Why You Need a Kick @$$ Automatic Dialer

Setting up a “call center”, even if it’s just a small in-office operation, is a pain in the you know what. Even the best traditional phone systems are  clunky and hard to use. Tangled cords, managing multiple busy lines, dropped calls, a traditional dialing system produces more headaches than results. We don’t roll that way, sorry. That’s too 1990’s for us.

For inbound marketing and support teams, which often have a lot on their plate already, making and receiving phone calls can be a real drag. Calls -lots and lots of calls- are a must for these teams, but each team member is going to have a lot of other things that need to get done. Fortunately, the right dialing system can cut down on time wasted, as well as hassle, by making it easy to make and manage phone calls.

With the right automatic dialer, you get to enjoy the convenience of calling right from your web browser. With an auto dialer, there’s no need for an outside service provider, you can make your calls right through the web. And let’s not kid ourselves, most people these days are more familiar with web and smartphone apps  than old school push button phones and all their blinky little lights.

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As a result, with a smart automatic dialer system you’ll spend more time being productive, and less time pulling your hair out, cursing at your clunky traditional phone system, smashing push buttons.

Of course, making a simple phone call through the web isn’t so difficult these days. What’s more of a challenge is finding a great platform that offers the value added services needed to really increase your company’s inbound and outbound performance.

Finding the right autodialer isn’t quite as hard as finding a needle in a haystack, but it’s close.  An automatic dialer itself isn’t enough, but when combined with a smart CRM system, you’ll be able to easily manage relationships.

With SmartDialer, you can use a smart management system that enables not only phone calls, but also makes it easy to record, manage, and track your efforts. With our automatic dialer, managing your calls isn’t “rocket science” precisely because we focused on making it easy. You don’t have to waste precious seconds hunting down names and numbers, and then dialing them. Everything can be managed with a few simple clicks.

In fact, SmartDialer is integrated directly into TeamGate’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This means you can plug your phone efforts directly into your overall relationship management efforts. This creates a more holistic and complete relationship management process. We hate using buzz words, but in this case it’s warranted: our autodialer will create synergy within your customer relationship management process.

Yup. We said it. Synergy. And our automatic dialer system will actually deliver it unlike all those PowerPoints cranked out by consulting firms. This results in increased productivity. Both sales and support teams are short on time. There are always more clients to call, or more issues to resolve. By increasing productivity, and cutting down on wasted time, your employees will be able to focus on more important tasks.

Using Recordings to Improve Team Performance

Recording phone calls is especially important for sales teams, as well as support and other business teams. Luckily, the SmartDialer autodialer makes that easy. You can record phone calls quickly, securely and with minimal effort. This creates a permanent record of your calls.

Worried about big brother? You’ll be in charge of your recordings. Hypothetically, you could set up some type of Orwellian state in the office, but we recommend using our autodialer for staff training and producing results.

You can use these recorded conversations to improve team performance. Did a sales team land a big sale with some clever tactics? Hand out some high-fives, review those tactics, digest them, and then share with the team. Is a particular issue with your software or product popping up frequently? Lots of hair getting pulled out on the support team? When a support team member finds that great solution for their customer, again you can use the recording to digest. Analyze and share.

When it comes to sales and support, knowledge is power. Simply put, not everyone on your team will know how to handle every single conversation or issue.  Of course, some team members are going to excel. Learn from them.

Besides recording conversations, you can also record scripts. Are you a sales closing Casanova that can sweep customers right off their feet? Rock it lover boy (girl?)! And with our automatic dialer,  you can record a script to execute those savvy lines automatically. This will save time, and ensure consistency.

Conclusion: In Browser Dialing Produces Efficiency

Seemingly “simple” features like SmartDialer autodialer can provide a huge number of benefits. Efficiency and productivity often isn’t achieved through sweeping changes, but instead smart innovations that save seconds here, and provide opportunities there.  That’s the SmartDialer auto dialing system.

No, an automatic dialer won’t provide you with any epiphany on its own. But SmartDialer will free up time and produce better results. What are you going to do with that extra time and profits? That’s up to you. Call more clients, meditate in a Zen garden, solve more support tickets, take a trip to Monte Carlo, whatever.

Calls are important both for sales and support teams, as well as others. Yet phones themselves are growing obsolete. By using an integrated, browser based automatic dialer that’s connected to your CRM, you can cut down on time spent making calls, and thus can gather more data and focus on what really counts: your customers.


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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