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CRM for Marketing managers

Smart CRM marketing features are designed to allow both sales and marketing departments to align their actions in a more focused manner. With focused lead gathering features, such as; MailChimp email campaigns, and targeted landing pages, managers are better placed to create a sales-oriented CRM marketing strategy.

Once in the sales pipeline leads can then be further analysed by source, available spending power, location, company size, and a host of other criteria. With the analysis and report power available in your CRM marketing efforts can be honed and focused on areas more likely to produce won deals.

The ability to track sources of leads, and other useful information which brought the lead to your table, gives your CRM marketing tools the power to be behind all future sales strategies.

Élite features for marketing managers:

  • Source tracking
  • Marketing Insights
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Web forms
  • Open API
  • Custom filters

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