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Send emails without leaving Teamgate and use professional templates to improve your communication.
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Consistent and Faster Email Communication

Instead of switching between windows in your browser and composing similar emails when contacting clients, use the Teamgate Sales CRM to optimize the complete communication process

My Outgoing Email Client

My Email Client

Sending email from Teamgate is simpler and more convenient; eliminating the need to switch between windows in your browser. Simply enter your email server details and emails sent for the Teamgate Sales CRM will appear exactly as your own private or company email. Moreover, all emails sent from Teamgate will be visible in your email box.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Sometimes its necessary to send multiple emails where only the personal information differs. To speed up the process, Teamgate’s Sales CRM offer you the possibility of using personalised email templates. Create as many templates as you need and contact your clients smarter with all personal information completed automatically.

Shared Template

Shared Templates

To ensure consistency of email communication and in order to save valuable time, we recommend you use our shared templates. With Teamgate, you and other team members, can create email templates and share them amongst your team.

Teamgate Email SMTP Advantages

Teamgate Advantages

Spend more time working directly with your clients. With Teamgate’s Sales CRM utilise your time smarter using our professionally designed email templates

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