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5 Best CRMs with Intercom Integration

In this article, we’ll shed light on the advantages of integrating the Intercom communication system with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. We’ll explore how this integration can enhance customer communication, streamline sales processes, and improve overall business efficiency. Additionally, I’ll introduce you to the top five CRM platforms that offer seamless integration with Intercom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Integrating Intercom with a CRM can lead to better-targeted messages, increased conversions, and efficient real-time communication with customers.
  • Teamgate, NutShell, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Pipeliner are among the top CRMs that offer robust Intercom integration.
  • Benefits of this integration include centralized communication, data-driven engagement, automation of conversations, and the ability to leverage multiple apps for enhanced customer service.
  • Teamgate stands out with features like one-click lead generation, convenient collaboration, and SmartDialer™ for diverse communication options.
  • Integrating a CRM with Intercom can significantly improve customer communication, leading to better customer relationships and increased sales opportunities.

5 Best CRMs with Intercom Integration

Intercom is a leading customer communication system that sales, marketing, and support teams rely on for communicating with prospects and existing customers. You can use the tool to communicate with customers via your website, mobile or web app, and email.

While Intercom works well on its own, you can get even better results by integrating the platform with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Which CRMs offer the best Intercom integration? Before answering this question, let’s quickly look at the benefits of having Intercom integrated with a CRM.

Benefits of Integrating Intercom with Your CRM

Integrating Intercom with a CRM can benefit your company in several ways. For instance, the integration will help your sales team send better-targeted messages to the right prospects at the right time, increasing your chances of converting prospects. Other valuable benefits of having a CRM integration with Intercom are:

Live Communication

A CRM best practice that increases customer communication efficiency is offering real-time communication to customers. Integrating Intercom with a CRM will equip you to run targeted live communication, such as live chat with customers via your app or website and other communication channels. Providing quick answers to customers via live chat can reduce customer churn and boost engagement and conversions.

All-In-One Communication Platform

Instead of switching between multiple communication channels, Intercom integration with a CRM lets your team communicate with all customers from a single location. It’s far more efficient and convenient for your team, allowing them to respond to customer inquiries faster.

Data-Driven Communication

With CRM and Intercom integration, your team can engage with customers and prospects via their preferred communication channels. Even better, the CRM integration will let your team access the insights they need to provide the best answers to customer queries and successfully follow up with leads.

Leverage Multiple Apps

Alongside Intercom, you can integrate other apps with your CRM to offer the best possible customer service. For instance, you can integrate QuickBooks to generate invoices and use Zendesk to manage tickets and requests. You can then use Intercom’s live chat to follow up on sent invoices or received tickets.

Automate Conversations

With a CRM like Teamgate, you can automate live chats on Intercom to create new leads, deals, or contacts. Automating conversations, such as customer inquiries, will free your team to handle more pressing duties.

Best CRMs with Intercom Integration

Every CRM is different, and some offer a better Intercom integration than others. For instance, some CRM systems can’t even integrate with Intercom. If you want a CRM with Intercom integration that offers maximum benefits, here are your best options:

1. Teamgate


Teamgate is an award-winning CRM platform with Intercom integration that outshines many other CRMs in terms of performance and functionality. Integrating the two platforms allows Teamgate to use data from Intercom and vice versa. For instance, when a customer reaches out to your company via Intercom live chat, Teamgate can generate a lead card based on the customer’s information from Intercom.

Also, integrating Intercom with Teamgate simplifies customer relations by centralizing communications. The centralized communication allows your team to handle all client communications from within the CRM, eliminating the need to switch between communication apps.

Integrating Intercom with Teamgate is quick and easy, requiring only a few clicks. Lastly, since Teamgate is user-friendly, your team won’t have trouble adopting and making the most of it after integrating Intercom.

