

If entries are identified as duplicates, you can merge them in just a click. By merging companies / contacts, you ensure that all the associated information is kept in the contact card.

Duplicates checking imported contacts

Checking Imported Contacts

When contacts are imported, the existing data are compared with the one which is being imported. By comparing a number of criteria, such as company code, phone number, address, and other, possible duplicates are identified immediately.


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