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Sales CRM for CIO & IT Managers

It’s likely that you have vast amounts of valuable data to drive your sales process forward, that’s why CRM security is vital. CIO and IT managers can rest easy knowing that Teamgate back-ups are performed daily, and stored securely for a maximum of one week.

Whether cloud-based or on-site, your CRM management software should be stable, easily integrated with external APIs, and offer zero downtime in order to keep business running smoothly.

With your CRM configure and customise everything from user roles to integrations. New software versions are always full-tested, and open API offers your business great integration possibilities. CRM security is a priority, and Teamgate know that. Teamgate works tirelessly to ensure your data’s security. And finally, your CRM should also be easy to learn, use, on-board, and manage technically – we’re sure it is.

Prized features for CIOs & IT Managers:

  • User-friendly settings
  • Open API
  • Roles and permissions
  • Constant Back-ups
  • User management
  • Date protection

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Hi, I am Mindaugas, Director of Sales here at Teamgate. I am responsible for ensuring that you drive maximum value from our tool. I would like to learn more about your main goals for using the CRM solution and to tell you how other companies are using our CRM and increasing their sales performance. Please fill in the form and I will get back to you ASAP.