Email Requests And Newsletters

Client relationship management can be improved by storing communication history, categorising leads or contacts, and carefully tracking newsletter campaigns. Use communication features to collect, categorise and qualify your leads.
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Email Requests and Newsletters

Capture Leads with Smart BCC

Connect your mailbox to Teamgate and get all your email requests as leads directly into the CRM. You can be sure that all communication with a particular lead is stored in the communication history. But the best part is that every new email request is automatically created as a new lead with a follow-up so that you can never miss an opportunity.

Tracking Newsletter Campaigns and Increasing Communication Effectiveness

Your communication with leads is brought to the next level through integration with the powerful newsletter automation platform, MailChimp. You can tag, categorize, filter your leads and transfer them directly into your MailChimp recipients’ list.

Use this integration to track the history of your newsletter campaigns and set real-time notifications which bring a new dimension to your communication, right in the leads section. It also ensures your sales reps know exactly when their newsletter is opened or a link clicked.

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Some of the Email and Newsletter features in Teamgate


MailChimp integration allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns to your leads or contacts using custom filters, and track your campaign status directly in Teamgate CRM.

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Outgoing Email via SMTP Server

Tested and verified effective emails can be turned into email templates. You can quickly compose new emails from Teamgate CRM, share templates with colleagues and boost the efficiency of you and your team’s work.

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