Below are more features that set Teamgate apart from other CRMs you can integrate with Intercom:

  • Contact Management: Teamgate simplifies managing contacts, including contact information and histories gathered from Intercom. Easy access to a client’s communication history ensures that any team member can answer or follow up with a customer.
  • One-Click Lead and Contact Generation: Your team can access Intercom’s Inbox and create new leads, deals, or contacts with one click. The newly created leads will appear in the Teamgate CRM, allowing other team members to view and use the information.
  • Convenient Collaboration: Since Teamgate puts all your customer information in one place, your team can easily collaborate on projects to take care of customer requests. Team members can also view the progress of communications and assist if a conversation seems ineffective.
  • Customization: Teamgate is suitable for businesses of various sizes in different niches. You can customize the platform to fit the unique needs of your team.
  • SmartDialer™: You don’t have to limit yourself to the communication options provided by Intercom. When you have Intercom integrated with a CRM like Teamgate, you get access to SmartDialer for contacting clients via calls and other communication options.
  • File Synchronization: Intercom integration with Teamgate eliminates the need for double data entry. Any changes to the information stored in Teamgate will automatically reflect in Intercom and vice versa.
  • Mobile Apps: Teamgate offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, allowing your team to access the CRM and Intercom remotely and from their preferred device.
  • Sales Pipeline Management: With Teamgate, you can monitor the customer journey of each prospect your team is pursuing via Intercom.
  • Intelligent Reports and Analytics: The CRM provides real-time customer data analysis and reports that your team can leverage to take better-informed actions. For instance, the reports can help your team identify leads to pursue and prospects to let go.

Teamgate offers a 14-day free trial, after which you can opt for its $9 per month Starter plan or $26 per month Professional plan. However, if you want access to every Teamgate feature, such as SmartDialer, the $65-a-month Enterprise plan is the way to go.

2. NutShell


Nutshell offers native integration with Intercom, allowing your company to pair the CRM with the customer communication system with just a few clicks. Once integrated, Nutshell can automatically start syncing with Intercom conversations and creating customer records from website chats. Also, Nutshell can turn Intercom web chats into reportable activities that your team can monitor.

Another feature that sets the Nutshell CRM apart from competitors is you can use data from the platform to provide personalized customer support via Intercom. On the downside, since NutShell charges per user, companies with large teams may consider the CRM expensive.

Other features that make NutShell a suitable CRM for Intercom integration are:

  • Impressive Customer Support: NutShell’s live customer support team consists of real people. You can access the live support regardless of the NutShell plan you choose.
  • Automatic Contact Creation: After having Intercom integrated with the CRM, NutShell will automatically create new contacts from chat interactions. The platform can also provide chat transcripts for monitoring communication performance.
  • Save time: Two-way synchronization eliminates the need to enter new contact details manually. Changes to customer information in Intercom will automatically reflect in NutShell and vice versa.
  • Centralized Information: Your team can view all web chat conversations in the CRM, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.
  • Teamwide Customer Insights: Team members can check the performance of Intercom customer conversations to identify areas for improvement.

If you opt for the annual plan and have only one user, NutShell can cost as little as $16 per month. You also have the option to build a custom plan.

3. HubSpot


HubSpot is a popular CRM with several robust features. You can integrate Intercom with the platform to monitor contact activities and deals or manage contacts and email scheduling.

Also, integrating Intercom with the CRM will allow your team to seamlessly connect with clients via live chat, one-to-one customer communications, and conversational bots. The integration can simplify managing client queries to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Other reasons why you should consider the HubSpot CRM for Intercom integration are:

  • Capture More Leads: The integration allows your company to automate lead capturing from your website. The captured leads will come from live chats on your website, and HubSpot will sync new leads and conversations with old ones to keep your database updated.
  • Identify Leads: HubSpot will assess leads captured with Intercom and keep your team updated about the identity and quality of each lead. Your team can also see where each lead has reached in the customer journey.
  • Chatbots: Your team will have access to bots that can handle customer conversations on their behalf. These bots can also help your team by capturing leads and moving them along the buyer’s journey. The system will direct the most qualified leads to HubSpot for nurturing.
  • Trigger Workflows: You can program the system to trigger a workflow in HubSpot when users mention specific terms in Intercom conversations. For instance, if a lead mentions pricing, the system will send them to HubSpot for nurturing.
  • Templates: HubSpot provides templates your team can modify to respond quickly to customer queries. Using templates will eliminate the hassle of crafting responses from scratch.

