Opportunity Management

Pipeline management solution is made for any sales rep to be a real hunter. Organize your sales pipeline and keep opportunities moving forward, improve conversion rates, and enhance insights by managing your pipeline in the smartest way possible.

Opportunity Management

Close Your Deals in a Fast and Convenient Way

No need to stack multiple processes in one pipeline anymore. For your convenience, we give you the ability to create multiple pipelines with separate reporting options. And  no more unnecessary distraction – simple drag & drop interface makes it even easier to move deals across a sales pipeline.

Sales pipeline helps you to visualize the process of getting a deal won and keeps the entire team on the same page. At Teamgate, opportunity management is enriched with features which can improve your work.

To see a clear picture of what is going on in your pipeline, take a look at illuminating reports available. Teamgate measures various indicators, so pick the ones you need and take a look at them in the Dashboard or Insights section. Sales Funnel and Pipeline Trajectory will become an irreplaceable help on a daily basis.

Advantages of Teamgate

  • Teamgate supports multi-currency to help you deal with companies located in different countries.
  • You can add owners and collaborators to a deal and ensure that everybody stays on the same page.
  • Add goods or services, which you sell in your deals, by using the Product Catalog feature.
  • Stay on top of your deals by setting an estimated closing date. You will be alerted if your deadline is overdue.

Some of the Opportunity Management features in Teamgate

Sales Pipelines

A great solution for businesses with multiple sales processes. Manage multiple pipelines to opt for separate reporting options, follow and improve performance

Owners and Collaborators

In case more than one person is interacting with a customer, Teamgate allows you to nominate a contact owner and add multiple collaborators


Specific deals can be assigned with a desired currency. Multi-currency support is convenient in case you deal with companies from all over the world

Product Catalog

Import or manually add products / services and assign them to deals. Easily customize product information fields to match your business needs

Sorting and Filtering

Use flexible filtering options to make your work more efficient. A number of search criteria allows you to quickly filter out the necessary information

Smart Dialer

Make calls directly from Teamgate. Use Smart Dialer for employee training and improvement of their performance, catch new leads, and more


Your sales team deserves more than just a platform. They deserve a complete sales stack.


Convinced yet?


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