HubSpot has a free plan, which is suitable for most small businesses. However, if you want access to the platform’s advanced features, you can pay as little as $45 a month or up to $1,200 monthly.

4. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is a CRM created by salespeople to help companies capture and convert more leads. You can enhance the functionality of the platform with an Intercom integration. The integration will facilitate the seamless creation of deals and transfer of customer conversations to Pipedrive for lead monitoring and nurturing.

Setting up Pipedrive and Intercom integration is straightforward if you already have an Intercom account. You only need to click Install and enter your Intercom details to give Pipedrive access to your Intercom account. If you don’t already have an Intercom account, you can install Intercom from the Pipedrive Marketplace and create an account.

After integrating Intercom with Pipedrive, you can start creating deals in Pipedrive and capturing and qualifying leads in Intercom. Other benefits of integrating Intercom with Pipedrive are:

  • 300+ Apps and Integrations: Besides Intercom, you can integrate other tools with Pipedrive to improve your team’s efficiency and customer experience.
  • 24/7 Support: If you run into trouble while using Pipedrive, you can get help quickly by contacting the company’s round-the-clock email and chat support team.
  • Help Center: Pipedrive has a huge library of resources that users can access to learn new ways to use Pipedrive and Intercom to their advantage.
  • Fast Setup: Completing Intercom integration with Pipedrive requires only a few clicks and no special skills.
  • View Communication History: You can view Pipedrive deals in your Intercom Inbox and see conversations of your leads. Easy access to the communication history of leads will help your team communicate with leads more efficiently and increase the chances of converting them.

Pipedrive’s cheapest plan is $9.90 a month, while its most popular plan costs $39.90 per month.

5. Pipeliner


The Pipeliner CRM is excellent for monitoring prospects as they move along your buyer’s journey. Intercom integration takes lead management to another level by automating contact saving whenever a prospective customer interacts with your team via Intercom. The integration will also automatically save all Intercom conversations in Pipeliner so your team can easily collaborate and make data-driven decisions.

Another benefit of the integration is your team can view and manage your Pipeliner CRM contacts from the Intercom Inbox. If a lead that isn’t already on your contact list reaches out, you can easily add them to Pipeliner with a single click. You can also add custom data from the Intercom inbox to distinguish leads.

Other benefits to expect from integrating Pipeliner with Intercom are:

  • Automatizer: Pipeliner has an in-built automation engine for automating multiple workflows and eliminating the inconvenience of repetitive tasks.
  • Point-and-Click Interface: Thanks to its user-friendly point-and-click interface, you don’t need coding skills to use Pipeliner.
  • Personalized User Interface: You can customize the CRM platform to limit what specific team members can see. You can also modify how the platform displays information.
  • Communication Management: Intercom integrated with Pipeliner simplifies tracking and managing appointments with prospects and customers. You can also track and view past communications with clients, prospects, and team members.
  • Synchronization: The system automatically adds a new Pipeliner contact when there’s a new Intercom user. It also stores completed conversations from Intercom in Pipeliner.

Depending on your budget and company needs, you can choose Pipeliner’s $65 Starter plan, $85 Business plan, or $115 Enterprise plan. However, the $150 Unlimited plan is the way to go if you want unlimited access to the platform.

Improve Communications with Your Customers by Integrating Intercom with Your CRM

Communicate with prospects and customers more effectively by having a CRM integrated with Intercom. All the platforms that made our list of top five CRMs with Intercom integration are reliable. However, if you want a CRM that is versatile, affordable, user-friendly, and easy to adopt, you cannot go wrong with Teamgate.

Don’t believe us? Try any Teamgate plan for free by taking advantage of its 14-day free trial.


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